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Anthony Baxter and Dylan Avery

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Documentary filmmakers Anthony Baxter and Dylan Avery are no strangers to controversy—each of whom have made provocative political films. Both have attracted significant attention despite being made on meager budgets.

Baxter’s You've Been Trumped is about a golf course in Scotland and it has given voice to people around the world who are fighting encroaching developments. Avery’s film, Loose Change, became an internet sensation and spawned a “Truther Movement” composed of people that believe that 9/11 was a government cover-up. 

Hosted by:

Alec Baldwin

Produced by:

Emily Botein and Kathie Russo

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Dylan Avery is a PARASITE.

Oct. 09 2013 06:54 AM
Keith F from Brooklyn

I was actually impressed with how mature and reasonable Dylan Avery was for the first portion of the interview (while the focus was still on 9/11), but disappointed when the focus came to him as a filmmaker, where there just simply wasn't much to say. Not really his fault or Alec's. Still, great choice for an interview subject.

Sep. 22 2012 10:54 PM
Cabbage1979 from Canada

There's a small Donald Trump speech at the beginning of the first interview where he explain that his intention is to build "for the peoples of Scotland the best golf course in the world, and it's going to be done environmentally perfect"... I don't understand the need to stain everybody's reputation and put them "a stick of wood in the wheels" when Donald Trump, who is almost doing them a gift and who is backed by the government, is obviously willing to talk... Peoples should hear the "folk songs" the documentary filmmaker praise as examples to follow, that's an impossible dream...

Regarding future guests, personally I would love to hear directors Milos Forman or Woody Allen, they would make great interviews...

Sep. 14 2012 08:41 PM
Charles R Gaush from Hagerstown, MD

The "truther" theorists are in a bind about 9/11. Everything has been explained that needs to be explained. Yes, some material is "secret" [meaning classified] because it may give aid and comfort to the enemy - the same reason anything is classified. I don't think a HS graduate, ex-Lobster waiter, guitarist, failed movie maker needs to have classified information.

All events that happened on 9/11 have been adequately explained. There are always questions from those who have no background in science [math, physics, engineering, etc] who ask questions that even Jesus couldn't answer. They do it to get their 15 minutes of fame. Hey!! You're 15 minutes are up.

Sep. 09 2012 05:51 PM
Melanie from Italy

Best podcast yet, Alec!

And, Gary...what's wrong with a waiter from Red Lobster trying to make a difference in the world? You sound like you're a 1 percenter who thinks no one beneath him deserves a voice. Also, you didn't really listen to the Trump portion at all, did you?


Aug. 26 2012 09:39 AM
Jens Schumacher from Seattle

Brave interview; Dylan Avery´s theory was confirmed recently by German government minister (ret) Andreas von Bülow who confirmed that in his opinion the US government was behind this attack:

Aug. 25 2012 05:24 PM
James de Bonne from Manhattan

Excellent interviews; lots of government employees will come here to bash the Dylan Avery interview but these "government troofers" are too late; the people know 9/11 was an inside job - we might still see justice some day with those reponsible being arrested for treason against the American people.

Aug. 25 2012 05:15 PM
Carol from Maplewood, NJ

I recently got totally hooked on your podcasts - I've listened to them all! - and I'm not much for "talk radio" other than "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me." You and Billy Joel sounded like you had a blast doing this interview. Who knew Billy was so funny?! But I especially liked the Robert Lustig & Joseph Stiglitz interviews because the information is so important. I haven't come up with anyone I'd like to hear you interview, but I do have a topic for you - the power of the mind to heal. For some reason, main stream media (I guess because of the ad revenue from pharmaceutical companies) don't EVER talk about this except to disparage it. I'm not saying get rid of doctors and drugs completely, because if one believes that's the only way to go, then it probably is. But for those who believe that everything is energy, including thought, that opens up a whole universe to explore. Looking forward to the next podcast!

Aug. 24 2012 11:45 AM
Daniel Scheinhaus from New York

I saw a broadcast about the golf course that Donald Trump built. After hearing the interview about this I became aware of significantly more. The TV presentation didn't point out the environmental sensitivity of the area. The viewers, including me, as a result, weren't aware that Trump and the present Scottish political leaders were trampling on the heritage of the Scottish people. That is certainly lousy reporting by the TV channel involved. It did successfully show, by simply filming Trump's demeanor, what an arrogant, avaricious lowlife he is. Even before viewing that story I've come to expect very little from any TV presentations, including public tv's. Our public TV is far more timid than BBC.

Aug. 22 2012 10:34 AM
Bill Nada

"it's a fact that the 9/11 Commission and "investigation" were two of the worst ever conducted"

To people who never have read it.

Aug. 21 2012 09:46 PM
Mbrecker from Houston, Tx

First, why spend your time and money on a documentary on Trump? I don't get it. Second, it's a fact that the 9/11 Commission and "investigation" were two of the worst ever conducted. Any sane and competent attorney would say reopen the investigation unless one of three things happen. (a), No time. (b), No money. Or (c),the Powers that Be say kill it. Now, which one is it?

Aug. 21 2012 09:11 PM
Robert from - Sag Harbor

I'm speechless having listened to the Avery interview. Avery seemed incredibly immature.

