Support WNYC While You Shop Online commissions support WNYC programming

Amazon has a special program for NPR Affiliate stations which pays a small commission to a station anytime an Amazon shopper starts their shopping session on the station website. WNYC is part of this program, so every time you purchase books, music, DVDs, or any other merchandise from after clicking a link from, a portion of the proceeds are designated to WNYC.

There is no extra cost! Amazon pays the commission from their revenue. Pricing is the same and your Amazon session will look just as it always looks, with the same wishlists, shopping cart, etc.

Any purchase that starts from an Amazon link on like this one will benefit New York Public Radio.

The funds we receive from Amazon are used to support WNYC on-air and online programming. It doesn't matter what you purchase once you get to Amazon; if your shopping sessions starts on, we will receive a commission on your entire order.

There are links to Amazon on many pages on as well as a handy search box on the site.

Regular Amazon shoppers: bookmark this link and always credit your purchases to WNYC!

More Information

If you search for an item and decline to purchase it right away, you can go back and add it to your shopping cart within 24 hours and the revenue share still goes to us. Once you've clicked through to and you search for further items during that visit, those count too. There is no indication of the revenue share during checkout.

Purchases made through are subject to their policies and procedures. Order fulfillment and customer service relating to orders, including the collection of applicable sales taxes, are the sole responsibility of Any concerns regarding order fulfillment, customer service, privacy policies or other issues relating to them should be directed to