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  • Trans Teen Fights to Change School Policy

    The Takeaway

    A federal judge in Virginia will decide whether 16-year-old transgender student Gavin Grimm can use the boys' restrooms at Gloucester High School. 

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  • Undocumented to Princeton

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Dan-el Padilla Peralta writes of his journey from a homeless shelter to navigating college life as an undocumented immigrant to graduating from Princeton, Oxford and Stanford. 

  • 35 of Bill Cosby's Accusers on the Cover of NY Mag

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    New York Magazine editor Adam Moss discusses what went into making this week's sobering cover story, which features 35 of the 46 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault.



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  • Reconsidering the Minimum Wage

    The Takeaway

    If the goal for major cities is to ensure a basic quality of life for everyone, would a higher minimum wage be more effective than a guaranteed basic income?

  • Manhattan Boro President Finds Broadway Violates the ADA

    A survey by Gale Brewer's office found less than 10 percent of sidewalk curb cuts comply with the 25-year-old Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • They Love Him at Town Hall Meetings, But Not When The Pollsters Call

    Christie is doing horribly in the polls, but you wouldn't know that on the ground in New Hampshire.

  • Cuomo Details Plans for New LaGuardia Airport

    The plan to redesign and rebuild LaGuardia airport will break ground sometime next year.

  • Tired Of The Big City? Consider Telecommuting From Montana

    Morning Edition

    Greg Gianforte, a successful high-tech entrepreneur, is recruiting — not for his company, but for telecommuters to move to rural Montana and bring their high-paying jobs with them.

Arts and Culture

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  • Do City Dogs Dream of Chasing Country Sheep?

    Summer is a great time to try something new, and not just for people. In this installment of our "First Timers" series, 6-year-old Lily gives sheepherding a shot.

  • Sideshow Podcast: How 'Kung Fury' Went from Karate Joke to Kickstarter to Cannes

    Studio 360

    When David Sandberg posted a trailer featuring karate, time travel, dinosaurs, Hasselhoff, and a unicorn to YouTube, he had no idea he would end up taking his film to Cannes. No one did.

  • Can You Love a Picky Eater?

    The Sporkful

    Jen in D.C. calls in to The Sporkful for guidance on eating well while dating a picky eater, and a feuding husband and wife debate the best way to eat a cornbread muffin.

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  • Narcissistic, Maybe. But Is There More To The Art Of The Selfie?

    All Things Considered

    Some say selfies are a mark of our narcissistic culture. But what about a little photoshopping? Is this further evidence of our vanity — or a platform for our personal brand and self-expression?

Tech and Media

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  • Jon Ronson And Public Shaming

    On The Media

    In the digital era, we live in a world where everything is known and it cannot be unknown. Author Jon Ronson talks about how our keyboards have become a powerful weapon. 

  • Stop Calling Yourself a Social Media Ninja

    Money Talking

    If you want to succeed at work, you're going to have to learn how to brag gracefully. But how do you do it without being obnoxious?

  • Find Ice Cream Near You, Lickety Split

    New York City is hot. You need ice cream. And with the click of a button, our Ice Cream Radar will detect your location, scan the vicinity and find your nearest scoop.

Music for your day

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  • Weekly Music Round Up: The Evil Twin Of Brian Eno; Haunting Music From Atlantic City; Art Rock That Rocks


    This week’s roundup includes punk documentaries, a few ghostly tunes and a self-proclaimed flower alchemist.

  • Gig Alert: Watkins Family Hour


    Watkins Family Hour performs with Fiona Apple, Benmont Tench, Don Heffington, Greg Leisz and Sebastian Steinberg at City Winery tonight.

  • Eszter Balint, In Studio


    Hear Eszter Balint's sophisticated rock live in the Soundcheck studio.

  • ROOM8, In Studio


    Hear the Los Angeles synthpop duo perform new songs in the Soundcheck studio.

  • Girlpool, In Studio


    Hear the uncompromising punk of Girlpool live in the Soundcheck studio.

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