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  • Karl Rove on the 'Publicly Weird,' Very Popular Donald Trump

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Karl Rove says Donald Trump appeals to blue collar voters by saying things they can’t get away with at the Thanksgiving table.

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  • A Death, A Dash Cam Video, and an Indictment in Chicago

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    A journalist and a former police officer and prosecutor discuss the indictment of a Chicago police officer who fatally shot a black teenager.

  • Holland Taylor Steps Off Her Island

    Death, Sex & Money

    Actress Holland Taylor built a reputation by playing self-assured characters who keep others at a distance. But in her personal life, she says she's ready to take a chance on love. 



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  • Feds Ready to Name Co-Conspirators in Trial of Former Christie Aides

    In a reversal, the U.S. Attorney says he'll tell the defense names all those evidence links to the conspiracy.  

  • Christie's Bold Defense of Muslim-Americans (Four Years Ago)

    The Christie Tracker

    This week, we turn back the clock to a time well before the presidential primaries, when Gov. Christie was letting loose with his bold support for a Muslim-American judge.

  • Sunset Park Parents Frustrated by Overcrowding Are Invited to Join the Search for School Sites

    Sunset Park has some of the most crowded schools in the city, but Department of Education gave no new solutions at a community meeting with frustrated families.

  • Jurors Hear Adam Skelos's Frustration Over Fracking Ban

    Prosecutors say the son exploited his father's position as the highest-ranking state senator to personally enrich himself.

  • Jury Deliberations Begin In Silver Case And One Juror Already Wants Out

    After less than two hours of deliberation, one juror already wants off the case.

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Tech and Media

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  • StoryCorps Has a Thanksgiving Assignment For You

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    StoryCorps is launching a national assignment called "The Great Thanksgiving Listen," in the hopes of doubling its archive with students' interviews of their family members.

  • The Future Of Nanotechnology And Computers So Small You Can Swallow Them

    How tiny can a computer get and what can it do? Digital sensors are already traveling inside human bodies. Will shrinking sizes eventually do away with the bulky devices we use now?

  • What Does It Mean to Have 'Boots On The Ground'?

    On The Media

    Politicians and pundits have been using the phrase "boots on the ground" to declare limits in U.S. involvement in the Middle East. But what does that phrase mean, anyway?

Music for your day

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  • Little May: Urgent Harmonies, Anthemic Appeal


    The polyvocal Sydney trio plays anthemic songs from its debut record, 'For The Company.' 

  • Quiet Hollers: Roots Music with Indie Swagger


    Catch a live set in the Soundcheck studio featuring the stirring Louisville five-piece.

  • Weekly Music Roundup: The Ridge, The Waiting Room, and Wabi-Sabi


    This week, an early look at some promising albums from 2016, including a veteran English chamber pop band and an Arcade Fire member going solo. 

  • Raury: On the Highway to Stardom, Looking for a Few Friends


    The blissed-out rapper and songwriter performs live on Soundcheck. 

  • Duncan Sheik's Latest Sleight of Hand


    The veteran songwriter and burgeoning Broadway darling visits the Soundcheck studio to play songs from his new album. 

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