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New Hampshire primary is Nikki Haley's best shot at beating Trump for the nomination

Monday, January 22, 2024

The New Hampshire primary on Tuesday offers former UN ambassador Nikki Haley her best chance at a win over former President Donald Trump as they compete for the GOP presidential nomination.


As 2024 election cycle approaches, Trump overshadows the Republican field

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

With about a month left until the 2024 election cycle kicks-off with early nominating contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump overshadows the Republican field of candidates.


New Hampshire is expected to set a primary date that will buck Biden's preference

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

President Biden's supporters are running a write-in campaign to ensure he still gets votes even though his name won't be listed on the state's primary ballot.


During a campaign swing through New Hampshire, Nikki Haley gains momentum

Tuesday, October 03, 2023

National polls put Donald Trump far head of his rivals for the GOP presidential nomination. But in the early voting state of New Hampshire, former U.N. Ambassador Haley has vaulted into second place.


2024 presidential candidates ramp up campaigns for New Hampshire's primary

Friday, July 07, 2023

New Hampshire law requires it to hold the country's first presidential primary, but Democrats will have their first primary in South Carolina. (Story aired on All Things Considered on July 6, 2023.)


2024 Presidential candidates ramp up campaigns for 1st primary in New Hampshire

Thursday, July 06, 2023

2024 Presidential candidates are ramping up their campaigning in New Hampshire, where state law requires it to hold the first primary. The situation is an uneasy one for top democrats there.


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie makes presidential bid to take on Trump

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

The former New Jersey governor is throwing his hat in the ring for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. While he's not expected to pose a major threat to Trump, he is hoping to shake things up.


Christie to join growing field of presidential candidates vying for GOP nomination

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will announce his presidential bid at an event in New Hampshire Tuesday evening. An early voting state, New Hampshire looms large in White House ambitions.


Don Bolduc celebrates win in New Hampshire's Republican Senate primary

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

In one of the final primary elections of 2022, New Hampshire voters chose Don Bolduc to face off with Democratic incumbents for Congress. He won by a razor thin margin.


Tuesday is the final day for primary contests before November. Here's what to watch

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The 2022 primary season comes to a close as voters in Delaware, New Hampshire and Rhode Island choose their nominees. In New Hampshire, a slate of Republicans wants to take on U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan.


State Legislators Split On Health Safety Measures To Implement During Their Meetings

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Thousands of state lawmakers are expected to return to their capitols in 2021 for a new legislative session. But the pandemic and political divisions are making that harder than ever.


Despite COVID, Thousands Of Lawmakers Plan To Gather In State Capitols Next Month

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Delaying session or meeting remotely aren't options that have necessarily appealed to Republican state lawmakers who, for the most part, aren't shy about gathering in large numbers in 2021.


Newly Sworn-In GOP N.H. House Speaker Dies Of COVID-19, Autopsy Shows

Thursday, December 10, 2020

New Hampshire Republicans elected Rep. Dick Hinch as speaker of the House after the GOP took control of the chamber in November. Hinch's death, now known to be of COVID-19, was announced Wednesday.


New Hampshire Governor Say's COVID-19's Effect On Budget Is 'Devastating'

Monday, August 03, 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic, states have struggled with staggering revenue losses and budget shortfalls. Here's what is happening in New Hampshire.


New Hampshire Voters Unsure Of Support For Trump

Sunday, July 19, 2020

President Trump's campaign has its sights set on winning New Hampshire, which is whiter and older than many other states. But many voters there say they're struggling with his job performance.


New Hampshire Experiences Crush Of Democratic Presidential Contenders

Friday, May 10, 2019

The New Hampshire primary isn't until February 2020 but for locals, the pace of campaigning is already frenetic as voters assess the huge field of Democratic candidates.


New Hampshire State Lawmaker Accused Of Online Misogyny Faces Expulsion

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rep. Robert Fisher has been linked to an online alias that posted comments such as "every woman wants to be attractive enough to be raped."


Meet Donald Trump's Alter Ego

Monday, February 22, 2016

Until recently, Corey Lewandowski was an obscure political operative. Now, he's engineered wins in South Carolina and New Hampshire for Trump's once-implausible presidential campaigns.


Voting Is Underway In New Hampshire. Will There Be Any Surprises?

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Hillary Clinton was supposed to win New Hampshire's primary in a walk. And not many people were taking Donald Trump's candidacy very seriously. New Hampshire has always been about electoral surprises.


Pinch Me? Some Republicans Wonder If Trump's Campaign Is An 'Ambien Dream'

Sunday, January 24, 2016

If you're a Republican who wants to win New Hampshire, you're supposed to be nice to the Union Leader newspaper and the Sununu family. Unless you're Donald Trump.