Bob Mondello

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'Boys State' Documentary Explores What Teens Learn About Democracy

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Boys State documentary explores how a group of Texas teens participated in the American Legion program to learn about democracy by organizing political parties and running a mock government.


'And The World Went Crazy': How Hollywood Changed After Hiroshima

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Nuclear weapons have given Hollywood a host of dramatic plot possibilities, from the threat of nuclear war to wholesale destruction to over-the-top fireworks.


Movie 'She Dies Tomorrow' Reviewed

Friday, July 31, 2020

Amy Seimetz's new movie, She Dies Tomorrow, captures the mood of the moment with moody atmospherics, hallucinatory flashes of color, and unsettling editing and humor.


Blocked Busters: Disney Pushes 17 Movie Release Dates

Thursday, July 23, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the movie studio to move the release dates of more than a dozen films.


More Epic Than You May Think: Marie Curie's Biopic, 'Radioactive,' Reviewed

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Radioactive seems like a straightforward biopic of physicist Marie Curie at first. But it becomes more complicated as the director uses flash-forwards to illustrate the effects of Curie's discoveries.


Christopher Nolan's Sci-Fi Thriller 'Tenet' Delayed Indefinitely

Monday, July 20, 2020

The new movie from the maker of Dunkirk and the Dark Knight Trilogy has been delayed yet again, with no new release date announced. This may end hopes of a Hollywood summer blockbuster season


2 New Movies Exploring Mother-Daughter-Granddaughter Relationships Reviewed

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Two new movies from directors with Japanese connections center on mother-daughter-granddaughter relationships. The Truth by Hirokazu Kore-eda and Relic by Natalie Erika James are available online.


What To Watch This Weekend: 'Hamilton' And 'John Lewis: Good Trouble,' Reviewed

Thursday, July 02, 2020

The musical blockbuster about the political activism of the Founding Fathers, Hamilton, and a documentary about a current activist, John Lewis: Good Trouble, will hit the home screen this weekend.


'Jurassic Park' Gets To The Top Of The Weekend's Top 10 List

Thursday, June 25, 2020

The film industry continues to track box office grosses even during the pandemic. And this week, Jurassic Park got to the top of the charts.


What It Is Like To Be Back To The Movie Theater

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

A movie critic shares his experience of returning back to a movie theater for the first time after two months of the pandemic-forced abstinence.


What Movies Hollywood Prepared For The Reopening Of Theaters

Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day usually means the start of Hollywood's blockbuster season — except this summer is different. But if movie theaters do reopen soon, Hollywood has few premiers to revive the industry.


Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden Follow Homer's 'Odyssey' In Their New Film

Thursday, May 21, 2020

In The Trip to Greece, Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden undertake their fourth comic and culinary journey — this one actually modeled after Homer's Odyssey.


Disney Announces The Date Of 'Hamilton' Movie Release

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Disney announced on Tuesday that it is fast-tracking the release of the movie of the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway show, Hamilton. It will be released on the Disney+ streaming platform.


A Sensational Film About Street Violence In London Is Now Streaming

Thursday, May 07, 2020

A new film about street violence in London became a sensation after its release in British theaters a few months ago. Now, Blue Story is available on streaming services for American viewers.


As Some States Reopen, Theater Owners Are Watching — And Mostly Waiting

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Some states are allowing movie theaters to reopen, but will they? Big theater chains say no, so it's up to independent theater owners who are "proceeding with an abundance of caution."


Tom Cruise And NASA Could Be A Match Made In The Heavens

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

NASA confirmed that actor Tom Cruise and private spaceflight company Space X are considering a feature film shot on board the International Space Station.


French Satire 'Deerskin' Opens Online — But Will Share Proceeds With Movie Theaters

Friday, May 01, 2020

French satire Deerskin was scheduled to screen in movie theaters this week. Instead, it is now opening online and will help theaters with the money earned on streaming views.


Bollywood and Hollywood Actor Irrfan Khan Dies After A Long Illness

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Indian actor Irrfan Khan, 54, who leaped from small parts in Bollywood films to featured roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as Slumdog Millionaire and Jurassic World, has died after a long illness.


Fred And Ginger Cheered Us Up During The Depression. Might They Do It Again?

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers gave Americans a much-needed on-screen escape in the 1930s. You can find their dance numbers online, but critic Bob Mondello recommends you watch their films in full.


'Crip Camp' Is A Raucous Celebration Of A World-Changing Place

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Near Woodstock, at an early '70s summer camp for kids with disabilities, a revolution was born that became a civil rights movement, and led to the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.