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Josh Fox

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Monday, July 08, 2013


Josh Fox (Sundance)

Josh Fox didn't set out to be a documentary filmmaker. And in 2008, when Fox was canvasing for Barack Obama, hydraulic fracturing meant nothing to him. Things changed when Fox’s parents were offered nearly $100,000 to lease their Pennsylvania land for drilling rights. After seeing people light their contaminated well water on fire, Fox made a film called Gasland, which explores the impact of hydraulic fracturing on everyday Americans. It showcased at Sundance in 2010.

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Hosted by:

Alec Baldwin

Produced by:

Emily Botein and Kathie Russo

Comments [18]

J S from Northern California

Brilliant interview! Thank God people are finally waking up about fracking! Glad my neck of the woods bans it -- saving our pristine forests and ground water.

Feb. 06 2015 05:43 PM
james from United States

What a talk/interview. Interesting that a few say Franknation debunks Josh Fox. I haven't seen that film.

I'm not a big fan of nuclear power. Seems quite dangerous, doesn't it?

Dec. 21 2014 09:12 AM

Watch FrackNation for another look at Fracking. Interesting twist.

Sep. 04 2013 11:26 PM
Lisa from Chicago

I completely applaud and admire Mr. Fox for his commitment to eliminating fossil fuels from the world diet,however, I think his views (and yours Alec) on nuclear energy need to evolve. Robert Stone's new (2013 Sundance Film Festival) documentary, "Pandora's Promise" provides a strong case for why environmentalists have got it wrong and how nuclear energy provides the cleanest and most abundant source of energy that can safely and effectively replace fossil fuels and reverse climate change. Here's Scientific American's review of the film: News: Would love for you to interview one of the prominent environmentalists like Steward Brand and Mark Lynas from the film and ask what changed their minds about nuclear.

Love your Podcasts. I'm raving about them to friends and colleagues!

Aug. 29 2013 10:34 AM

@k8 from NJ-so gas presence in the tap water prior to fracking negates all other dangers about fracking? I defy you to find *any* farmers who are not having problems thanks to fracking.

Aug. 25 2013 02:06 PM
Ron from Sacramento

Hooray for Josh Fox, Alec Baldwin and Here's The Thing. Josh, it IS about fracking, and it IS also about taking back our government and our rights. As long as good people are making a stand where they live (nod to Mr. Stipe) there is hope for the oldest democracy in the world.

Aug. 13 2013 10:13 PM
k8 from NJ

Mt Baldwin, Please also have a session with Prelim McAleer whose documentary film "Fracknation" debunks most/all of Mr. Fox's statements made in his own film. People's faucets were able to be set on fire long, long, long before the drilling companies arrived in PA. Mr McAleer talks to the farmers and land owners whose own livelihood would be affected if there were problems with the water. Two sides to this story. Make sure you hear both.

Aug. 10 2013 09:07 PM
GHenne from Derby, VT

Lovin podcasts as I roadbike (muscle power) miles of VT roads.
To answer the question why Obama kowtowed
to BP & big oil: if he upset the industry and gasoline
was upped 1$/gallon, would Americans support
the environment or start screaming? Will enough people care
people care when the last tuna is netted or
the US southwest undergoes ecological collapse?
Not as long as we can farm fish and have air conditioned
cars and houses. The Unity Ride for Peace and Harmony
is inspirational but will the "two-leggeds" turn their heads?

Aug. 09 2013 10:23 PM
Susan Stuber from Switzerland

Excellent interview, highly interesting. So inspiring to know that people like Josh Fox are out there. And Alec, you deserve credit, too. Thanks to the both of you.

Jul. 27 2013 10:20 AM
Mikeo from Wisconsin

Thanks to mr fox for all his hard work into the research and leg work behind this documentary.ii am so happy there are people out there that are there to help the people's interest into preserving what we have.i live in wisconsin and did some research into seeing if this was happening in my state.turns out there was no hydro fracking going on.i however did find out that they are mining silica which is used in hydro fracking and the practices they are using are detremental to the environment and people's health..just my 2 cents

Jul. 22 2013 12:57 PM

@ Amala: You really need to watch Gasland 1 and 2. It's heart breaking but it shows how EPA is full of themselves. I don't want to say much a ruin the films for you. You will pretty much be angry after watching both films.

Jul. 22 2013 12:24 PM
jason carey from Oakland /ny

Alec, explain to me how camping in your car is "weird". Maybe your worldview based on living in doorman buildings and a sequestered life of the rich is weird. Maybe you are weird because your lifestyle uses so much more natural resources than the majority of people..

Jul. 19 2013 07:11 PM
Gretchen from Hawaii

I think many Americans would love to fight harder for the environment (I know I would) but we don't know how or where to begin. In this day and age of the internet and Twitter, it shouldn't be as daunting as it is. I don't want to just throw money at a problem, I want to work to leave the world better than I found it.

Jul. 13 2013 06:40 PM
karen reilly from Cleveland, Ohio

...and I thought all my heroes were cowboys. Thanks Josh Fox and Alec Baldwin.

Jul. 11 2013 01:33 PM
Susan Kelley from Fairmont, WV

Thank you for this incredibly wonderful interview. Thank you. Have you thought about interviewing Cecile Pineda, author of _Devil's Tango_?

Jul. 10 2013 09:01 PM

does everything really have another side ? to argue for a benefit to "fracking", is no less ludicrous than engaging in the formation of another flat earth society.

Jul. 10 2013 11:47 AM
K from PA

Wow, so inspiring, thank you for drawing out Mr. Fox's brilliant view of this country!!

Jul. 09 2013 04:38 PM
Amala from Washington Heights

Thank you for hosting Mr. Fox and shedding light on the danger of hydrofracking. A later news report on WNYC included the a contention by the reporter that the film does not show how profitable natural gas is and that the film is one sided. I haven't seen either Gasland I and of course not yet II but I want to know if the film goes into the economics. From what I understand, the profit is taken out of the community and goes mainly to the gas industry, not to the ones who lease the land. So it's all false promises. Can you please explain?



Jul. 08 2013 03:00 PM

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