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Dwight Gooden

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Monday, July 22, 2013


Former MLB pitcher Dwight Gooden earned the Rookie of the Year Award in 1984. He was 19 years old with a blistering fastball and a notoriously deceptive curve ball. His outstanding first three years in Major League Baseball were soon replaced by very public battles with alcohol and cocaine which continued for much of his professional career. At 40, Gooden served ten months in a state prison for drug-related charges. That was a decade ago. More recently he published a book, Doc: A Memoir. Gooden watches football now and hasn't touched a baseball or a drink in years.  

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Hosted by:

Alec Baldwin

Produced by:

Emily Botein and Kathie Russo

Comments [9]

Allison from Colorado

"too far" sorry for the typo in my first comment.

Dec. 11 2014 09:14 AM
Allison from Colorado

I agree with Laura, I so wanted to hear what Dwight had to say about the day his father died. He tried twice to share a personal, touching moment with you, but you talked over him and didn't listen. I was so angry with the way you conducted this interview that I almost turned it off. Alec, please slow down and actually listen to what your guests are trying to say to you. You do have a tendency to push and prompt your guests, but this time you went to far. I felt frustrated and sad that Mr. Gooden didn't get to share his story.

Dec. 11 2014 09:12 AM
kit from New Jersey

Alec Baldwin is terrible with interviews. He keeps interupting his guest and doesn't allow them to finish a thought. I think he likes the sound of his own voice more thatn anything. Time to get rid of this bully.

Nov. 15 2013 05:19 PM
Spastic hawk

I grew up following baseball when Doc was pitching and really looked forward to this interview. I have enjoyed your acting, Alec, but you sir are terrible at translating your experiences to actually listening and being a good host. I actually shut the interview off when you started to relate your own experiences with Doc's. You are like Keanu Reeves being in a rock band; "talk show host" does not suit you well and you are screwing over the people who actually care about the people being interviewed. I guess that's just a selfish actor/actress trait.

Nov. 13 2013 12:38 AM

While I enjoy this podcast, I find Mr. Baldwin's interruption of the guests frustrating. As one listener notes, this is his "style," but it's not one that benefits the guests or listeners. Ask your question, and if the guest pauses as if uncertain, then rephrase...but give them a chance to respond before jumping in with two or three more prompts. The Gooden interview was the worst by far. Thanks for listening.

Aug. 08 2013 11:48 AM

Oops. Could somebody explain the etymology (and thus pronunciation) of "phenom" to Mr. B? Unless Gooden really is a phenim, of course. ;-)

Jul. 26 2013 08:43 AM

Alec- you don't interrupt too much,it's a conversational style. and what you talked about was very much empathetic. and, how and in what way was DG ready to go to "deep places"? when Alec gave him ample cues and opportunity to do so,Dwight never really did. Alec talked about himself, in order to make Dwight comfortable to go there. the observations of the woman from Germany are simply ludicrous.

Jul. 23 2013 04:39 PM
Lafern from Germany

Dear Mr. Baldwin,

I enjoy your show. You have a surprising array of guests.
Today I was thrilled to hear that Dwight Gooden would be on and I listened in on my way to work.
Doc was open and honest and ready to go to the deep places, but you, my friend...kept on interrupting him.
At the end of the show, he was trying to tell a story about his father, which I would have liked to hear until the end, but it never happened, because you were talking about you. I am interested in you, but not at the expense of your guests. Have a listen back and see if I do not have a point.
Please let your fantastic guests get a word in edgewise...
Thanks. I'll be listening.
A fan in Germany,

Jul. 23 2013 03:22 PM

Alec- sadly,it's just simply so much cultural taboo, in African-American circles; to see the shortcomings of one's parents. you tried to take him there so many times; and yet, Dwight just couldn't deal with the concept. he brushed you back with a high and tight denial ball, every single time ! it's as if, acknowledging their human frailty, would be perceived as being no different from disrespecting them, in toto. I hope he stays healthy and happy. early on ,i was afraid he was going to run a bunch of AA platitudes. he did talk about "people pleasing",a bit much; and without any great nuance or insight, as to why he did that. but again ,it's good to hear Doc Gooden...

Jul. 23 2013 07:41 AM

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