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  • If There's One Thing Hillary Clinton Knows, It's How to Come Back from Defeat

    Clinton's campaigns have always been formulated around the argument that she fights for those who have been knocked down. Voters only believe this when she herself is knocked down.

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  • Touching That Subway Pole in Winter


    Yes, you can catch a cold from a subway pole, but wash your hands and you'll probably be fine.

  • Don't Count on the Calorie

    Only Human

    Calories are sneaky, and measuring what we eat isn’t as foolproof as we thought. We team up with the podcast Gastropod to find out the truth about eating, and burning, calories.



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  • Carly Fiorina Ends Bid For Republican Presidential Nomination

    The former Hewlett-Packard CEO received a brief burst of attention after performing well in debates last fall, but she failed to catch the interest of Republican voters.

  • What Will it Take for Black Voters to Choose Bernie Sanders?

    The Democratic Senator from Vermont may have taken New Hampshire by storm, but critics say the presidential hopeful has a way to go to win the African American vote.

  • NJ Transit, Rail Unions on Collision Course Toward Possible Strike

    Over 4,200 rail workers could go on strike — or be locked out — in a little over a month, leaving 160,000 NJ Transit rail riders scrambling.

  • Searching for Solutions as Heroin Claims 10,000 Lives

    The Takeaway

    Policy makers, medical providers, and politicians are urgently looking for new answers to tackle a growing problem.

  • New Hampshire Primary: 5 Things That Explain The Results

    Hillary Clinton's big problems: She isn't winning women, and voters still don't trust her. Meanwhile, Donald Trump's support is broad and deep.

Arts and Culture

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  • How Criticism Allows Creativity to Flourish

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    Film critic A.O. Scott discusses the value of criticism and how it shapes art, literature and pop culture in his new book. 


    Death, Sex & Money

    You've been sending us your anthems of change. Now, we want to see you rock out to them. 

  • When NBA All-Stars Trade Free Throws for Freestyling


    Now that Kobe's retiring, will he decide to resurrect his rap career? Bryant is just one of many NBA All-Stars to have tried their hand at hip hop.

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  • Mapping the Book that Guided Black Travelers Across a Segregated America

    The "Green Book" guided black travelers to welcoming destinations.

Tech and Media

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  • What We Learned When 25,000 People Tried to Fight Information Overload

    Note to Self

    What we learned through a week of experimenting with information overload interventions.

  • #MemeOfTheNight: Bernie Sandwich

    An MSNBC host accidentally called the candidate "Bernie sandwich." Sanders supporters and adversaries on Twitter jumped in.

  • The Clash of Two Tech Titans

    Money Talking

    For a short time, Google's parent company Alphabet surpassed Apple as the most valuable company in the world — which might signal a shift in the economy.

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  • Ezra Furman Connects, Loud and Clear


    The genre-busting and gender-bending singer visits the Soundcheck studio.  

  • Weekly Music Roundup: Roma, Celts, Dunedin, and Queen Bey


    This week, revisiting a great gypsy singer, updating a classic rock sound, and the real winner of the Super Bowl.

  • New Mix: Shearwater, Lily & Madeleine, Eskimeaux, More

    On this week's show: songs of power, protest and passion, including a cut from Shearwater's "angriest" record, and singer Kevin Morby's fervent if exasperated attempt to make sense of police violence.

  • #3828: More Music for Pictures at an Exhibition

    New Sounds

    Listen to works inspired by some of the great painters of the 20th Century: Kandinsky, Schiele & Miró, in music by Brooklyn Rider, the group Rachel’s & drummer/composer Bobby Previte.

  • Benjamin Clementine: From Paris Metro to World Stage


    The smoldering pianist plays songs from his full-length debut 'At Least For Now' live on Soundcheck.

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