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  • Forget Capitalism -- Long Live Monopolies!

    Money Talking

    Think capitalism and competition go hand in hand? Fuggedaboutit. Competition is for suckers who don't want to make any money. Real innovators build monopolies and never look back.  

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  • Madame Cezanne: Muse or Object?

  • Organizing, Improvising Marches and Shutdowns around NYC

    Leaders say demonstrations this week are looking ahead to the grand jury decision on Eric Garner's death at hands of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo.

  • Wildlife Activists Try To Save Staten Island's Wild Turkeys

    All Things Considered

    New York City doesn't sound like the ideal habitat for wild turkeys, yet dozens of them call Staten Island home. Officials want to relocate them, but their plan has had trouble getting off the ground.

  • The Price of Filtered Water Goes Up

    A plant that will purify water from the NYC's oldest reservoir will cost about three times as much as originally estimated.

  • Type "Hello" To Amy, Your Plucky Digital Personal Assistant

    New Tech City

    Your friends won't know she's a robot, but you will save tons of time. The question is: when to fess up that "she" is not real.

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  • Budweiser Shifts Focus To Millennials, Moves Away From Clydesdales

    Instead of trotting out the horses, its main holiday advertising campaign will feature hip twenty-somethings and a Twitter hashtag.

  • The Hidden Cyberwar

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Senior correspondent at The Daily Beast and author, Shane Harris, talks about how the U.S. military, hackers and tech firms are already involved with the battle of the cyberspace.

  • The Unusual Story of WWII Code-Breaker Alan Turing

    The Takeaway

    The film "The Imitation Game" opens this weekend and tells the story about the mathematician Alan Turing, who helped break Nazi coded messages but was punished for his homosexuality.  

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