Annual Review

1. Mission Statement

New York Public Radio's mission is "to make the mind more curious, the heart more tolerant and the spirit more joyful through excellent radio programming."

2. NYPR Board of Trustees

Cynthia King Vance, Chair
John S. Rose, Vice Chair
Susan Rebell Solomon, Vice Chair
Mayo Stuntz, Vice Chair
Howard S. Stein, Treasurer
Alan G. Weiler, Secretary
Laura R. Walker, President & CEO

Jean B. Angell
Tom Bernstein
John Borthwick
David R. Caplan
Judith M. Carson
Charles M. Diker
Tom Finkelpearl, ex officio
Martha Fleischman
Loretta Brennan Glucksman
Alan Jenkins
Alexander Kaplen
Anton J. Levy
Joanne Matthews
Bethany Millard
Richard A. Pace
Ellen Polaner
Jonelle Procope
Jon W. Rotenstreich
Joshua Sapan
Herb Scannell
Lauren Seikaly
Peter Shapiro
Peter Tague
Nicki Newman Tanner
Andrea L. Taylor
Keith Thomas
Wilma S. Tisch
Brad Whitman
Frank D. Yeary 

Honorary Board:

Peter H. Darrow
Eduardo G. Mestre
Lulu C. Wang

3. Latest audited financial statements (attached as a PDF). A copy of the financial statements can be obtained by request (follow the "Contact Us" link on the right hand side of this page).

Overview of NYPR Income and Expenses for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2014

Total Operating Support & Revenue: $69,885,498

Program Services:
Programming: $38,511.417
Technical Operations: $5,508.286
Marketing: $3,298.489
Total Program Services: $47,318.192
> Total Expenses: $64,905.499
Total Assets: $126,423,627
Total Liabilities: $29,930,334
Net Asset Balance: $96,493,293

4. Click here for our most recent 990

5. Senior Staff

Laura Walker, President and CEO
Tom Bartunek, Vice President, Planning & Special Projects
Dean Cappello, Senior Vice President, Programming; Chief Content Officer
Thomas Hjelm, Chief Digital Officer & Vice President for Business Development
Margaret Hunt, Vice President, Development
Graham Parker, Vice President, WQXR
Michele Rusnak, Vice President, Finance & Administration; Chief Financial Officer

6. New York Public Radio Articles of Incorporation (attached as a PDF)
New York Public Radio Bylaws (attached as a PDF)
New York Public Radio Conflict of Interest Policy (attached as a PDF)
New York Public Radio Good Standing Certificate (attached as a PDF)
Absolute Charter of the WNYC Broadcasting Foundation (attached as a PDF)


See our Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report, and the narrative report submitted in response to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's annual Station Activity Survey, for descriptions of our recent program/service accomplishments.