His views are muddled and inconsistent. At various points, he states he wants to be a serious filmmaker. [Kubrick is his idol -- as if.] At others, he is flattered to be deemed by Alex as one of the high priests the 911 Truther Movement.

He repeatedly states that he does not want to get into theories, but he does nothing but talk about them. And what is his documentary but a grand theory?

I agree with a commenter above. I too was disappointed in Alex for not being more aggressive with this guy. I guess Alex doesn't want to jeopardize his coolness index and even question a position to which no one in the establishment [defined broadly] has subscribed.

Avery just seemed dumb.

Aug. 21 2012 10:36 AM
Ralph from Long Island from Long Island, NY


Given everything that's been in the news about you lately -- from the "iPhone" incident on the plane to the talk of you running for mayor on the Republican ticket but not being as "h-rny" for it -- I didn't quite know what to expect when I downloaded this podcast.

After hearing you on this -- it is now clear to me that you are far more complex than the media soundbites paint you to be (to borrow your comment about Donald Trump).

I found both of these interviews engaging and (most importantly) unbiased. You asked challenging questions that brought out both stories in an engaging and balanced way.

I now look forward to watching both the Trump and 911-truth documentaries -- as well as catching up on your other podcasts. Excellent job.

Aug. 20 2012 04:24 PM
Bruce from U.S.S.A.

I wouldn't trust Jeff Hill's "opinion" on the pentagon attack...

The pentagon attack was a staged event.

All of the witness interviews contained in this documentary prove it...along with the damn near actual confession from a participant involved in staging the event who was cornered when confronted with the evidence.

Aug. 18 2012 08:16 PM
Etty Beke from Brooklyn, NY.

I think unfortunately Trump is still seen like an amazing brand for developers in the US. I wouldn't dismiss that, but it's nice to hear clips of him being an a**. He is so disrespectful and tasteless.

Aug. 16 2012 08:08 AM
Kim Tinsley from New York

I have listened to every single podcast hosted by Alec Baldwin and I truly admire his abilty to make his guests feel comfortable enough to reveal themselves. The interview with Dylan Avery was the once instance in which I wish Alec had brought a bit more critical judgment to the querying of his guest. I am a filmmaker. I saw Dylan Avery's film, "Loose Change," and I think it is documentary filmmaking in it's most irresponsible form. It contains many unsubstantiated claims presented as THE truth. I saw the film in Dubai in 2007 at a media conference during which it received a standing ovation and unabashed laudits. If Dylan is having trouble finding support for his work as director perhaps he should look abroad. He has a lot of fans in Dubai.

Aug. 14 2012 06:08 PM
Jeffrey Hill from Canada

American Airlines flight 77 hit the pentagon on 9/11 -

If you really care about what happened on 9/11 you would take the time to find out -

Aug. 14 2012 11:47 AM
Hazel Cameron from Edinburgh

How can Gary state that Trump's done nothing wrong? Trump destroyed the Scotland's equivalent of the Amazon Rain forest in order to build another empty golf course which the sea and sand is already beginning to reclaim. See the film or watch the video 'Donald Trump does Bohemian Rhapsody'.

Aug. 14 2012 03:52 AM
kevin from upper LS

agree with chris from calf. i agree with both POV's of both docs. i can understand, questioning certain aspects of the "loose change" doc. but to sumarilly dismiss, 'you'been trumped" is either insanity, or the trumpeting of an obvious political agenda,bias;by gary of the upper left side. left or right,it doesn't matter,i smell closed minded bias by this poster.

Aug. 13 2012 09:44 PM
Chris Saens from California

The term "Truther movement" is derogatory. Please refer to it as the "9/11 Truth Movement"

In typical denier fashion, you trashed the messenger and ignored the message. Please watch this 15 minute video about the implosion of WTC 7.

Learn the facts.

Aug. 13 2012 07:52 PM
Gary from Upper Left Side

Alec, what the f*** are you podcasting? (I know you read these posts.) You are a wonderful interviewer, and your interviews with musicians are particularly good (Frampton and Billy Joel--awesome). But this podcast of yours is total crackpot. The first segment has an ex-BBC "journalist" (probably fired) looking for dirt on Trump. (BBC's whole reason to exist is to broadcast the most horrific "news" possible.) I'm no Trump fan, but after listening closely to the interview, I could not identify what Trump "actually" did wrong. Building a golf course in Scotland? C'mon, dude.

And for your second segment, you anointed a f***ing ex-Red Lobster waiter/9-11 conspiracy freak to the position of National Security expert who is the Truth Teller ignored by all political, governmental and economic institutions in America? Red Lobster, Alec? Red Lobster? Dude. ;-(

Alec--stick to interviews with your famous friends. You have a lot of them with interesting stories. You're better interviewer than Carson, Letterman, Rose and that pompous ass Cavett. Just continue to do great interviews with famous people... please! No more former Red Lobster employees. (Red Lobster... really, Alec?)

P.S. Loved your duet with Billy Joel.

Aug. 13 2012 07:34 PM
Joannie from L.I., N.Y.

Interesting interviews. Always look forward to listening to HERE'S THE THING. Alec is a Fabulous interviewer.

Aug. 13 2012 03:30 PM
michael anzalone from croton on hudson, NY

Weak interview with Dylan Avery.

Aug. 13 2012 01:08 PM

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