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  • Eating the Easter Bunny

    Spring is the season of new life—chicks, lambs, bunnies. But in the city they are most easily enjoyed in their delectable chocolate analogs.

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  • Your Brain on Drugs: Creative? Comments [ 5 ]

    Studio 360

    The association of art with altered states of consciousness goes back a long way. Archeological evidence of fermented beverages and some of the oldest musical instruments were found at the same 9,000-year-old site in China. Do alcohol and marijuana improve creativity?

  • The Day Nelson Mandela Became Nelson Mandela

    The moment Nelson Mandela really became Nelson Mandela was on April 20th, 1964 - fifty years ago today. It happened when he stood up in a stuffy South African courtroom and gave a speech.



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  • The Political Gabfest: The Ukraine, You Saw, You Conquered Edition

    Slate's Political Gabfest, featuring John Dickerson, Emily Bazelon, and Jamelle Bouie. This week: Will Dobson on Ukraine, race in America during the Obama presidency, and allegations of rape against Jameis Winston remain uninvestigated.

  • Marshmallows and Colombian Workers as Art

    A gallery in Chelsea is about to become a marshmallow factory.

    Oscar Murillo, a London-based emerging artist originally from Colombia, is turning David Zwirner on West 19th Street into a candy-making facility.

    His piece, entitled "A Merchantile Novel," opens on Thursday April 24th and is done in collaboration with Colombina, a food company from Colombia based on Murillo's hometown of La Paila. Several of his family members have worked there, including his mother.

     The artist’s mother (center) working at Colombina, La Paila, Colombia, 1988 (Photo: Collection of Oscar Murillo)

    Thirteen workers will come from Colombia to work at the gallery, and they will produce 7 thousand of marshmallows covered with chocolate a day. The workers will be placed in apartments in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and work at the gallery every day, in two shifts.

    Wearing sneakers and a baseball cap in the first day of the installation in mid-April, Murillo explained the piece is a symbolic way of starting a conversation about what it means to move around the world. “"To migrate, to work in different parts of the world. It's also a group of people that have not been to New York ever, a lot of them have not left Colombia, so it's kind of an interesting experiment,” he said.

    The marshmallows will be wrapped in a shiny package with a yellow smiling face designed by Murillo. He said the fist time he came to New York, a couple of years ago, he remembers seeing the mostly Hispanic delivery men driving around their bicycles in the city, carrying plastic bags with the smiling face.

    He said he wanted to pay homage to that. “The idea of, you know, you give goods in a bag and whatever they may be, and this idea of have a nice day."

    This will be Murillo's first show with David Zwirner since joining the gallery late last year. For the past few years, he has been grabbing the attention of collectors and dealers, and one of his pieces, “Untitled (burrito)” sold for $322,870 at Christie's in February, well above the high estimate of $49,000. 

    When Murillo moved to London he was 10, and didn't speak English. He says art became almost a therapeutic thing. “I would more or less disclose all my anxieties, a place where I can only be myself, and not judged,” he said.

    Murillo lives in London with his wife and daughter, and his parents live close by. He doesn't like questions about his sudden success. “When I started working as an artist, I never really accounted for this,” he said. “Yes, the success is coming through, but you know, I am not going to sit to look at it all and have a sense of accomplishment.”

    "A Merchantile Novel" will be on view until June 14th.

  • Brian Lehrer Weekend

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Three of our favorite segments from the week, in case you missed them.

    A Tribute to James Baldwin (First) | Horse(less) Carriages (Starts at 27:05) | Mayor of (Old) Amsterdam (Starts at 58:00)

    If you don't subscribe to the Brian Lehrer Show on iTunes, you can do that here.

  • Food, Coffee and Music for Record Store Day

    Long lines and lots of shiny new vinyl recall the heyday of record shops.

  • On Set With Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield

    Tribeca Film Festival Live

    From inner-city housing projects to the biggest stages in boxing, Champs is an insightful and provocative documentary charting the lives of some of America’s heaviest hitters, including Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and Bernard Hopkins, as they seek to break out of poverty via one of the few outlets available. Hear them live at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Arts & Culture

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  • Will Stratton: Surviving and Singing

    Spinning on Air

    27 year-old singer, songwriter, and finger-picking guitar virtuoso Will Stratton is now feeling well and creating songs, but 2013 was a rough year for him. Stratton was diagnosed with cancer and underwent difficult but successful chemotherapy treatment and surgery. Stratton joins David Garland in the WNYC Studio, with new songs to sing and a survivor's story to tell.

  • Selected Shorts: Romantic Calamities

    Selected Shorts

    Advice for the lovelorn (not) from Patricia Marx, Simon Rich, Miranda July, and Aimee Bender.

  • Last Chance Foods: Flowers You Can Eat

    Violas aren't just musical instruments. They're edible flowers that can fancy up your spring salads and, in ice cube form, help convince your kids to stay hydrated. Annie Novak from the New York Botanical Garden has the details on why and how.

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  • The Cutting Room: An Insight to the Edit Suite

    Tribeca Film Festival Live

    It’s said that a movie is made three times: once through a script, once on set, and finally in the edit room. Join us to hear tales from the cutting room floor.

Technology & Media

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  • Does the Man Who Shared His Password with the Internet Regret it? Comments [ 2 ]

    On The Media

    Not really.

  • Can New Web Reality Experience Promote Empathy for the Homeless? Comments [ 1 ]

    The Takeaway

    Want to see what it’s like to walk in the shoes of the homeless? One entrepreneur in California is giving portable, wearable cameras to homeless people to record what life is really like when you live on the streets.

  • Ken Burns, Word Nerd Comments [ 2 ]

    Studio 360

    A few weeks ago, we asked you to create new collective nouns for modern types of people — conceptual artists, Trekkies, yoga instructors, and more. The submissions are rolling in from listeners across the country, including one Ken Burns from New Hampshire. Yes, that Ken Burns ...

Music for your day

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  • Conor Oberst, Live At Gigstock Comments [ 3 ]


    Watch Conor Oberst perform and talk about his upcoming album, Upside Down Mountain, live at WNYC's Greene Space.

  • James Vincent McMorrow, Live At Gigstock


    Watch James Vincent McMorrow play live from WNYC's Greene Space as part of Gigstock.

  • Nas: Still 'Illmatic' At Twenty


    Nasir Jones -- the hugely successful and influential rap emcee known as Nas -- is one of the greatest musical voices to emerge from New York City. In a conversation with Soundcheck, Nas reflects on his 1994 debut album Illmatic -- which now being reissued to commemorate its 20th anniversary -- and a documentary film.

  • 'Missed Connections' At Coachella


    Soundcheck brings some of Craigslist's best Coachella-related posts to life.

  • Song Premiere: Timber Timbre And Fiver, 'Curtains?!'


    Timber Timbre's song "Curtains?!" embodies both the unsettling and the alluring as frontman Taylor Kirk sings a tale about a man's secrets exposed. But in an alternate version sung by Fiver (a.k.a. Simone Schmidt), the song takes on a new identity.

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