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'It could just sweep us away': This school is on the front lines of climate change

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Climate change is an everyday reality for students and teachers living in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. At one school, they are trying to learn more about the forces that could upend their lives.


As the Earth warms, city parks will become climate oases

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

As the Earth warms, city parks will become more and more important as climate oases. This is a day in the life of one city park.


Your local park has a hidden talent: helping fight climate change

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Millions of people rely on city parks to recharge, cool off and connect. But climate change is threatening the very spaces that help us cope with the stresses of living on a hotter planet.


Fighting to survive: Ukraine's cancer patients' struggle to find care while fleeing

Friday, March 18, 2022

Supplies are running low at Lviv's regional cancer hospital in Ukraine. The patient load has doubled and supplies in Kyiv are inaccessible. But hospital staff choose the duty of care over safety.


Far from the front lines, Ukrainians guard checkpoints and wait for the war to come

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Checkpoints have sprung up across Ukraine since Russia's invasion. Men at a checkpoint near Lviv have Molotov cocktails ready. Even hundreds of miles from the battles, the war hangs over everything.


Lviv takes in displaced Ukrainians but space and resources are strained

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Space and resources are strained in the western city of Lviv. More than 200,000 Ukrainians have temporarily settled in the city while Russian airstrikes continued this past week.


A Polish hotel recovering from its own tragic past has become a refuge for Ukrainians

Thursday, March 10, 2022

The Hotel Ilan in Poland has a renowned and troubled history for the country's Jewish community. Now, it has found a new purpose helping Ukrainians fleeing the war Russia has wrought on their country.


Ukrainian children and families are being taken in by Polish families

Monday, March 07, 2022

Many Polish families are offering temporary lodging for Ukrainians who have fled. Some Poles are fostering Ukrainian children who had been living at a home for orphaned or neglected children.


Our roads are killing wildlife. The new infrastructure law aims to help

Thursday, February 10, 2022

For the first time, the federal government is making a sizeable investment in wildlife road crossings. The goal is to help slow extinctions, and also protect people from animal collisions.


Guyana is a poor country that was a green champion. Then Exxon discovered oil

Sunday, November 07, 2021

Guyana, one of South America's poorest countries, is under severe threat by rising seas. That had made it a champion of climate action, but it all changed when ExxonMobil found oil off its waters.


Who Will Pay To Protect Tech Giants From Rising Seas?

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Coastal cities need billions of dollars to build defenses against sea level rise. Tensions are rising over where that funding will come from: taxpayers or private companies with waterfront property?


COMIC: How One COVID-19 Nurse Navigates Anti-Mask Sentiment

Saturday, March 06, 2021

At work every day, Agnes Boisvert attends to ICU patients "gasping for air" and dying from COVID-19. But communicating that harsh reality to her skeptical community has been a challenge.


Undisclosed: Most Homebuyers And Renters Aren't Warned About Flood Or Wildfire Risk

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Wildfires and floods threaten tens of millions of properties in the U.S. But most Americans get little or no information about climate risks when they move.


PHOTOS: A Summer Of Community, Despite Social Distance

Saturday, September 05, 2020

Celebrations, milestones and daily routines happen whether we're ready or not, and the summer of 2020 was no different. As Americans sought relief in an ongoing pandemic, they got creative.


On Dying Alone: 'Behind Every COVID-19 Case, There Is A Story'

Saturday, June 06, 2020

The unconscious man was a Beatles fan, his sister said. When she couldn't be with him in his final ICU hours she asked Dr. Daniel Colón Hidalgo to play music and say the words she wanted him to hear.


PHOTOS: Life And Work Amid The Outbreak

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Humans are adaptable, even in pandemic times. As the coronavirus spreads, ordinary citizens in several U.S. cities hit early say they are shifting daily routines to survive and thrive.


Seeing Apollo Through The Eyes Of Astronauts

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Five former NASA astronauts who flew on space missions reflect on some of the awe-inspiring photos from Apollo 11, the first lunar landing flight.


Step 1: Build A House. Step 2: Set It On Fire

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

After back-to-back hurricanes and wildfires, insurers are looking for more-resilient construction materials. That means building model homes and then blowing off their roofs or setting them on fire.


VIDEO: To Save A Fox, Scientists Took To Land, Air And Sea

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

When the population of Channel Islands foxes started to vanish in the '90s, no one knew why. Bringing them back from near-extinction has meant unraveling a mystery that started with World War II.


This Rapper Tried To Use Neuroscience To Get Over Her Ex

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dessa is a singer and writer from Minneapolis who spent years trying to fall out of love and get over her ex. Nothing seemed to help — until she visited a research lab for a brain scan.