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  • Germany Wins World Cup

    With two quick and sublimely deft touches, Mario Goetze ended Germany's 24-year wait for another World Cup title.

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  • The Super PAC to End Super PACs

    On The Media

    On Independence Day, Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig’s political fund aimed at ending the influence of money in campaigns reached its crowd funding goal of $5 million. Now can it elect a member of Congress committed to campaign finance reform?

  • Mark Your Calendars: In A Year, We'll Arrive At Pluto

    All Things Considered

    It takes a long time to travel 3 billion miles. On July 14, 2015, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will finally get a flyby glimpse of the dwarf planet, as part of a mission launched in 2006.



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  • Kickin' It In NYC: The Latin Alternative Music Conference At 15

    Join us as we head to the annual gathering of up-and-comers and true legends. This year we also spoke to key decision-makers in the business.

  • Mike Doughty Goes to Hell

    Studio 360

    Composer and indie rocker Mike Doughty made a New Year’s Resolution to kickstart a long-delayed project: writing a rock opera based on the Book of Revelation. How’s it working out so far? Well, the Earth hasn’t opened up to swallow him yet.

  • Rob Reiner: ‘I Tell the Same Story Over and Over’

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    The comedy legend says his latest film, “And So It Goes,” shows that men and women act the same at every age.

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  • After 12 Years of Filming, an Entire Childhood on Screen

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    A conversation about ‘Boyhood’ with director Richard Linklater and star Ellar Coltrane, who grew from 6 to 18 over the course of filming. “It felt like the biggest decision I’d ever made, artistically,” Linklater said.

Technology & Media

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  • Instrument Gets Loop-Based Music Out From Behind the Laptop

    Studio 360

    Jonathan Sparks' creation looks like something between a game and a light show, while allowing viewers inside the creative process. And it's way more fun than watching someone gently tap a pedal.

  • Why Can't We Email Our Doctors?

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Some physicians are making themselves more accessible via email, Skype, or text — but many patients complain their doctors aren't making the digital leap fast enough. What are your approaches to communication?

  • A New Device Lets You Track Your Preschooler ... And Listen In

    LG's KizON wristband lets you keep tabs on your child. But some experts say such devices send the wrong message about the world we live in. And the gadgets raise questions about kids' privacy rights.

Music for your day

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  • Summer '94: The Staying Power Of Lisa Loeb's Biggest Hit


    Twenty years ago, Lisa Loeb's "Stay (I Missed You)" was everywhere: on the Reality Bites soundtrack, on heavy rotation on MTV, and on the Billboard Hot 100 -- at No. 1 for three weeks in August. Mario Correa and Julia Cunningham of Sirius XM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio tell the story of the song.

  • Pick Three: Emma Straub


    The Vacationers author -- and former Magnetic Fields merch manager -- Emma Straub shares three favorite tracks in Soundcheck's Pick Three series. 

  • Wyatt Cenac At RadioLoveFest


    The New York-based comedian, actor and writer best known for his work on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart delivers a hilarious stand-up set at Soundcheck's RadioLoveFest show at BAM, recorded live on June 7.

  • On-Demand Video: The Ultimate Battle of the Boroughs

    It's the ultimate showdown! Hundreds of up-and-coming musical acts entered, 60 were chosen to compete and now voters have picked our five finalists. One musical act representing each of New York City's five boroughs will compete on Friday, June 27—but only one can take the crown.

  • Watch: Jenny Scheinman, Live On Soundcheck


    Watch the acclaimed singer, violinist, and composer perform songs from her latest album, The Littlest Prisoner, in the Soundcheck studio -- with her all-star bandmates, Bill Frisell and Brian Blade.

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