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  • Live Free and Vote: Will New Hampshire Reshuffle the Deck?

    The Takeaway

    Voters in New Hampshire will head to the polls on Tuesday to vote in the first presidential primary of the 2016 election. 

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  • NYPD Officer Liang Describes Night of Akai Gurley Shooting

    Sometimes pausing to cry, NYPD Officer Peter Liang described what happened when he shot and killed 28-year-old Akai Gurley in a darkened housing project stairwell.

  • The Flooding No One Saw Coming

    A mild snowstorm brings high waters to neighborhoods on Jamaica Bay.

  • New York City to Embark on Annual Count of Street Homeless

    The canvass on Monday night, known as the HOPE Count, is getting extra attention this year as the city grapples with an uptick in homelessness.

  • For Trump, Failure Is Not an Option

    Donald Trump doesn't acknowledge failure, but it happens to him, just like everyone else.

  • Camden NJ Students Also Drink Bottled Water Because of High Lead Levels

    In 2002, Camden schools were advised to switch to bottled water after a report found high lead levels in water samples. Today, students still can't drink the water from several schools. 

Arts and Culture

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  • A Musical Compass in the Journey of Life

    The Takeaway

    Rashod Ollison, music critic and author of "Soul Serenade: Rhythm, Blues, & Coming of Age Through Vinyl," shares five of the most meaningful songs he grew up listening to. 

  • Monsieur Periné's Music Box


    The musical polymaths bring their box of tricks to the Soundcheck studio.

  • With A Little Help From Larry David, Bernie Sanders Does 'SNL'

    Bernie Sanders impersonator Larry David hosted the episode with a cameo from the senator himself. Sanders slipped in a main campaign message, while David jabbed at the candidate's cantankerous side.

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  • Lucinda Williams Says Whatever the Hell She Wants

    Death, Sex & Money

    At 63 years old, musician Lucinda Williams is more successful than ever. But with age has come a lot of loss.

Tech and Media

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  • Vote First or Die

    On The Media

    In the race to the ballot box, the citizens of New Hampshire have long been first, and proud of it. Brooke traveled north to investigate.

  • Infomagical Challenge 5: Magical Life

    Note to Self

    Write a sentence articulating your personal rule/algorithm/filter parameters/mantra to live by. Consider it your note to self.

  • The Clash of Two Tech Titans

    Money Talking

    For a short time, Google's parent company Alphabet surpassed Apple as the most valuable company in the world — which might signal a shift in the economy.

Music for your day

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  • #3510: Near East/South Asian Connections

    New Sounds

    For this New Sounds, listen to music that mixes together the traditions of South Asia and the middle East and just as far west as Turkey. Listen to Nashaz, Kayhan Kalhor, and more.

  • Robyn Hitchcock Channels the Man Upstairs


    Veteran post-punk troubadour plays live in the Soundcheck studio.

  • Walter Martin: Arts, Leisure, and Rhythm


    A shuffling education in art history, live from the Soundcheck studio.

  • Weekly Music Roundup: Russia Swings and England Shakes Again


    This week, PJ Harvey returns, Leon Bridges’s musical prayer draws from the Baltimore Uprising, and an irresistible video from a group of Russian swing dancers.

  • Love The Music Of Coen Brothers Films? You Can Thank Carter Burwell

    Burwell has scored 16 movies for the Coens, but his work on Hail, Caesar! — as well as Todd Haynes' Carol, for which he's nominated for an Oscar — presented a few brand-new challenges.

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