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  • Want To Dine Out? You May Need To Buy Tickets — Or Bid On A Table

    Fresh Air

    Some of the nation's restaurants are using technology to make diners commit before their night out. It's convenient for the restaurant and customer — and it may pry people away from old habits.

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  • We Don't Have to Drink Polluted Water

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    Every year, 80 million pounds of pesticides are used on residential lawns in this country, and the chemicals that we put in our yards seep into our drinking water. But that can change.

  • Ask John Schaefer Anything (About Music)


    Now is your chance to ask our famously brainy host anything. You can ask for tips, advice or information -- as long as its connected to the world of music.



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  • Last-Minute Safety Issues Shut New Pre-K Programs

    The centerpiece of the de Blasio administration saw a setback Tuesday with the announcement that nine new pre-k programs were closing and another 36 face delayed openings. 

  • Sandy Recovery Costs Up 50% and City Calls That a Victory

    Back-office work for the city's Build it Back program turned out to be more time-consuming to handle.

  • Let Teens Sleep In

    It's the doctor's orders. The American Academy of Pediatrics says chronic drowsiness in teens is a public health issue, and middle and high schools should start no earlier than 8:30 am.

  • Christie's Foreign Policy Crash Course

    The New Jersey governor is headed to Mexico to talk trade. Is this also about his expected run for president? Absolutely. 

  • Rinse and Repeat? No Easy Fix to Chronic Flooding

    Some homes in New Jersey have flooded dozens of times, costing the national flood insurance program millions of dollars.

Arts and Culture

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  • How the Cloud Threatens the Private Lives of Celebrities

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    A hacker leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, which they found in her iCloud account. The web makes the invasion of privacy easier, but are we taking part in harassment if we click?

  • 'Man on Wire' Star Schools Us on the Keys to Creativity

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    Creativity isn't always a high wire act. The beloved Philippe Petit shares with us new and unconventional ways of going about any endeavor—from the artistic to the everyday.

  • Back to School: Teacher Redesign

    Studio 360

    Teachers deserve better than the old-fashioned visual junk they're often stuck with—apples, ABCs, one-room schoolhouses with bells on top. A top-notch graphic designer fixed all that.

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  • No One Wants to Buy the World's Most Expensive GIF

    Artist Michael Green was hoping to sell a .gif of a Jeff Koons balloon dog melting for $5800. With .gifs being so expensive these days, it's practically a steal!

Technology & Media

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Music for your day

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  • Ask John Schaefer Anything (About Music)


    Now is your chance to ask our famously brainy host anything. You can ask for tips, advice or information -- as long as its connected to the world of music.

  • Summer '94: The Enduring Legacy Of Portishead’s Cinematic ‘Dummy'


    Chris Molanphy, pop chart columnist, contributor to Pitchfork looks back at Portishead's trip-hop debut, Dummy, as part of Soundcheck's Summer '94 series. 

  • Alejandra Ribera: Sultry Polylingual Pop From North Of The Border


    Hear the Award-winning Canadian singer and songwriter plays selections from her latest album of "polylingual pop."

  • John Zorn Presents Masada: Angels, Inspiration, and Improvisation

    Spinning on Air

    John Zorn visits the WNYC Studio to present some of his Masada series of compositions along with pianist Uri Caine, guitarist Jon Madof, and saxophonist Uri Gurvich.

  • How to Talk to a Female Composer

    Interviewing a composer can be a daunting proposition, especially when confronted with the bodily reality of one who is non-male. Here's a how-to guide for beginners. 

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  2. How the Cloud Threatens the Private Lives of Celebrities


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  • George Takei Misses His Mother's Enchiladas

    George Takei is King of Facebook! Find out what he thinks made him such a strong person and which recently movie had a powerful effect on him.

  • How to Make the Perfect Paper Airplane

    David Rees, host of "Going Deep" and expert on all things you thought you learned in elementary school, teaches Brian Lehrer and listeners how to fold a paper airplane.

  • Neil Gaiman Confronts the Real World

    There are few things more mundane than people at their desks doing stuff, eating snacks. But to Neil Gaiman, even the humble workplace is glorious fodder for the writer's imagination. 

  • Bodega Cats In Their Own Words

    There's no cat quite like the New York City bodega cat: killer of rats, fixture of the detergent aisle, silent observers of the human condition. If only these cats could talk. Well, now they can.