Robert F. Kennedy

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Robert F. Kennedy Announces His Senate Candidacy, 1964

Monday, November 05, 2012

Nine months after his brother's death, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy enters the New York Senate race.
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Convocation Dinner to honor Thurgood Marshall

Wednesday, May 18, 1966

Senator Robert F. Kennedy at NAACP dinner for Thurgood Marshall on challenges for the African-American community.


First Annual Frederick Douglass Awards Dinner

Monday, May 02, 1966

The first annual Frederick Douglass Awards are presented to Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Jacob Javits, A. Philip Randolph, David Sarnoff and former Mayor Robert F. Wagner. John Mosler


Americans for Democratic Action Roosevelt Day Dinner

Friday, January 28, 1966

Why don't they make speeches like this anymore?


Manhattan Borough President Harlem Revitalization Plan

Friday, January 21, 1966

In this, the 2nd Conference of the Borough President of Manhattan, Borough President Constance Baker Motley discusses the third point in her seven-point plan to revitalize Harlem. As the third point focuses on the procurement of federal funds for the revitalization effort, she invited the recently elected Mayor John Lindsay, ...


1964 Lasker Awards Luncheon

Thursday, November 19, 1964

Lasker Awards Luncheon from 1964. Details listed here:

Luncheon includes the following notable speakers and guests: Senator-Elect Robert Kennedy, Dr. Farber. Robert Wagner, Nathan S. Klein, Renato Dulbecco, Harry Rubin.

The luncheon begins with remarks from Senator-Elect Kennedy. He gives ...


Robert F. Kennedy

Tuesday, August 25, 1964

Robert F. Kennedy announces that he will accept the Democratic nomination to run for US Senator from New York.