Paul F. Lazarsfeld

Paul Felix Lazarsfeld is one of the giants of American sociology.

Paul Lazarsfeld (February 13, 1901 – August 30, 1976) was born in Vienna. Trained as a mathematician, he later developed quantifying methodologies for social research and established specialized institutes such as Columbia University's Bureau of Applied Social Research. Lazarsfeld was particularly interested in the effects of communication and mass media on society, especially voting behavior. His work on "opinion leaders" and public apathy due to information overexposure were particularly influential.

Paul F. Lazarsfeld appears in the following:

Paths and Roadblocks between the Natural and the Social Sciences

Monday, February 09, 1959

How do we apply numbers to qualitative questions?


Paul F. Lazarsfeld : "Research Work in the Field of Politics, Political Behavior, and Voting Behavior"

Tuesday, December 06, 1949

What is behind the voting behavior of various racial and ethnic groups?