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Kris Kardashian Jenner

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Monday, November 21, 2011


Thirty days after a casual dinner conversation about doing a reality television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians started filming. Six years later, Kris Kardashian is hoping for another 26 seasons.

In 2013, the Kardashian family earned $65 million in profits. Behind the clothing, jewelry and perfume empires is a family driven by faith and an unwavering work ethic. 


Kris Kardashian Jenner

Hosted by:

Alec Baldwin

Produced by:

Emily Botein and Kathie Russo

Comments [63]

Caffy Twill from San Francisco

Ok I know it's the plastic surgery, but they all have faces unclouded by thought.

Jan. 07 2015 12:48 PM
Hilary from San Francisco

Love htt but could not possibly care less about Kardashians.

Jan. 03 2015 05:58 AM

Alec was as good as usual, but WHY???? interview her? Personally, I could care less about anything she has to say and her answers to Alec's questions illustrated why I feel that way in the first place. I'm happy that everyhing in her life is wonderful, but if she said anything of substance, I missed it.

Oct. 25 2013 12:44 AM

Listen, if someone wants to prostitute their family members that's their business. However, I will say that most of the nation feels like they get MORE than enough of the Kardashians.

Swing and a miss.

Dust yourself off and move forward.

Apr. 07 2013 03:31 PM
megaz from Arizona

Sorry Alec, my word association for the Kardashians didn't change - in fact everything Kris said only confirmed my perception of them (& I might say,this perception came FROM them).
Everytime I hear or read "One of the 3 Beatles" (great line) proclaiming how 'hard' they work or ('they work until they drop' to quote KK), or what a great 'work ethic' they have I want to scream. Talk to me about 'hard work' & 'work ethic' when one of the K's is earning money arranging the lighting for the photo shoots they appear in, or earning money at the factory that makes the clothes they sell, or earning money washing the cars they drive (or are driven in) & THEN goes home to care for their kids & do laundry & help with homework & fix dinner. I would guess not a single one of them has ever 'worked' a day in their lives as hard as most of us work everyday.
And speaking of reality - this notion that religion is the core of their lives, which let's be honest, was never a K 'claim to fame' until Kim married & divorced in less time than it takes most of us to save up the money to pay for our weddings - is beyond comprehension.
The fact is that Kim is famous & the show was propelled because of the sex tape. And
while I'm not critical of her for the act, I am critical of the reaction. The first reaction we see from the K family, is how the 'media' took advantage of Kim - while missing the fact that her entire family is taking advantage of her by using that attention from the tape to propell the show & to profit from the media interest while it was still there. The idea that Kris would call it 'bouncing back on her feet' without any reference to the negative image it creates for Kim, for young girls AND young guys who may only see that now Kim is rich & famous. Kim's attitude confirms this - she was interviewed recently talking about her wish to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Are you serious.
The reason this doesn't seem out of place to Kris as a mother or the K's as a family is becuse they most certainly DO NOT live in reality.

Nov. 02 2012 04:09 AM

whore mom'a-gress

Jun. 28 2012 01:07 PM
Favalaro from NYC

The problem with America is that any one cares about the Kardashians.

Jan. 22 2012 12:45 PM
Jason from NYC

Hi Alec,
first and foremost I have to say I'm a big fan of your work. I think you are one of the smartest entertainers working today. I'd go so far as to say I'd trust you in Washington.
I love the new podcast - really brilliant. However, I did find the Kris Kardashian interview hard to listen to. As a fellow native New Yorker, you know we have a more sensitive bullsh*t detector than most.
To hear that Reality monster of an empire described as something that "just happened" is hard to take seriously- and I was surprised you could let that go - knowing the business as you do.
To be clear, I'm a glass half full, creative, liberal guy - but I don't know if I've ever seen calculated ambition manifested in the femail form in a long time.
Without the sex tape you wouldn't have been having that interview, as there would be no Kardashian empire. What does that tell young girls about self worth?
While I don't think they are terrible people, that family is certainly no role model for any young person in this country or any other.
My word association is the same at the end as it was at the start- vapid.
I guess Bruce and Kris REALLY needed the money. As we saw from the very middle of the road ranch they lived in at the beginning - things were not so "polished" as Kris said.
Anyway, love the show - thanks for doing it.
Best regards,

Jan. 18 2012 11:32 AM

Best Exchange:

Kris - My kids don't take themselves to seriously.

Alec - That's apparent


Dec. 16 2011 10:54 AM
barny drood

this woman will wrap the universe around her, in order to validate whatever she feels she needs,to justify. momager, is a mercenary.

