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  • The Internet Is Ruining Game of Thrones Comments [ 3 ]

    Dear Internet, I know your job is hard. But when I miss my favorite show, I need you to not give all the major plot points away within 12 hours.

  • Five-Boro Birding Comments [ 7 ]

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Spring is in the air, and so are tons of birds. Here's a guide to spotting those red-tailed hawks and swallow-tailed kites as they migrate through New York City.



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  • Saturn Just Birthed a Baby Moon Named 'Peggy' Comments [ 2 ]

    The Takeaway

    New images NASA received from the Cassini spacecraft seem to show the small moon being born, a little icy rock dubbed “Peggy.”

  • Are Stockbrokers an Endangered Species? Comments [ 1 ]

    New York City has a record number of jobs. But well-paying jobs on Wall Street are disappearing.

  • Suit Alleges Landlord Targets Blacks Comments [ 2 ]

    Tenants in the Homewood Gardens Estates in the Prospect-Lefferts Garden neighborhood have filed a lawsuit against their landlord, alleging he is trying to evict them to bring in white renters.

  • NYPD Muslim Surveillance Unit is Disbanded

    A unit within the New York City Police Department created in the wake of 9/11 to gather information on Muslims has disbanded.

  • Hundreds Missing After Ferry Sinks Off South Korea's Coast

    Most of the passengers, according to news reports, were high school students and teachers on a school trip. Of the nearly 500 people who were on board, nearly 300 were initially unaccounted for.

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  • Inside the Mysterious Google X

    New Tech City

    We're talking about hoverboards, a space elevator and floating Wi-Fi hot spots for the developing world. This could be a new golden age of innovation. 

  • A Google For The Dark Net

    On The Media

    The near-anonymous Tor browser is pretty convenient for buying illegal things online. Except there's no search function. Until now.

  • Change Your Passwords! (Heartbleed Explained) Comments [ 25 ]

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    What the security flaw means for your sensitive information - like credit card numbers - and what you need to do next.

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