John V. Lindsay

John V. Lindsay appears in the following:

Press Conference

Friday, July 07, 1967

Mayor Lindsay grants scholarships to Mrs. Sigrid McAfee and Mr. Orsini Gonzales. Albert Moncure is sworn in at the recently rechristened Department of Social Services (formerly known as the Welfare commission). Lindsay answers questions about educational opportunities for institutionalized criminals, summer job programs, urban renewal programs, NYC hospitals under Medicare, ...


July 4th Traffic Safety

Saturday, July 01, 1967

The exact date of this episode is unknown. We've filled in the date above with a placeholder. What we actually have on record is: 1967-07-uu.

In this public service announcement, Mayor John V. Lindsay urges motorists to be extra cautious during the July 4th weekend, particularly parents driving their children ...


NYPD Medal Ceremonies

Wednesday, June 28, 1967

New York City Police Department Medal Day Ceremonies taking place at City Plaza. The Awards are presented by Chief Inspector Sanford Garelik. Police chaplain Rabbi Alvin Kass offers a prayer. Police Commander Howard Leary and Mayor John Lindsay speak.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC ...


Press Conference Welfare Workers Strike

Friday, June 23, 1967

Mayor Lindsay, Welfare Commissioner Mitchell I. Ginsberg, and Director of Labor relations Herbert Haber discuss the sit-in of caseworkers.
Lindsay answers questions about the strike, the Condon Wadlin Act, and his potential candidacy for Vice President under Nixon.

Lindsay, Commissioner Mitchell Ginsburg and Herbert Haber, Director of ...


Report from Mayor's Conference Hawaii

Sunday, June 18, 1967

John Lindsay reports from the Mayor's Conference in Hawaii. He discusses the relationship between Federal Government and Municipal Governments and the relationships between suburbs and inner cities. He goes through a proposed amendment to the 'Safe Streets and Crime' bill languishing in Congress at the time. He also discusses three ...


Press Conference - Building Service Worker Strike

Friday, June 02, 1967

Mayor Lindsay decalres a health emergency caused by accumulated garbage from lockout strike by Building Service Workers. He declares the strike to be the result of landlords attempting to end rent control and he outlines his plans to resolve the resultant health crisis it caused.
Lindsay and Sanitation Commissioner ...


NY Stock Exchange 175th Anniversary

Wednesday, May 17, 1967

The New York Stock Exchange celebrates the 175th anniversary of its founding. Speakers include Gustave Levy, Chairman of Stock Exchange Board of Governors; G. Keith Funston, retiring President of the New York Stock Exchange; Mayor John Lindsay; Governor Nelson Rockefeller; and Vice President Hubert Humphrey.

The program ...


Mayor Lindsay on the death of The New York World Journal Tribune

Friday, May 05, 1967

Upon the announcement that the World Journal Tribune ceased its production, Mayor John Lindsay's recorded a statement concerning the loss to the "free and open press," the economy and the 2,500 displaced employees. He mentions failed talks with national publishers to revive the paper and a continued effort to work ...


Statement Regarding the World Journal Tribune

Friday, May 05, 1967

This is a raw tape of Mayor John Lindsay making a statement about the closing of the World Journal Tribune.

Lindsay says that with the passing of the newspaper, New York City only has thee daily papers, down from seven only five years prior. Lindsay see the ...


5th Annual Bard Awards

Friday, May 05, 1967

5th annual Bard Awards for excellence in civic architecture and urban design. Stanley Turkel, President of the City Club of New York opens the program before Philip Johnson distributes the awards. Mayor John Lindsay, arriving late to the ceremony, gives a short speech. Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall receives ...


Public Works Officers Sworn In

Monday, May 01, 1967

Mayor John V. Lindsay swears in Frederic A. Davidson, Jr., as Deputy Commissioner and Pazel G. Jackson as Deputy General Manager
of the Department of Public Works. Commissioner Eugene Holt gives little biography about new appointees.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 92503


Catholic Charities

Sunday, April 23, 1967

Mayor John Lindsay addresses New York concern the importance of donating to those in need. One of the largest organizations to do so in the City of New York is New York Catholic Charities. He outlines their efforts and announces their 1967 Fund Appeal, set by Cardinal Spellman to occur ...


Dedication of the Rehabilitated Pier 60

Thursday, April 13, 1967

Monsignor Patrick Rafferty, Pastor Shrine Church of the Sea speak invocation. Richard Harris, Vice President of U.S. Lines, introduces Mayor John Lindsay. An important step in the development of the Nation's foremost seapower city: job power, trade power.

Francis Grant, Vice President of Operations of U.S. Lines, ...


Christening of "Lisa Maria" NYC Dept. of Sanitation Tugboat

Wednesday, April 12, 1967

Mayor John Lindsay, Sanitation Commissioner Samuel Kearing, and others attend the christening of "Lisa Maria" NYC Dept. of Sanitation Tugboat. Lisa Maria was named for the daughter of Commissioner Kearing.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 150371
Municipal archives id: T4003


Mayor Lindsay Welcomes Mrs. Indira Gandhi at Kennedy Airport

Monday, March 27, 1967

Mayor John V. Lindsay welcomed the Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, at John F. Kennedy International Airport. En route to meet with President Johnson at the White House, Gandhi also made brief stopovers in Rome and Paris.

Gandhi expressed an affinity for New York, considering ...


Swearing In the Arts Commission Chairman and Others

Tuesday, February 14, 1967

Mayor Lindsay awards outgoing Fine Arts Commissioner Arnold Whitridge and rewards swears in the newest members of the Fine Arts Commission. Mary St. John Villard as lay person member, Adolf Gottleib as painter member, Seymour Lipton as sculptor member. New commissioner Robert Blum speaks.

Lindsay praises outgoing Fine ...


Press Conference. Simplified Welfare

Tuesday, January 31, 1967

Mayor Lindsay introduces Walter N. Rothschild, who is elected President of the Citizen's Committee to Keep NYC clean.
Mitchell I. Ginsberg, Commissioner of the Department of Welfare, explains simplified declaration of means for welfare applicants. Ginsberg Answers questions regarding the plan.
Lindsay answers questions regarding air pollution in ...


Press Conference, Mayor John Lindsay

Friday, January 13, 1967

In this press conference Mayor John V. Lindsay announces the redesign of three parks in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, funded by the Astor Foundation. The design by Paul Friedberg for playground 89, adjoined to Public School 166 (PS166) in the upper west side of Manhattan is described by Mayor Lindsay ...


Mayor Lindsay Discusses the World Trade Center

Sunday, January 01, 1967

The exact date of this episode is unknown. We've filled in the date above with a placeholder. What we actually have on record is: 1967-uu-uu.

Mayor John Lindsay and Austin J. Tobin of the Port of New York Authority answer questions about the World Trade Center.

Informal chit ...