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  • Vote First or Die

    On The Media

    In the race to the ballot box, the citizens of New Hampshire have long been first, and proud of it. Brooke traveled north to investigate.

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  • Republican Debate: 5 Things You Missed

    Marco Rubio fast became a target, Donald Trump kept a lower profile and Ted Cruz, who won in Iowa, was on defense straight off the bat.

  • Impossible Tickets

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Ethan Smith, Los Angeles Bureau Chief at the Wall Street Journal, and Jason Abbruzzese, business reporter at Mashable, discuss why the average consumer can never seem to get their hands on face value tickets to hot Broadway shows or concerts.



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  • New Hampshire Republican Debate: 3 Things To Watch Saturday Night

    When the remaining GOP candidates debate Saturday, several will be making their last pitch for why they should stay in the race. Meanwhile, Donald Trump returns after skipping an Iowa debate.

  • Backed By Russia, Syrian Troops Advance In A Major Battle For Aleppo

    The Russian airstrikes have emboldened President Bashar Assad's army to press a major offensive in a crucial city. Thousands of civilians have fled and are massing at the nearby Turkish border.

  • Federal Judge Okays Subpoena for Christie Bridgegate Texts, Emails

    As the clock ticks toward midnight for Christie's campaign in New Hampshire, a judge green-lights a request for key government records.

  • The Cultural Appropriation Debate, Starring Beyoncé & Coldplay


    When is it okay to borrow from another culture, and when does the simple act of, say, wearing a kimono or Indian tribal clothing become offensive, a sort of identity theft? 

  • The Scrutiny that Comes with Being a Female Candidate

    The Takeaway

    Clinton is the first woman to ever win the Iowa Caucuses. While she's used to being the only woman in the room, that fact does affect the way potential voters see her.

Arts and Culture

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  • Maurice White Of Earth, Wind & Fire Dies At 74

    One of the musicians behind "September," perhaps the happiest-sounding wedding song of all time, died in his sleep. Verdine White announced the death of his "brother, hero and best friend."

  • George Miller, Empress Of, & HBO’s “Vinyl”

    Studio 360

    On this week’s show: director George Miller returns to Mad Max 40 years later, the singer Lorely Rodriguez becomes Empress Of, and Terence Winter writes Mick Jagger’s dream show.

  • Laura Poitras Exposes a New Secret: Her Art

    Filmmaker, journalist — artist? The Whitney Museum offers new work by Laura Poitras, who is best known for helping intelligence analyst Edward Snowden leak state secrets.

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  • King Of Pop: Exploring Michael Jackson's Artistry

    In “Michael Jackson’s Journey From Motown to Off the Wall,” director Spike Lee taps into rich archival footage to document the rise of the King of Pop.

Tech and Media

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  • The Clash of Two Tech Titans

    Money Talking

    For a short time, Google's parent company Alphabet surpassed Apple as the most valuable company in the world — which might signal a shift in the economy.

  • Infomagical Challenge 5: Magical Life

    Note to Self

    Write a sentence articulating your personal rule/algorithm/filter parameters/mantra to live by. Consider it your note to self.

  • Harassment, Unconscious Bias and the Reality for Women Working in Tech

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    Women tech professionals discuss the "Elephant in the Valley" study on sexism in the tech industry.

Music for your day

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  • #3827: Chamber Rock and Jazz

    New Sounds

    For this New Sounds, listen to a smorgasbord of new music: chamber rock, chamber jazz, and post-rock from the seminal post-rock band Rachel’s to the piano trio called Gogo Penguin.

  • Robyn Hitchcock Channels the Man Upstairs


    Veteran post-punk troubadour plays live in the Soundcheck studio.

  • Walter Martin: Arts, Leisure, and Rhythm


    A shuffling education in art history, live from the Soundcheck studio.

  • Weekly Music Roundup: Russia Swings and England Shakes Again


    This week, PJ Harvey returns, Leon Bridges’s musical prayer draws from the Baltimore Uprising, and an irresistible video from a group of Russian swing dancers.

  • Songs We Love: The Lumineers, 'Ophelia'

    The foot-stomping, folk-rock hit-makers behind "Ho Hey" premiere their first new music since 2012.

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