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  • The Right to Repair Our Things

    On The Media

    Because of copyright laws and the rise of the Internet of Things, farmers break the law if they tinker with the software inside their tractors. That is, unless a new bill helps them.

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  • Last Night to See the Lively, Ethereal Illuminated Sculptures at Wave Hill

    It's a rare treat to experience the beautiful Bronx garden in the changing light of the setting sun.

  • 'How Could You Not Know You Were Pregnant?'

    Brittany Ohman got pregnant in high school, and didn't realize it till she went into labor in her freshman dorm. She talks with NPR's Rachel Martin about her surprise pregnancy and her son, James.

  • A Tale Told By an Idiot

    Based on the first part of Faulkner's seminal work, Elevator Repair Service's "The Sound and the Fury" immerses the audience in a chaotic, and at times incomprehensible, world.

  • Politicians Keep Fundraising, Even Without Campaigns

    It's not illegal. But it can be confusing.

  • New Jersey City Seeks to Move Past Violent Reputation

    Community leaders in Paterson, NJ, are hopeful that a truce will end a cycle of youth violence that's long plagued the city.

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