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Detroit on the Edge of Fiscal Insolvency

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Detroit's financial future may soon be out of the city's hands. Yesterday a review team appointed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder issued its final report, and explained what many in the city already knew: that Detroit faces enormous financial problems. Charlie LeDuff, author of "Detroit: An American Autopsy," explains what the future looks like for the city.

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The American Dream in Detroit

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Charlie LeDuff, son of Detroit, former New York Times reporter, T.V. reporter for Detroit's Fox2 News and author of Detroit: An American Autopsy, talks about what the story of Detroit can tell us about the past and future of American manufacturing, and what lessons can be learned.


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Grim Economic Indicator: A Pile-Up in the Morgue

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Detroit has been hard hit in this recession. As we continue to look at economic indicators, Charlie LeDuff, reporter with the Detroit News, and Dr. Carl Schmidt, the Wayne County medical examiner, join us to tell of a sad side effect of the weak economy: families unable to afford funerals.

"People are ashamed to come to the office and tell us they can't afford to arrange a funeral.... And if someone tells us to please wait while they get their affairs in order, then we have to respect their wishes."
—Dr. Carl Schmidt, Wayne County Medical Examiner, about bodies piling up in the city morgue


Beer Summit Reactions from Detroit Bars

Friday, July 31, 2009

President Obama, Sgt. James Crowley and Henry Louis Gates Jr. met for a long anticipated beer last night outside the Oval Office. The Takeaway covered reactions to this from bar-goers in Boston and now talks with Detroit News Reporter Charlie LeDuff about what people said in the bars in Detroit.

"We've got a professor with an over-inflated opinion of himself, a cop who's a bigot, a president who shouldn't have put his foot in it, and in the end we're in the same place we were yesterday."
—Charlie LeDuff on Detroit's reaction to the beer summit

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