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  • Gaza: No Peace & No Way Out

    The Takeaway

    As Operation Protective Edge continues into its fourth week, Israel stands firmly behind Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A recent poll found that more than 90 percent of Jewish Israelis believe Operation Protective Edge is justified.

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  • Why There's a Crackdown on Subway Performers

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    A subway dancer explains what it's like to perform on the train. 

  • What's at Stake If There's a Lockout at the Met Opera

    A lengthy lockout at the Metropolitan Opera would mean more than a loss of work for the company's staff. Some question whether audiences would return after a settlement.



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  • Enlisting Smartphones In The Campaign For Campus Safety

    Developers hope technology can help stop sexual assaults on campus — or at least provide students with easier access to resources.

  • City Routinely Loses Legal Challenges To Welfare Cuts

    A new report shows that while New York City routinely cuts benefits for welfare recipients citing missed meetings or insufficient documentation it loses 8 out of every 10 cases when the cuts are challenged in court.

  • Is It Practical to Legalize Marijuana in America?

    The Takeaway

    This week, The Takeaway's partner The New York Times launched "High Time: An Editorial Series on Marijuana Legalization."  Andrew Rosenthal, the editorial page editor for The New York Times, explains why the paper took this stance.

  • Congratulations, C Train. You’re Not the City’s Worst Subway Anymore

    According to the annual State of the Subways poll, that dubious honor goes to the #2 train, which had longer-than-average waits between trains and more frequent breakdowns. And did we mention crowding?

  • Disabled New Yorkers Sue for Safer Streets

    New York City is being sued for violating the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, which celebrated its 24th anniversary last week. Advocates argue too many city sidewalks lack proper curb cuts and are not accessible to people with disabilities.


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  • As Volunteerism Explodes In Popularity, Who's It Helping Most?

    Morning Edition

    More young adults and teens are swapping sun tanning and sightseeing on vacations for working in orphanages, building schools and teaching English abroad.

  • These Summer '94 Songs Defined An Era


    All summer long, Soundcheck has been turning back the clock 20 years, and revisiting the big hit songs, the important albums and more from the summer of 1994. Relive that era and its music with a giant Spotify playlist featuring Weezer, Nas, Jeff Buckley, Lisa Loeb, and so much more.

  • I Love You, But There's This Money Thing...

    We like to think of our romantic lives as pure and unbothered by cold hard business. But that stuff — the prenup-signing, healthcare-paying, joint checking account-opening side of relationships — is still a big deal that a lot of us worry about, and here's evidence. We asked for your stories, and you sent us some doozies.

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  • Your Office Chair is Killing You

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Sitting all day is really, really bad for you. Really bad. James A Levine, inventor of the treadmill desk, talks about the ways you can start to break the sitting habit. To start with: stand up every hour, on the hour.

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  • Ace Of Base Totally Bums Out These Little Kids


    Soundcheck returns to New York's Little Red School House to see what a trio of precocious grade schoolers think about one of the most ubiquitous songs of the early '90s, Ace Of Base's "The Sign."

  • First Aid Kit: Two Sisters Create Wistful Folk


    The two sisters who make up First Aid Kit create wistful folk on their new record Stay Gold. Hear them talk about the record with Death, Sex & Money host Anna Sale, and perform live in the Soundcheck studio.

  • Juana Molina, Live In The Greene Space


    Watch experimental Argentinian singer-songwriter perform on a special Soundcheck and Latino USA showcase, recorded live from WNYC's Greene Space.

  • A Karaoke-Soaked Memoir: Rob Sheffield's 'Turn Around Bright Eyes'


    Karaoke and the idea of becoming whole again are at the heart of Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield’s newest memoir, Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals of Love and Karaoke.

  • John Luther Adams: Bad Decisions and Finding Home

    Meet the Composer

    Composer and 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner John Luther Adams is the first subject in Q2 Music's new Meet the Composer podcast. Host Nadia Sirota explores how Adams's move to Alaska led to his current popularity.

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