Dec. 07 2011 05:42 PM
Mike from NYC

Word association before & after:
Ignorant, Shallow, Greedy, Narcissistic, Exploitive.

Dec. 05 2011 11:33 AM
Chrissy from NJ

So when Kendall Jenner makes a sex tape with some (hopefully pretty famous) guy, she'll go home and find her mom Kris wrapping her arms around her, squeezing her tight and telling Kendall all about the deal she'll cut that will make the family another $10 million. She'll cut that deal just after they get home from church though. Naturally.

Dec. 04 2011 02:53 PM

Kris is expoiting her family for her own monetary gain. What kind of mother does that?? Think about it, she has pretty kids, well so do I. Doesn't mean I would subject them to the public like she has done. Don't worry, they will all eventually brake down and fall apart. Money isn't everything. Kris should know that you is not a good mother living off her kids. Disgraceful!! And where is Bruce?? He was known LONG BEFORE he married this gold digging, selfish woman. Who are the Kardashians and really cares?? Think about it, Kris is the one to blame. Her kids will eventually HATE her if they don't already. Good Luck, because this will be ugly!!

Dec. 04 2011 03:17 AM
Marc from NYC

I was hoping to hear Kris Kardashian say schweddy balls. Disappointing.

And please.. a strong work ethic does not grant one millions annually. There are many with a strong work ethic, who don't have Hollywood connections, that will never see a fraction of that. Unless you do porn.

Dec. 01 2011 02:54 PM
Sick of It All from NYC

Yeah, I'll donate during the next pledge drive.

There are already 4.3 billion outlets for this celeb garbage. Why does it have to be on WNYC-related programming? And why pompous ass Baldwin?

Nov. 30 2011 01:00 PM
Andie from SLC, Utah

Alec Baldwin is an amazing talent. He can do anything. And that's coming from a Republican.
This conservative girl loves the Kardashians too. Only in America.......

Longer interviews please, Alec.
Great Show!

Nov. 29 2011 11:32 AM
Krut Hawort from Englandland

Who are the Kardassians?

Nov. 29 2011 06:42 AM
Aaron from amherst, MA

I'm enjoying the show, but I wish it didn't feel like an apology for liberalism; you don't need to pander to others' world views to get a good interview (or to hope that they like you, for that matter!).

Nov. 28 2011 11:50 AM

Has anyone else found it funny that, as of right now, this is the most viewed and listened to story on

There is a wealth of quality information on this website and a wealth of quality programming on 93.9 and AM 820 every day and, more specifically, a few other Here's the Thing interviews on here. Why, then, are you all deciding to listen to Alec interview someone who disgusts you... only to complain because your original opinion was, unsurprisingly, confirmed?

If you don't like the Kardashians then I'd suggest looking around the site for something else, it's not terribly hard.

Nov. 28 2011 10:50 AM

Just a note, let the interviewee talk! Stop interrupting and blabber over the interviewee.

I do think this was an interesting interview, but it could have been better.

Looking forward to better episodes!

Nov. 26 2011 09:42 PM
eli from astoria NY

double ug.

Nov. 26 2011 01:01 PM
Caroline from Albany, NY

Alec - You're great, but please don't interview someone like this again. There are so many people out there with talent and vision, who have contributed something to the world. Kris Jenner isn't even interesting enough to be a good villain!

I don't begrudge Kris getting her 15 minutes of fame, but we certainly don't need to hear her on public broadcasting.

Nov. 26 2011 11:35 AM
angela from toronto

terrible interview and not on the interviewees part.

Nov. 24 2011 08:02 AM
Valued listener

2 word review - "schweddy balls..."

Nov. 23 2011 11:48 PM

Just curious why a seemingly well educated man would find any interest in interviewing Kris Kardashian? The girls are horrible role models.Their show is a gross display of trashy girls, and a mother who condones their trash like behavior. Shame on you for giving Kris a platform to spew her unsolicited advice. Her girls are uneducated trash. They prove that money doesn't buy you class. YUK!

Nov. 23 2011 10:29 PM

Mr. B, your assumption that one's opinion will change after listening to this interview with Ms. Kardashian was woefully wrongheaded. She comes across exactly as vapid and materialistic as one expects her to be.

That said, nice work with the Rollins and Douglas podcasts. Let's stick with the substantive folks from now on.

Nov. 23 2011 09:43 PM

Kind of makes you wonder - if in fact you do follow his twitter and know his views - whether or not this was his way of showing his disdain for the very family that you accuse him of patronizing? That woman did nothing to defend her or her daughter's actions and I think that pretty much puts her right where Alec would want her - guilty and without the slightest shred of remorse but rather total pride. to compare his ex wife or him to that person is reactionary and thoughtless.

