Spring Fundraiser 2016 Facebook Live Videos

As part of our Spring Fundraiser, we took listeners behind the scenes with a series of Facebook Live videos that showed you a side of WNYC you can’t get on the radio: what we talk about, who is involved, where we work, and how it all comes together and into your ears.

We checked out a live Soundcheck recording. Note to Self’s Manoush Zomorodi took us on a quick tour during a break from pledge pitching with Leonard Lopate. And Brian Lehrer? If you like him on the air, you have to see him leading the WNYC softball team (Go Independents!). Check out all of the videos below.

WNYC vs. NYMag Softball Game:


Glass Eels on the Brian Lehrer Show:

Behind-the-Scenes at the Pledge Drive with Manoush Zomorodi:

Marissa Nadler on Soundcheck:

A Tour of the NYPR Archives with Andy Lanset: