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  • Death By Trendy: Greenpoint's MTZ Electronics

    A repair shop operating for more than two decades is closing. The high price of real estate and New Yorkers' insatiable lust for the newest gadget has squeezed out MTZ Electronics.

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  • New York City, in Billboard-Sized Prints

    Taiwanese artist Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao has walked the five boroughs for a decade capturing the city's people and places with groundbreaking technique. 

  • Cuomo Now Open to Travel Ban on Ebola-Ravaged Countries

    It's a departure from his previous stance on the issue.

  • Regulars from What Once Was the Gayest Bar in NY

    Sheldon Nadelman bartended at a bar across from the Port Authority until it closed in 1982 and shot thousands of pictures of his customers.

  • Gubernatorial Candidates Reach Out To Hispanic Voters

    Democrat Andrew Cuomo and Republican Rob Astorino are hoping for significant turnout from Latino voters.

  • When Climate Change Comes to the City of the Future

    When New York was built, filling in wetlands and paving over grass with asphalt didn't cause a climate crisis. Now it does. 

NYC 2050

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  • New York City Could Get as Hot as Alabama in 2050

    By 2050, NYC will likely experience 45 days at or above 90 degrees Farenheit. That's a month and a half of sweltering days, which could be deadly.  

  • As Temperatures Climb, So Does the Risk of Blackouts

    As it is, New York City sets a new record for electricity demand every year or two. No one can be sure what 2050 will bring, but if we're not ready, the grid could fail.   

  • Extreme High Tides Could Flood Our City's Streets

    The sea level around Manhattan increased a foot over the past century. By 2050, scientists predict it will climb another 18 inches, making mild storms as destructive as hurricanes.

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  • Forecast Calls for More Rain Than We Can Handle

    Current predictions find the New York City of 2050 will have more frequent heavy rainstorms, which means in a city with an aging sewer system, it's going to be messy.

Media and Technology

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  • She'd Pay Anything to Go to Space

    New Tech City

    Lina Borozdina took out a second mortgage. Anousheh Ansari forewent motherhood. All either of them wanted was to see earth from above, and the way they tell it, it's worth the sacrifice.

  • Have We Finally Conquered the Uncanny Valley?

    Studio 360

    Animating a realistic human being has been the holy grail of CGI. Australian animator Chris Jones may have cracked the code with "Ed."

  • "Ebola: What It Is"

    On The Media

    Inspired by CNN's chyron "Ebola: The ISIS of Biological Agents?" photographer and novelist Teju Cole wrote about what else cable news thinks Ebola might be.

Music for your day

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  • Video Premiere: Nude Beach, 'For You'


    The Brooklyn trio's playful new music video was created as a summer camp project by Children's Museum of the Arts.

  • Hear: Marco Benevento, Live On Soundcheck


    Marco Benevento is known primarily for his instrumental work, but that all changes on his latest release Swift.

  • Sinkane: Genre-Bending, World-Spanning Dance Music


    A master of genre bending, the Sudan-born, Ohio-raised and Brooklyn-based electronic musician performs songs from his latest album, Mean Love, in the Soundcheck studio.

  • Who Isn't Featured on Bryan Ferry's New Album?


    The Roxy Music frontman brought in an all-star cast for his latest album "Avonmore": The Smiths' Johnny Marr, Flea playing a Damien Hirst-decorated axe, and Ferry's own son on drums.

  • Perfume Genius: Simple And Empowering Pop Songs


    The art pop singer performs songs from his latest album, Too Bright, in the Soundcheck studio.

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