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Ed Koch in Jackson Heights, 1979

Friday, February 01, 2013

In this episode of New York Considered, hear excerpts from New York City Mayor Ed Koch's community meeting in Jackson Heights. The Mayor speaks about issues concerning the city, with particular emphasis on Queens: immigration, housing, street safety, transportation.

New York Considered was a public affairs series produced by Marty Goldensohn and Peter Freyberg.
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Congressman Ed Koch on rent control reform, 1967

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Congressman Edward I. Koch speaks on a telephone interview about rent control, including an upcoming rally.

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Campaign Promises

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ed Koch, former mayor of New York City (D, 1978-1989) and U.S. Congressman, founder of NY Uprising, talks about how Albany legislators are doing in fulfilling their pledge to reform the redistricting process.

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Ed Koch: New York Uprising

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ed Koch, former mayor of New York City and U.S. Congressman, talks about his campaign to reform the New York State legislature.

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30 Issues: Pakistan and Afghanistan

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Former New York mayor Ed Koch, now partner at Bryan Cave LLP and radio host, says the next president should pull out of Afghanistan before Iraq.

Steve Coll, president and CEO of the New America Foundation, staff writer at the New Yorker Magazine and ...

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Truth or Adair

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bill Adair of PolitiFact makes his last Thursday visit before the election to fact-check some candidate statements. And: on the second-to-last 30 Issues in 30 Days, issue 29: Pakistan and Afghanistan. Hear why former New York Mayor Ed Koch says the U.S. should pull out of Afghanistan before exiting Iraq. ...

June 10th, 2001

Sunday, June 10, 2001

You may have noticed by now that WNYC is asking you to send in some money to help pay for the programming you get on this station 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This week on our show, some of the reasons why we think giving is ...


What election?

Sunday, November 12, 2000

What election? We're already on to the next big contest: Jonathan Ames faces his great aunt Doris in a game of gin rummy. Also, we have writer Ursula LeGuin with dispatches from Ether, OR, a place she invented. And host Dean Olsher asks the important question: Would you like to ...


Debates; Free Air Time; The Living Room Candidate; Word Watch; Adlai Stevenson; Middle East Eruptions; The Contender; Goodbye Fairness Doctrine

Friday, October 13, 2000

Feeling ignored? Then you're not an undecided voter in a swing state. Word Watch wonders: Did you ever wonder what a "lame duck" feels?


Ed Koch's Press Conference, on His 65th Birthday

Tuesday, December 12, 1989


Presentation of a new report on how science and technology can help city operations. The mayor condemns Britain's shipping of Vietnam refugees back to Vietnam. He comments on aging (he turns 65 but he feels young, which he attributes to loving his job), and lists his plans for birthday and ...


Mayor Koch's proposed budget for 1989

Sunday, May 08, 1988


Dick Hinchliffe reports on New York City mayor Ed Koch's self-described "austere" proposed budget for 1989.


Metropolitan Weekly

Sunday, March 01, 1987

Schools Chancellor Dr. Richard Green (Dick Hinchcliffe Report); Park Proposal for Hudson River/Westside Highway Esplanade; Henry Tepper Parks Council Vox; War on Drugs Reagan Vox; Koch


Ed Koch's Cold Remedy

Thursday, January 29, 1987

The infamous Guggle Muggle. Delicious, "medically superb" and with a mysterious origin, it was passed on from...
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Mayor Ed Koch on Graffiti

Friday, March 15, 1985

[Approximate date] Mayor Koch speaks during a news conference about his views on graffiti and his recent disagreement over graffiti's aesthetic merits with a Frederick Douglass Intermediate School teacher.


The Mayor in Jackson Heights

Tuesday, May 29, 1979

Mayor Koch goes to Jackson Heights, Queens.


Conference on Marijuana

Friday, June 20, 1969

As its popularity soars, the debate rages on.


Council and Conversations

Wednesday, October 25, 1967

Richard Pyatt discusses the proposed New York state constitution with Joseph Modugno, councilman of Queens, and councilman Edward Koch of Manhattan.

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