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  • 12:00 AM
  • Foreign Affairs

    On today’s show: We’ll look into the complicated role China has played in world affairs over the last 250 years—and what that tells us about what we can expect in the future. Critics Roberta Smith and Christian Viveros-Faune explore the latest on the New York art season. Molly Ringwald talks about her first novel, When It Happens to You. Please Explain is about how to read organic food labels.

  • 02:00 AM
  • BBC World Service delivers breaking news and information programming around the world, in English and 28 other language services, on radio, TV and digital.

  • 06:00 AM
    America Abroad
  • America Abroad

    Serious radio for the intellectually curious, America Abroad explores today's critical issues with balance and depth. America Abroad is the only public radio program that devotes an hour to a single issue-providing historical context and international perspective.

  • 07:00 AM
  • WNYC’s weekly investigation into how the media shapes our worldview. 

  • 08:00 AM
  • NPR’s Scott Simon reports on the world’s top news, features and entertainment to your Saturday morning. 

  • 10:00 AM
  • For years, America’s funniest auto mechanics, Click and Clack, have offered insights on that weird sound your Volkswagen makes.

  • 11:00 AM
  • The NPR news quiz where the panelists are funny, the limericks are lyrical and you get to shout answers at your radio. Hosted by Peter Sagal.

  • 12:00 PM
  • Investigating a strange world.

  • 01:00 PM
  • ThisAmericanLife: Themed, offbeat, (mostly) true stories that shed new light on the extraordinary side of everyday life. Host Ira Glass and a regular cast of personalities, including David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell and Mike Birbiglia, bring the best of nonfiction storytelling to the radio. 

  • 02:00 PM
  • Humorous, heartbreaking and true stories told live on stage. No script. No props. Just a microphone, a spotlight and room full of strangers.

  • 03:00 PM
    Special Programming
  • 04:00 PM
  • Philip Glass & Strippers

    Kurt Andersen asks whether stripping is art — or at least, enough like art to win tax-exempt status in a case before a New York court. Philip Glass explains how his generation of avant-garde artists busted out of obscurity. And from all the listeners who participated in our Remix Challenge, ...

  • 05:00 PM
  • A wrap-up of the day’s news, with features and interviews about the latest developments in New York City and around the world, from NPR and the WNYC newsroom.

  • 06:00 PM
  • Acclaimed musician and songwriter Chris Thile welcomes a wide range of well-known and up-and-coming talent to share the stage and create a beautiful listening experience on his variety show, Live from Here.

  • 08:00 PM
    Special Programming
  • 11:00 PM
  • #3081: “What's Opera, (Doc)?”

    If the central idea of opera is people singing, then why are these pieces still called operas?  We’ll hear music from Laurie Anderson ’s “United States,” Robert Ashley’s “Perfect Lives,” and Philip Glass’s “Einstein On The Beach.”