Nov. 23 2011 09:21 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've never watched their show; my word association going in was "curious." It's unfortunate that we, as a society, have grown so hateful toward what we ourselves create (and support,) be it six seasons or twenty-six. Watching the show sounds exhausting to me, but I dig her. Exit word association, "Hollywood-Family" that America wants to seat at the head of the table for Thanksgiving dinner just so they can say glib and odious things about after they're gone. Regardless, you're a natural, and I appreciate how you present what interests you...

Nov. 23 2011 08:04 PM

Do you all want to know why Alec Baldwin did this interview?

It's because he doesn't care about all the inconsequential, petty things you are all judging so harshly. It's because he knows that people make mistakes, and he has first hand experience being demonized for making a mistake.

Nov. 23 2011 07:54 PM

Do you all want to know why Alec Baldwin did this interview?

It's because he doesn't care about all the inconsequential, petty things you are all judging so harshly. It's because he knows that people make mistakes, and he has first hand experience being demonized for making a mistake.

Nov. 23 2011 07:54 PM
Disappointed from NYC

This podcast has already shown that it's capable of much more. This interview was sycophantic and empty. Not just the subject, but the soft questions with no follow-up.


Nov. 23 2011 07:37 PM

the transcript is very helpful to non-english speaker to understand the podcast. Thank about Transcript :)

Nov. 23 2011 07:05 PM
Ed from St. Paul

I really, really enjoyed the first two. And I'm such the fan, I would probably enjoy a 40 minute podcast of Alec Baldwin silently enjoying some coffee and a sugar-free muffin. But I can't do this.

Looking forward to the next!

Nov. 23 2011 05:10 PM
Raising Cane from Cherry Hill NJ

I am readdy getting sick of all those who say that what the Kardasian's are doing is so awful. How you elect to rear your kids is your business. If you don't watch their show then that is fine too (I have seen it but am not a regular watcher) but where is all this hate toward the mom coming from. When their father died he left them millions in trust each and they started their clothing store before all of this Keeping up fame. Now that Kim and her family have moved their money bar even higher since the sex tape that is their hustle. I don't begrudge anyone their hustle. I think there is a lot of hateraide going around and many who put them and Kris down for how she works things for her kids would not turn down the money and fame themselves!
Of course you can say oh you would never but how many parents are out there living their lives through their kids pressuring them to go to their college to date the person that they approve of or worse to be so dependent on them that they fail to launch!
Say what you want about Kris but Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have beautiful homes, money in the bank and options. No, I am sure no mother wants for their kid to come by it like they did-but it is what it is and she is making sure they will not want for anything and I can understand what drives her. Kris as long as your family is behind what you do for them then keep on keeping up!

Nov. 23 2011 05:01 PM
Trish from reality

Hate them all!

Nov. 23 2011 04:29 PM
jenny from nyc

Kardashian= Armenian

Nov. 23 2011 04:16 PM
sheri cleeton from Syracuse

I was dissappointed when I realized it wasn't BRUCE Jenner.

Nov. 23 2011 04:14 PM

(cont) would you feel the same about your ex wife, as you do about Kris Jenner......if it was your daughter at the center of the money machine? The entire family has "jumped" off of Kim's tape. (profited)
And all of this was able to happen because Mr. Kardashian is dead. No one would have gotten away with the sale of anything, had he still been alive.
Imagine your ex wife and daughter doing all of this, after you died of cancer.
Think about THAT.

Nov. 23 2011 02:58 PM
Duncan from Canada

Ed Rollins and Michael Douglas were both fantastic interviews, especially Ed's. Pretty disappointed that I waited with baited breath for 2 weeks to listen to a 20 minute advertisement for the Kardashians. Pick it up Alec.

Nov. 23 2011 02:50 PM
sidney from Los Angeles

Just curious Alec.....lets say your daughter and her ex boyfriend both filmed themselves together doing many many different sex acts, as Kim Kardashian and RayJ did of themselves....and then your daughters ex bf released the tape.
How would you feel about your exwife Kim basinger contracting the sale of that tape to the biggest porn peddler out there, and then she also took 10% of the profits that were made, when every porn xxx rated site on the web profited from your daughters tape.

Then lets say your daughter became famous for having an exceptionaly stunning naked body part....her boobs. What would you do if your ex wife's next move was to sell your daughter to Playboy so the whole world could see your daughters boobs again, but this time in a more flattering light? And your ex wife again, made 10% off the contract and sales of those magazines selling pictures of your naked daughter. And soo on.
Then your wife becomes a very savy, millionaire "momager" and gets a TV show and she's back in the entertainment headlines once again and all over the tabloids and gets interviewed by a famous actor for his Podcast.
Would you feel the same about Kim Bassinger as you do about Kris Jenner?

