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Can multivitamins improve memory? A new study shows 'intriguing' results

Friday, May 26, 2023

A team of researchers tracked thousands of people who took a daily multivitamin for three years. At the end of the first year, they performed slightly better on memory tests than people on a placebo.


Our bodies respond differently to food. A new study aims to find out how

Friday, May 19, 2023

The NIH will track the diets and lifestyles of 10,000 people to see how genetics, biology and the microbiome impact people's health. The study will use AI to tailor individual diet advice.


NPR's new series is called Living Better: How Americans can take back their health

Monday, May 15, 2023

Americans rank poorly on many health outcomes compared to other countries. The new series Living Better explore ways to change that.


Mammograms should start at age 40, U.S. panel recommends

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

A federal task force is recommending that women at average risk for breast cancer get a mammogram every other year starting at age 40.


If you're 40, it's time to start mammograms, according to new guidelines

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

The influential U.S. Preventive Task Force issue a draft of its new breast cancer screening guidelines. They're now recommending women start younger, amid a rise in breast cancer rates.


Trizepatide, for treatment of adults with obesity, is on the fast track for FDA's OK

Monday, May 08, 2023

There are signs that obesity drugs are improving. A new drug being "fast-tracked" for FDA approval has been shown to help users lose more than a fifth of their body weight.


Michelle Obama launches a food company aimed at healthier choices for kids

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Kids in the U .S. consume a lot of sugar - nearly 53 pounds a year on average. Obama's new food company PLEZi Nutrition, will lower the sugar content and improve nutrition in products aimed at kids.


Eli Lilly releases more data for new obesity drug, moving toward fast-track approval

Thursday, April 27, 2023

There's already a huge demand for existing weight-loss drugs, so the new medication is highly anticipated. Obesity affects an estimated 650 million adults globally.


Unraveling a hidden cause of UTIs — plus how to prevent them

Sunday, April 23, 2023

New research shows that one of the most common infections in women may be linked to our food supply. Here's what to know to protect yourself.


More pollen, more allergies: Exposure therapy in several forms treats symptoms

Saturday, April 08, 2023

Some doctors prescribe sublingual immunotherapy, known as SLIT, a serum taken as drops under the tongue. Patients like it, but it is not FDA-approved, so insurance usually doesn't cover it.


Ticks! Ick! The latest science on the red meat allergy caused by some tick bites

Sunday, April 02, 2023

Patients who have digestive symptoms only after eating red meat may have developed an allergy caused by ticks. Previously, doctors looked for symptoms such as rashes, hives and breathing troubles.


FDA gives 2nd safety nod to cultivated meat, produced without slaughtering animals

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

GOOD Meat, which grows chicken and other meat from animal cells in a production facility, is the second company to cross this hurdle. The move brings no-kill meat closer to sale in the U.S.


The story of one man who was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 35

Monday, March 20, 2023

Colon cancer is rising in younger adults. If you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s, you need to know the signs to watch for and when to seek screening or treatment.


Colorectal cancer is on track to be the deadliest cancer among people under 50

Monday, March 20, 2023

Cases of colorectal cancer are on the rise among younger people. Doctors believe diet may play a role.


Colorectal cancer is rising among Gen X, Y & Z. Here are 5 ways to protect yourself

Monday, March 20, 2023

If you're in your 20s, 30s or 40s, you need to know the signs to watch for and when to seek screening or treatment for colorectal cancer.


Got muscle pain from statins? A cholesterol-lowering alternative might be for you

Monday, March 13, 2023

New evidence shows bempedoic acid works to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attacks, without the muscle pain that some people suffer when taking statins.


Changing our clocks is a health hazard. Just ask a sleep doctor

Saturday, March 11, 2023

A bipartisan group of senators wants to make daylight saving time permanent. But sleep experts say standard time is better, because it saves morning light and is more in sync with our natural rhythms.


What you can do (starting now) to make the daylight saving transition a little easier

Thursday, March 09, 2023

Clocks spring forward this weekend meaning we all lose an hour of sleep. We have some tips to help you adjust to daylight saving time. And what do sleep scientists say about switching back and forth?


Pandemic food assistance that held back hunger comes to an end

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Millions of people who depend on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program known as SNAP will see a cut of $90 a month or more. Some recipients say it will make it harder to buy healthy food.


How to help young people limit screen time — and feel better about how they look

Sunday, February 26, 2023

New research found teens and young adults who even briefly cut time on social media gained self esteem. Try these 5 tips to help them — and yourself — improve screen-life balance.