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Dan Mathews

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Dan Mathews is in favor of going naked instead of wearing fur. That makes sense considering he is Senior Vice President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. He sits down with Alec to discuss his battles (and victories) with the fashion industry and he explains why PETA actually owns stock in Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Hosted by:

Alec Baldwin

Produced by:

Emily Botein and Kathie Russo

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Jay Slack

Another wonderful interview! Certain parts of this conversation were painful to hear - but anyone that cares about animals (or has a conscience, for that matter) should listen up. I was so moved by Dan's words that I immediately became a monthly donor via PETA's website. I also have great admiration for Mr. Baldwin - his podcast is always educational and/or entertaining. Keep up the great work!

Apr. 22 2015 11:01 PM
james buechler from United States

I am pausing this after fifteen minutes to say Thank You! Moved to donate I am. I love the scope and variety of your guests. But I am learning so much about PETA that I want to donate. Extremely moved by this ~ maybe it's the coffee stimulation in part (cacao butter, coconut oil, stevia, sea salt, Reishi mushroom powder, cayenne)

By the way, not all lists are equal. One site has different guests featured than the other. Best, JB.

Dec. 26 2014 11:36 AM

Oct. 07 2013 09:07 PM
Sally Anne Hubbard from Connecticut

I enjoyed the conversation on Here's The Things with Alec Baldwin and Dan Mathews. Thank you Mr. Baldwin for bringing the issues of animal suffering to more people. I am a huge fan of Alec Baldwin because of his work to stop animal suffering and of course his acting. It is a very special human being that can look beyond their own needs and have compassion for other beings not in our species.

Sep. 30 2013 01:16 AM
Rolf from Sweden

Good God, stop the rambling Peta-guy. It is impossible to listen to this. Say one thing than be quiet and wait for a question.

Sep. 16 2013 07:23 AM

It's not necessary to demean women to protect animals. Misogyny isn't "edgy" or punk. So disappointing that Alec didn't bring up valid criticisms of PETA's tactic of objectifying women.

Sep. 09 2013 08:04 AM
bill from malibu cal

I saw Baldwin in a restaurant tuna salas sandwitch with is buddy jerry in some café in the city so he is not veggie eats fish its a life force so he his contributing to eating death flesh so lets get real rhere all natures creation let them be go vegan and eat organic

Sep. 07 2013 07:12 PM
Venus from NYC

Everyone don't support PETA, support an animal rights organization that isn't sexist instead!

PETA's top five most offensive (and most sexist) ads

Tell PETA Violence Against Women is Never Okay.

Aug. 29 2013 11:24 AM
Venus from NYC

I will never support PETA. And here is why:

Sexism in the Animal Rights Movement: PeTA

Has PETA Gone Too Far? Sexism, Pornography and Advertising

Tell PETA Violence Against Women is Never Okay.

Real Women Against PETA

Aug. 29 2013 11:21 AM
Khursh Mian from Queens, New York
Alec, great interview with (PETA) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Vice President Dan Mathews. Animal Rights is about exposing the industries that are literally torturing animals for profit and reasons a psychopath can only understand. I thank PETA for opening my reluctant eyes to this torture and killing that goes on behind closed doors with the help of paid off politicians.
We must not turn our eyes from the sufferings the animals must endure with their bodies. Especially when that profit is being supplied by our own consumption when we exchange our dollars for meat, milk, eggs, circus, zoos and aquarium tickets, carriage horse rides, pet shops that sell animals, fur, leather and suede. THANK YOU ALEC AND DAN!!!! MUCH LOVE SENT YOUR WAY!!!!

Aug. 25 2013 12:43 PM

I really enjoy your show, not least because of your interesting choice of guests. You're one of my favorite actors, and it seems like you're having fun with this. It is clear that you love to converse, and it's also clear that you love your own voice and your own opinions. That is NOT a slam. I don't think an actor can be successful if they don't enjoy using their instrument, and if they don't have an ego. Sometimes I yell at the radio, Alec, shut up, let the guy answer your question! Alec, chill a little. You are so intense with everyone, and you relate everything to your life, and sometimes that's good... and sometimes I just have to laugh.
Relax man.
Words with Friends is so 5 minutes ago. Do you play Ruzzle?

Aug. 23 2013 09:23 PM

thanks for having this guy on. didnt know about the Chinese product testing issue...maybe PETA can also get them to rethink the use of elephant ivory, rhino horn, shark fins, and more.

Aug. 21 2013 01:51 PM
Dan from Brooklyn

Great segment!

In response to EHRS's comment below, the American Dietetic Association (the world's largest organization of nutrition professionals) says, "The results of an evidence-based review showed that a vegetarian diet is associated with a lower risk of death from ischemic heart disease... vegetarians tend to have... lower overall cancer rates."

Aug. 20 2013 05:59 PM

Thank you for having Dan Mathews on HTT. I'd very much like to hear Alec speak with Ingrid Newkirk, as well as Bill Maher.

Aug. 20 2013 02:37 PM

I've listened to all the podcasts. Really enjoyed this one and have much respect for Dan. Having said that, one of the very last things he said (which wasn't really covered at all) suggested that eating meat was linked to "cancer" and heart disease, Alzheimer's, etc. Unfortunately, that position isn't supported in ANY peer-reviewed scientific studies which weren't supported and paid for by big agriculture. I know many people will find that hard to believe, but it's all true. A simple read of dozens of books by scientists prove this to be the case. In fact, an equally strong argument that is supported by the science is that the introduction of grains into the diet has caused more disease in modern times than any other food product. I completely support the ethical treatment of animals and all that Dan does, but unfortunately the science doesn't support his last statement on the podcast; just the opposite. Maybe Alec can do a podcast with one of the leading biochemists who can simply dispell the lies we've been sold for years by the USDA and its food pyramid.

Aug. 20 2013 09:50 AM

I love this program. Such a great choice of guests and a whole hour with each one.

This segment in particular is powerful and eye-opening. Everyone with a heart, support PETA!

Aug. 19 2013 10:57 PM

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