Nov. 23 2011 02:46 PM

You have the access, Alec, but you must find a way to steer the interview away from softball to more substance.

Nov. 23 2011 04:22 AM
mpn from Europe

I had some respect for Alec Baldwin. Clicked his profile on Twitter, found a link to an interview with Kris Kardashian-Jenner. Red flag. But I went on. The calling card for that interview was a sentence that read "Man, people sure love to look down on other people in this country." So I though, ok, lets see how. Started listening to the interview, and Kris says her older daughter is the most frugal. What, the one with the Bentley? Right. Then she says they go to church and discuss what is important in life and almost on the same sentence how much they love making money. Red flag #2. Then she says something about liking to be in control, and Alec... yes, Alec, says "control with a K". Red flag #3, over and out. Could not go on listening to anymore of that futile, fake, hollow BS. Alec Bladwin, how could you?

Nov. 23 2011 04:17 AM
Diana from Oregon

Short and sweet. I really enjoy the sense of honesty that your interview format gives to the podcast. The time constraint gives the impression that the interviewee doesn't have the luxury to talk b s .And it doesn't sound like a 10 minute commercial . I loved Ed Rollins!

Nov. 23 2011 02:32 AM
English Teacher from Minneapolis

The Kardashians represent people who became wealthy through no achievement, no work or talent of substance -- while the majority of Americans work 10 hours a day, raise families, and may never have enough money for a small house. They're also so excessive in their celebration and accumulation of material stuff that it comes across as wasteful and greedy. I mean who needs three wedding dresses?

I think most people are fascinated by the spectacle of family activities that revolve around seemingly insatiable consumerism--and then attributing their wealth as what they're entitled to because they were chosen by God to receive blessings. They're disturbing.

Nov. 23 2011 02:09 AM
Fiona from Los Angeles

I am a fan of the podcast and will keep listening, but please - no more Kardashians. Such a come down from the previous guests. And, sorry, but my word association remained unchanged: Fame/Media Whore.

Nov. 23 2011 12:29 AM

Alec, why would you interview this uninteresting person? This family has gone too far with their money making schemes. Kris Jenner has used Nicole Brown to promote her book! Who does that??? I am appalled by her because I used to like her but I do not respect her anymore. And Kim is no angel! The "leaked" sex tape was made for a reason-- I've seen clips in order to determine if this could possibly be leaked material. Sorry but if you make an intimate sex tape meant to be private, you do not act the way they acted. Both parties had an intention, no question about it! Who do they think they are fooling? This is classless! She also makes money off a marriage that lasts 72 hours because they were having problems. What 31 year old woman does not have the common sense to try and work it our or NOT get married? She is an adult, it's about time she get rid of that hideous baby voice and act like one! With the exception of Bruce, this family is disgusting!! No more Kardashians!

Nov. 22 2011 11:51 PM

Wow, you went from interviewing someone great with a stature such as Michael Douglas to this piece of trash who did nothing to get there such as Jenner. She throws the Browns under the bus to discuss Nicole Brown in her new book as well. All for money, all for attention. That's all they're good at! Disgusting.

Nov. 22 2011 09:28 PM
Rob Lenihan from Brooklyn

I'm a huge Alec Baldwin fan and I wish him all the best with this new venture. But please, for the love God, no more Kardashians. These people have their own network and the entire news media following their every move. I look to WNYC to escape from these tools.

Nov. 22 2011 09:06 PM
Joannie from LI,NY

Alec, that was a great interview with Kris Jenner. I enjoyed it immensely! I enjoy their show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians anyway. This interview gave some insight into Kris and the family. Anything Kardashian, I'm a fan of !! I LOVED listening! You, Alec, are a WONDERFUL interviewer! You always choose the words for your interviews well, carefully, and wisely. I truly admire the way you conduct your interviews. This was very entertaining and I LOVED it!! I will listen again-- a few more times!! Thank you for being so very charming and entertaining ang for having such a delightful program on the air to listen to. I just have to say once more, because it bears repeating--I LOVED it!! Anyone who hasn't listened to it yet, please listen to it. Alec does conducts a fantastic interview!

