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  • Sanders v. Clinton: Who Would Do a Better Job On Income Inequality?

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    In our ongoing series of debates between Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters, two New Jersey Democrats debate who would be better at addressing income inequality.

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  • As Campaigns Leave New Hampshire, The Heroin Epidemic Remains

    The Takeaway

    Drug overdoses and deaths have skyrocketed in the Granite State, and New Hampshire voters are happy the issue has made it into this year’s presidential election.

  • Is It OK To Eat All Your Popcorn Before The Movie Starts?

    The Sporkful

    The Sporkful Family Food Court is back in session. Listeners call in with disputes over when to eat movie popcorn and whether eating salad dressing makes you an adult. 



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  • Police Tactic Comes Under Scrutiny

    The tactic -- a type of lawsuit referred to as a "nuisance abatement action" -- has become central to the "broken windows" policing strategy pioneered by NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton.

  • Yuge Crowds, But Hardly a New Hampshire Primary Voter in Sight

    Political tourists are filling campaign events in the Granite State.

  • The Counties to Watch in NH

    For both Republicans & Democrats, the "Exurbs" will be key.

  • Fourth Place Or Bust For Christie

    One last town hall convinces at least some New Hampshire voters to support the governor.

  • What Pay For Public Servants Tells Us About How NY Government Works

    New York's City Council just voted to give themselves a raise. Soon, they'll earn nearly double what state legislators make.

Arts and Culture

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  • Mapping the Book that Guided Black Travelers Across a Segregated America

    The "Green Book" guided black travelers to welcoming destinations.

  • A Musical Compass in the Journey of Life

    The Takeaway

    Rashod Ollison, music critic and author of "Soul Serenade: Rhythm, Blues, & Coming of Age Through Vinyl," shares five of the most meaningful songs he grew up listening to. 

  • Monsieur Periné's Music Box


    The musical polymaths bring their box of tricks to the Soundcheck studio.

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  • With A Little Help From Larry David, Bernie Sanders Does 'SNL'

    Bernie Sanders impersonator Larry David hosted the episode with a cameo from the senator himself. Sanders slipped in a main campaign message, while David jabbed at the candidate's cantankerous side.

Tech and Media

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  • Vote First or Die

    On The Media

    In the race to the ballot box, the citizens of New Hampshire have long been first, and proud of it. Brooke traveled north to investigate.

  • Infomagical Challenge 5: Magical Life

    Note to Self

    Write a sentence articulating your personal rule/algorithm/filter parameters/mantra to live by. Consider it your note to self.

  • The Clash of Two Tech Titans

    Money Talking

    For a short time, Google's parent company Alphabet surpassed Apple as the most valuable company in the world — which might signal a shift in the economy.

Music for your day

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  • #3510: Near East/South Asian Connections

    New Sounds

    For this New Sounds, listen to music that mixes together the traditions of South Asia and the middle East and just as far west as Turkey. Listen to Nashaz, Kayhan Kalhor, and more.

  • Robyn Hitchcock Channels the Man Upstairs


    Veteran post-punk troubadour plays live in the Soundcheck studio.

  • Walter Martin: Arts, Leisure, and Rhythm


    A shuffling education in art history, live from the Soundcheck studio.

  • Weekly Music Roundup: Russia Swings and England Shakes Again


    This week, PJ Harvey returns, Leon Bridges’s musical prayer draws from the Baltimore Uprising, and an irresistible video from a group of Russian swing dancers.

  • Love The Music Of Coen Brothers Films? You Can Thank Carter Burwell

    Burwell has scored 16 movies for the Coens, but his work on Hail, Caesar! — as well as Todd Haynes' Carol, for which he's nominated for an Oscar — presented a few brand-new challenges.

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