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  • Funding Luxury Condos Is a Fast Track to a Green Card

    If you’re a foreigner and have half a million dollars to spend on a major real estate development in New York City, the EB-5 visa will get you to the head of the line for a green card.

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  • The Governor's Secret Weapon?

    The Christie Tracker Podcast

    According to a CBS poll released this week, only 27 percent of Republicans would consider voting for Chris Christie. But supporters say he's still the one who can beat Hillary.

  • Half the Teachers in America Use One App to Track Kids

    New Tech City

    What data security and privacy obligations do techies have to today's kids? Legally speaking, for the most part, it's what they set for themselves.



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  • Chaotic NY Budget Negotiations Met with Skepticism

    WNYC's Karen Rouse explains why good government groups were unhappy with the "secretive" process.

  • NY Budget Increases School Funding, Amends Teacher Eval Rules

    Under deadline pressure, Democrats in Albany reluctantly agreed to a deal on how teachers are evaluated despite opposition from educators and policy makers across the state.

  • Feds Grant $3B to NYC Public Housing

    A grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be used for repairs and resiliency measures at 33 city public housing developments.

  • Brooklyn DA uncovers 'Medicaid Mill' Offering Free Sneakers

    Nine doctors and 14 others were indicted for allegedly recruiting patients to go to corrupt foot-care clinics throughout New York City.

  • 'Boulevard of Death' to Get Protected Bike Lanes

    A dangerous stretch of Queens Boulevard will get protected bike lanes this summer as part of a larger plan to tame the chronically troublesome road.

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  • When Social Media Gets Mad

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Jon Ronson explores the world of public shaming, spurred by his own successful shaming of the guys who stole his identity on Twitter, in his new book, "So You've Been Publicly Shamed."

  • Hillary's Email Controversy Hasn't Changed Much For 2016

    Three weeks after Hillary Clinton's widely covered news conference about her use of private emails as secretary of state, polls continue to show her ahead of Republicans in the 2016 presidential race.

  • Noah Baumbach Explains Why HBO Dropped "The Corrections"

    Studio 360

    The director Noah Baumbach explains why his adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's "The Corrections" for HBO fell through, and why he may just not be cut out for TV.

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