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WNYC and WQXR: Archive Donations

If you have WNYC or WQXR broadcast recordings, even those you've copied off the radio, they may be of interest to us. They can be on tape or disc. We are looking for WNYC and WQXR produced materials, not programs from NPR or other public radio stations.* Annual reports, letters, photographs of people in front of WNYC microphones, old WNYC American Music Festival program listings, posters and other promotional items used by the stations over the years are also of interest.

WNYC and WQXR have a rich broadcast legacy that reflect the history and culture of New York City for the better part of the 20th Century. Broadcasts and the various documents, like those mentioned above, help tell the stations and the city's story. For example, we could use any back issues of the WNYC and WQXR program guides. There are some gaps in both of our collections. Since the creation of the NYPR Archives as a department in 2000, we've been working hard to organize and properly preserve and store the older recordings, documents and station artifacts. Now, we're looking to repatriate materials that have long since left the stations. You can help!

If you have something we would like to add to our collection, we will make a preservation copy, give it a new safe home, and acknowledge your donation in writing. If you have something you'd think we'd like, but you can't part with, let's talk. Perhaps we can arrange for a copy to be made.

If you think you have something you would like to donate to the NYPR archives, please contact Archive Director Andy Lanset (alanset@nypublicradio.org) or you can write to him:

NYPR Archives, 7th Floor
160 Varick Street
New York, NY 10013

Thanks for your interest!

*The exception would be organizations WNYC was a part of like the National Association of Educational Broadcasters (NAEB), and the National Educational Radio Network (NERN).

Please note: Older WNYC materials may be labeled as "The Municipal Broadcasting System." Older WQXR materials may be labeled as "The Interstate Broadcasting Company."