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  • Your Crazy New York Rent

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    The median rent in certain parts of Brooklyn now exceeds that in much of Manhattan. We heard your stories of paying insane New York rent.

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Will it rain today?
What’s going on in the world right now?


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  • Doctors Without Borders Are Now Doctors in Anguish

    Jason Cone, executive director of the aid group, talks about the impact of the bombing on his staff — and on the people of Afghanistan.

  • Explainer: What are the Transit Funding "Raids" Holding Up the MTA Budget Deal?

    Mayor de Blasio says he won't spend more city money on the MTA until the governor promises not to divert it. Cuomo calls that concern "a joke." Who's right?

  • How Brooklyn Lost the Hockey Team it Never Really Had

    The Islanders will be reborn tonight as Brooklyn's hockey team, but they're not exactly the first. Here's a Jazz Age tale of bootlegging, a thunderous curse and an angry man named "Red."

  • Is Being a College Jock a Real Job?

    Money Talking

    The NCAA is under fire from current and former college athletes who argue they're more than just students and should be paid accordingly.

  • Kevin McCarthy Gone, In 60 Seconds

    After McCarthy dropped out of the House speakership race, there was a chaotic outpouring of reaction from Republicans. Listen in like a fly on the wall in that Capitol Hill hallway.

Arts and Culture

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  • Undercover With the FBI

    In the documentary (T)ERROR, filmmakers Lyric R. Cabral and David Felix Sutcliffe follow an undercover FBI informant without the knowledge of his handlers.

  • This 'Fool for Love' Doesn't Ignite

    A Broadway show that was an inferno of passion two summers ago has been damped down to a handful of sparks.

  • 'If They Have It, It's Undeniable': Lorne Michaels On Casting 'SNL'

    Morning Edition

    The Saturday Night Live executive producer says criticism of the show's perceived lack of diversity frustrated him, but that the perception needed to be addressed.

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  • Episode 3: Prowling the Catwalk with the Lyons

    Empire Afterparty

    From zebra stripes to golden girdles, this week we crawl inside the Lyons' den and check out their amazing ensembles. 

Tech and Media

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  • Beyond The 'Like' Button: Facebook Comes To Our Emotional Rescue

    Facebook reveals new emojis it's testing to expand the iconic "Like" button. All Tech Considered welcomes a new host, who tries to explain her vision for the blog using Facebook's seven "Reactions."

  • Smile My Ass


    As Candid Camera succeeded, it started to change the way we thought not only of reality television, but also of reality itself.

  • WiFi, Cancer, and Paranoia

    Note to Self

    Science says you really don't need to worry about carcinogens and WiFi. We sort through all of the research with Only Human's Mary Harris.

Music for your day

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  • KCRW Presents: Kurt Vile

    Watch the live debut of "Life Like This," from Vile's most introspective and confident album yet.

  • Dan Friel Rattles Sonic Conventions, Again


    The mad scientist of electronic sounds plays music from his forthcoming record 'Life' live on Soundcheck. 

  • Hear A New Single From Courtney Barnett Produced By Jack White

    Barnett's new single, featuring a new song plus a moody cover of The Boys Next Door's "Shivers," comes out Oct. 16.

  • Weekly Music Roundup: Roots Bachata, Booze Music, and Balkan Bhangra


    This week, Moby rocks out, an alternative to internet cats, and sounds from the Balkans, the Dominican Republic, and the London stage. 

  • Seinabo Sey: At Home Anywhere, Ruling Airwaves Everywhere


    The singer and songwriter of Swedish and Gambian descent visits the Soundcheck studio to talk about a global childhood and her forthcoming record. 

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