Seymour N. Siegel

Seymour N. Siegel appears in the following:

Permanent Ambassdor from Nepal to UN

Friday, November 29, 1968

Seymour N. Siegel introduces Nepal's permanent ambassador to the UN, Padmor Bahador Khatri. The ambassador is questioned by James Sheldon treasurer of the Overseas Press Club, Ted Morello UN correspondent for the Pakistan Times, and Cy Wilbur of the San Jose Mercury News.

Sheldon: How does it ...


Acting Permanent Rep of New Zealand

Friday, July 26, 1968

Seymour N. Siegal is the host. His guest is the Acting Permanent Australian Ambassador to the United Nations, Norman V. Farrell. The panel of questioners is Ted Standard, UPI's correspondent at the UN, Peter MacVoy, Overseas Press Club editorial writer and Michael Claus, New York correspondent to The Australian.


Ambassador to UN from Australia

Friday, July 05, 1968

Seymour N. Siegel is the host. Ambassador Patrick Shaw is questioned by Maurice Adams of the Sydney Morning Herald, Peter MacVoy, a freelance political writer and Ed Edwin, a political writer.

Adams: Seems obvious we are moving to a new era in South East Asia. The United ...


U.N. Ambassador from Tanzania

Thursday, June 20, 1968

Seymour N. Siegel is the host. His guest is Akili B.C. Danieli, ambassador from Tanzania to the UN.

The panelists are Lawrence G. Blockman, author and journalist; Valerie Ghering of Newsweek magazine and Paul Eper of Hungarian radio and TV.

Ambassador Danieli described Tanzania ...


Seymour Siegel Swearing In

Tuesday, January 25, 1966

WNYC's longtime leader is sworn in for the last time.


Mental Retardation

Sunday, May 23, 1965

City Close Up l-Seymour Siegel interviews Dr. William A. Frankel, Executive Director of Association For Help Mentally Retarded Children. They discuss mental retardation and the work of his organization.

Frankel defines 'mental retardation, ' by way of intelligence testing. There are degrees of mental retardation. He discusses ...


17th Congressional District Candidates

Sunday, October 18, 1964

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

Debate between the candidates for the 17th Congressional District. Seymour Siegel moderates the exchange between incumbent John V. Lindsay, Eleanor Clark French, and Kieran O'Doherty.

The first section of the ...


John Lindsay

Sunday, May 03, 1964

It may be hard to believe that this man was a Republican.


Elinor Guggenheimer

Sunday, November 03, 1963

"Women have a special contribution to make to city planning."


Francis Blaustein

Sunday, September 29, 1963

Francis J. Blaustein - Acting Chair of the City Planning Commission. Interview by WNYC Director Seymour N. Siegel. They discuss the duties of the planning commission and why it is different from the planning department. The planning commission was created in 1938 under the revised city charter. The Department of ...


Edward Thompson, Fire Commissioner

Sunday, May 12, 1963

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

From card catalog: Seymour Siegel interviews Edward Thompson, Commissioner, Fire Department.

Siegel and Thompson talk about fire education in the city and neighborhoods most at risk for fires. The kitchen is ...


Tommy Cowan: Testimonial luncheon

Tuesday, February 05, 1963

A veteran reporter speaks of the early days at WNYC.


Leopold Stokowski Interview

Friday, October 12, 1962

Listen to the new American Symphony Orchestra!


George Foster Peabody... Peabody Awards.

Tuesday, April 10, 1962

Peabody Awards to the best in television and radio for 1961.


City Record: Dr. Milton Helpern

Wednesday, September 30, 1959

If the cause of death wasn't natural, then it goes to his office to find out why.


Emanuel Bisby

Friday, February 27, 1959

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

Bisby, Permanent Representative from Cuba to the UN, answers questions from the foreign press about Cuba and Fidel Castro.

Panelists: David Horowitz of World Union Press, Rugiero Orlando ...


Grover Whalen

Sunday, June 30, 1957

Mr. New York, weighs-in on city traffic flow, among other things.


Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, September 27, 1956

Alexander Hamilton speaks!


Interview with Vengalil Krishnan Krishna Menon

Wednesday, March 21, 1956

Indian Cabinet Minister and Chairman of the Indian Delegation to the United Nations, Vengalil Krishnan (V. K.) Krishna Menon.