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  • After Chokehold Death, Asking Why, How and What Now?

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Much is still unclear about the conduct of police and medical personnel around the death of Eric Garner, who was put in an apparent chokehold by an arresting officer. What could have prevented Garner's death, and what should be the consequences for those involved?

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  • NYC Prepping Resources for Influx of Migrant Children

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    As unaccompanied minors from Central America cross the border into the U.S., some local governments are turning them away. But New York City is looking to help. Nisha Agarwal, Commissioner for Immigrant Affairs, responds to listeners' questions and concerns.

  • Live Today At 2 P.M. ET: PHOX, In The Studio


    Hear the Wisconsin indie pop sextet perform songs from its charismatic and soaring debut album.



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  • All U.S. Flights to Tel Aviv Canceled Over Missile Fear

    One plane was diverted mid-flight, after reports that a rocket landed near Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport.

  • Courts Issue Conflicting Rulings on Obamacare

    The Takeaway

    In a 2-1 decision, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the health insurance subsidies provided by the Affordable Care Act are invalid in 36 states. Without those subsidies, insurance for many would be far too expensive.

  • Mysterious White Flags Fly Atop Brooklyn Bridge

    Traffic was at a crawl this morning and police were investigating, after someone replaced two American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge with mysterious white flags.

  • Is $1 Million a Year Justice for the Wrongfully Imprisoned?

    Despite the $40 million settlement with the five men wrongfully convicted in the rape of a jogger in Central Park in 1989, there's no formula for how we compensate people imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit.

  • Pre-K Speed Dating

    The city has to find 1,000 pre-k teachers before fall. So at a hiring fair last week, the interviews were fast and furious, and the task was matchmaking.


Technology & Media

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  • Before Snowden: The Whistleblowers Who Tried To Lift The Veil

    Morning Edition

    Unless you have documents, nobody listens. It's a bitter lesson learned by former NSA officials who tried to work within the system to expose what they considered unconstitutional programs.

  • 1 Million Net Neutrality Comments Filed, But Will They Matter?

    All Things Considered

    The last time the FCC saw this much public interest was after the Janet Jackson Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction. But research shows comments aren't likely to sway the agency's policy decision.

  • Big Data Peeps At Your Medical Records To Find Drug Problems

    Morning Edition

    It's been tough to identify the problems that only turn up after medicines are on the market. An experimental project is now combing through data to get earlier, more accurate warnings.

Music for your day

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  • Richard Reed Parry Explores 'Music for Heart and Breath'

    Richard Reed Parry, a composer and member of the rock band Arcade Fire, writes classical compositions based the actual pulse of the performers themselves. Stream his "Music for Heart and Breath" all this week. 

  • Preview: Andrew Norman: Better Living Through Architecture

    Meet the Composer

    Preview the second episode of Meet the Composer, featuring guest Andrew Norman. The podcast will be available on July 29 and stream on Q2 Music at 7 pm. 

  • Juana Molina, Live In The Greene Space


    Watch experimental Argentinian singer-songwriter perform on a special Soundcheck and Latino USA showcase, recorded live from WNYC's Greene Space.

  • Bell X1: Emotionally Striking Songs With A Minimalist Touch


    Hear the popular Irish rock band Bell X1 perform live in the Soundcheck studio.

  • Relive Summer '94: Weezer And 'Regulate'


    In this episode: Soundcheck's Summer ‘94 retrospective continues: Comedian Hari Kondabolu looks back on an album so near and dear to his heart that it that inspired his very first AOL screen name – Weezer’s self-titled debut, known to most as the "Blue Album."

    Then: Also that summer: hip hop met yacht rock, when Warren G and Nate Dogg sampled Michael McDonald’s hit slow jam “I Keep Forgettin’” on their song “Regulate.” It was a match made in heaven. We feature the song in our occasional series “That Was A Hit?!?”

    And: Hear Dum Dum Girls perform music from its latest album, Too True, in the Soundcheck studio.

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