Nov. 22 2011 03:05 PM

Her name is NOT Kris kardashian Jenner....its KRIS JENNER, but of course she's still using her dead ex husbands last name, since now there are even more extra money to make, by being associated with the fame her daughter made, after Kris Jenner agreed, as Kim's manager, to see her stake in the sex tape. YUP, Kris Jenner made 10% of profits off Kim's sex tape.
Did you also know that Kim stole over $100k from RayJ's mother by keeping his mothers credit card and racking up that much in charges? (rayJ is the guy in the sex tape) SO then Kim paid his mother back, off the profits of the tape. Wrap your head around that one.

Nov. 22 2011 02:52 PM
Jennifer Parks

So what did you learn about parenting, Alec? To allow your daughter to pose for playboy? To exploit your daughter? What did you exactly learn about parenting? Greed? You know the problem with you, hollywood people, is that when ordinary people say something against you, you act like we are bad. Look, if you put yourself in our shoes, you will realize that there's just a bunch of pathetic losers in Hollywood, with these stupid shows. You can't admit it because you're a part of it. I thought of you are as a very sensible man (until this), but sometimes, your head gets bigger than your body. Tell me what one thing you get from watching Keeping Up With The Kardashian? Have you watched it? You're a parent, you should know better. This is nothing but a big disappointment. You have gone down with their levels. Truth is, you're just like everybody else who jumps on the wagon. Good job! Carry on.

Nov. 22 2011 02:34 PM
GoDiva from San Diego, CA

Really can't stand the Kardashians. Your podcast didn't change that.

Word association before interview: blegh.
Word association after interview: ugh.

Different sound, same feeling. I knew she was driven and shrewd before the interview. The interview confirmed it.

Nov. 22 2011 02:31 PM

I forgot to add that Kris Jenner IS and has taught her family to be financially insatiable and completely gluttonous.
I used to adore the family structure, but she's left her younger daughters behind, in search of her insatiable greed and lust for money. It'll never be enough for her! Imagine how many lives they could change if they gave 1% of their time to helping others.

Nov. 22 2011 02:29 PM
Barbara F. from NYC

Alec, you drew Kris out well. You do great interviews. I'd watch a talk show on TV with you as host.

Nov. 22 2011 02:17 PM

Off air you could have recieved an hours worth of tips about how to pimp/profit off of every move you make and minute of the day (tip off paparazzi, endorse every item you touch, (anal itch creme? Kris sold out her need for bladder leaking/wetting her underwear.
Start geting 10% off of the fees you charge for men to look at pictures of your daughters ass/boobs.....yes, even the young ones, sell your child having a baby...the actual live footage, as well as selling the footage of your personal fights, drinking, divorce, dating, eating (make sure all things you eat, pay you to eat them) ...etc. Just pimp out your every fact, God probably owes you a check for breathing his air. Just announce "I'm glad to be alive and enjoy gods air" and that'll seal the deal that he's obligated to pay you. I may have scooped her on that one.

Nov. 22 2011 02:17 PM
PJ from WA

Tired of Jenner/Kardashian 'stuff'. Enough! But I do adore Alec Baldwin.

Nov. 22 2011 01:53 PM

Low point so far Alec. You're at your worst when you let a pretty girl get the best of you (as are most of us guys). Don't subject your listeners to this nonsense. That said, congrats to the Kardashians on their fame, bu you don't need to feature any of it.

Nov. 22 2011 12:04 PM
ceb from NYC

Which part is supposed to impress me and change my mind? That they love money? My word association was "trash" -- before and after this interview.

Nov. 22 2011 07:08 AM
Katie N. from Kansas

I still can't stand the Kardashians. This interview, though well structured, did not change my opinion about them!

Nov. 22 2011 12:37 AM
Ramona Q.

Word association before interview:
Kardashian = greedy, useless

After interview:
Kardashian = gloating, greedy, useless

Nov. 21 2011 09:50 PM

Kris pimps her daughters out - eg. Kim to playboy. What mother would encourage her daughter to go naked for millions of men to ogle at? Kim has forever lost her dignity. The younger daughter has also posed in provocative swim suits at the age of 14. The mother would do anything for money and fame. She is the worst mother on earth. Shame on her.

Nov. 21 2011 05:13 PM
MsSeaRose from Oklahoma City

Enjoying this podcast immensely. Elegant, well-structured, intriguing interviewer and interviewees. Well done Mr. Baldwin :)

Nov. 21 2011 02:42 PM

Very nice Mayor Baldwin__from "Annie"__ podcast but good__Kris seems to be a very well rounded genuine person__the part in refereence to Kim's video-tape when you "at least she did not get caught counterfeiting or robbing(something like that)" sort of made it seem as if it was okay and it is not except in Holloywood__thanks for the song" bold protector of men"

Nov. 21 2011 02:27 PM

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