So Percussion


So Percussion is Eric Beach, Josh Quillen, Adam Sliwinski, and Jason Treuting. Since coming together at the Yale School of Music, So Percussion has been creating music that is at turns raucous and touching, barbarous and heartfelt. 

Realizing that percussion instruments can communicate all the extremes of emotion and musical possibility, it has not been an easy music to define. Called “astonishing and entrancing” by Billboard Magazine, “brilliant” by the New York Times, the Brooklyn based quartet’s innovative work has quickly helped them forge a unique and diverse career.

Their music runs the gamut from percussion classics (Steve Reich’s Drumming), to new commissions (David Lang’s the so-called laws of nature), to original music (group member Jason Treuting’s Amid the Noise).

So Percussion has performed this music all over the United States, with concerts at the Lincoln Center Festival, Carnegie Hall, Stanford Lively Arts, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and many others. In addition, recent tours to Russia, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the Ukraine have brought them international acclaim.

So Percussion appears in the following:

So Percussion: In Studio

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thanks to the quartet known as So Percussion, the world no longer needs to wonder what an amplified cactus or a set of teacups sounds like. Now, the group is looking back at the adventurous work of the late composer John Cage as part of the American Mavericks festival at Carnegie Hall and online at Q2.  


Bonus Track: "Cross"

Friday, July 16, 2010

Matmos and So Percussion perform the track from their new album, Treasure State, live in Studio 360.


Matmos & So Percussion

Friday, July 16, 2010

A bucket of water, a piece of sheet metal, and a cactus. Just the average instrument checklist for Treasure State, a new collaboration between the bands Matmos and So Percussion. Performing live in the studio, they show Kurt how they use ordinary objects to make not-so-ordinary ...


Eight Days of Steve: So Percussion

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The members of So Percussion spend a lot of time and energy performing Steve Reich’s music. His contributions to percussion music loom over the still-emerging genre. They are so fun to listen to, play, and discuss. When we sat down to write some thoughts on this legacy, it really came pouring out!

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