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Judd Apatow

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Monday, January 07, 2013


Judd Apatow’s films—The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and Funny People—feature emotionally immature men forced to grow up after confronting sex, responsibility, and death. Of all Apatow’s movies, This is 40 may be his most personal; it stars his wife, Leslie Mann, their two daughters, and one of his long-time heroes, Albert Brooks. Apatow thinks of each movie he makes as a letter, telling him something he needs to know about how better to live life.

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Hosted by:

Alec Baldwin

Produced by:

Emily Botein and Kathie Russo

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Tony from Earth

Complain if you want. For me, this podcast is school.

Oct. 27 2013 12:40 PM
T G F from toronto

Hello Alex Baldwin
I love the fact you are doing a interview show and I just finished listening to your Judd Apatow interview. 1st one i have listened to.
Without sounding to narcissistic he and most of what he does interests me because i feel he is portraying my life and the people that surround it!
Also i refer to his movies as being ‘Spanish Fly’ at my house, and for that i would like to thank him!!
I am not trying to promote my wife & my own intimacy – but rather to comment on films that helps us get to that point!! Or any point of self reflection, That’s an impressive feat for any movie maker!! To take you somewhere, anywhere, in my case to sweet loving!!
I feel the most difficult part of today’s world is to step back and see the importance of everyday life, Judd’s ability to peel back our self-inflicted complications of everyday life to show us all how stupid we really are is something a lot of us want to continue to see.
Keep up the good work Mr Apatow – you almost make me want to go on twitter!?!
PS this is the first and most likely last comment i have posted in my life!

Oct. 24 2013 11:29 AM
mitchco from Chicago , Il

This was a good interview , but , unfortunately , I just sat through "This is Forty" , and I think they should rename it "This is POINTLESS" , because it is a totally self - indulgent piece of unfunny ! It is over two hours long , is a meandering , tortuous , exercise of a studio giving free reign to a director who is making a film that is only interesting to him and his immediate family. I don't get it! This thing made around 70 million at the box office , and I hardly laughed once ! I think you can do better , Mr. Apatow, at least I think you can.

Sep. 30 2013 10:29 PM

Good interview. It's really fun feeling like you're getting to know these guests, and also some insights into Alec Baldwin. Alec has a fast mind and quick wit. Great memory for a guy in his mid-fifties too!

Apr. 07 2013 03:13 PM
Cabbage1979 from Canada

I haven't listened this podcast yet since I don't have internet at home currently, but I can already give my two cents regarding Judd Apatow... As far as I'm concerned I'm not even saying he's not good; I'm just saying that from his writing "style" to his humor and completely uninspired directing he's the lowest humanely possible common denominator; it's impossible to get lower than that and not be called "B-Movie"... Just think of Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill for God's sake, as David Letterman said in substance: "Oh my god, this is the future of Hollywood" (I don't remember the exact words but I think everybody get the spirit)... Woody Allen at least have an aura of quality and his writing style is brilliant... And he knows how to see goodness, just think of the incredible sets made for him in almost all of his movies by Santo Loquasto..

Jan. 18 2013 09:55 AM
Jane from Earth

Great interview Alec, but the previews of This is 40 is still too slapstick for me. More drama in the mix, Mr. Apatow. You can do it !

Jan. 16 2013 07:06 PM
Dan Miles from Phoenix

Interesting interview. Particularly the insight into Judd's excessive running times which he is often criticized for. I suppose it's possible that his interest in character development is better suited to a series like "Freaks & Geeks" or the lesser known but equally engaging "Undeclared". But let's face it, would YOU turn down the chance to write and direct Hollywood feature films? He also deserves a lot of credit for discovering and launching the careers of so many talented young actors. If anyone is interested in learning more about the music in Judd's films I recommend the Lyle Workman episode of the "Friends of Dan Music Podcast". Lyle composed the scores for "The 40 Year Old Virgin", "Superbad", "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and many more. Thanks for another great podcast, Alec!

Jan. 15 2013 10:36 PM
Windsor Terrace from Brooklyn

Another great interview. I love how Alec relates to his showbiz guests. You feel like a real fly on the wall. Can't wait for Lena.

My only question, and I realize this is a total nitpick: why don't you open the program by simply saying, "I'm Alec Baldwin, and Here's the Thing"?

Jan. 15 2013 08:53 AM
Jimmy Lee Jacobs

I remember when Judd Apatow made brilliant, well-written shows like Freaks and Geeks. Now he makes mediocre films for the very safest demographic. What a shame. Another wasted talent

Jan. 09 2013 04:58 PM
Susan Rosenfeld from NYC

I am really enjoying your show. I just heard about it last week and have been listening to many of your interviews, starting with Lorne Michaels. Someone commented that they can never get enough of the underbelly of SNL. I am soooo in agreement!!! Your interview with Mr. Michaels was terrific. I have read the wonderful "Live From New York" and this interview was a wonderful companion. What you do that I love is really ask the questions that help understand your subject's trajectory. How people "make it" in professions unrelated to our own can be a complete mystery. You ask the questions that are omitted in many other interviews (I want to really say ALL OTHER INTERVIEWS!)....and your memory is so good during interview. You and your subject may go on lovely little tangent and then you, Alec, remember beautifully where you were and keep the thread in tact. That is artful!
The Billy Joel interview was great, too. I must say that I have not been such a fan of his since the late seventies, but recently, when I saw his magnificent performance at the 121212 Concert, I was blown away at his virtuosity. Your interview sealed the deal for me...He is resurrected.
I love your humor. Yes, you do interrupt sometimes, but sometimes it's useful and keeps the ball rolling....I happen to have loved your rant about fracking, but you did not let David Brooks say anything on the topic, which was a bit wrong....but hey, it's what we do here in NYC! By the way, interview with Brooks was great. I didn't know he was so funny before!

Jan. 07 2013 11:00 AM

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