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  • May 10 | The Working Group: Tackling the "Crisis of Masculinity"

    As part of The Greene Space’s Wanderlust Wednesdays series, Peter Mills Weiss and Julia Mounsey present their performance, The Working Group. The Working Group is a meeting of an autofictional men’s group engaged in tackling the “crisis of masculinity,” with the help of a live audience. The members engage in a rigorous, detailed analysis of their behavior. Accountability is king. Self-surveillance is king. Reflection and self-critique are king. Audience participation is encouraged.

  • May 22 | Get Lit May Book Club: "Lone Women" by Victor LaValle

    Our May selection is Lone Women by Victor LaValle.

  • May 25 | The Great Clit Debate: Exploring the Art and Science of Female Pleasure

    Join science journalist Rachel E. Gross and artist Sophia Wallace, two of the foremost thinkers when it comes to the clitoris and female sexuality, for a wild ride into your own body and intimate self-knowledge. In this variety show, we’ll gently reacquaint you with the clitoris and vulva through an interactive craft activity, clit jeopardy (with edible prizes!), and an onstage debate where we’ll require your help to settle a heated question: who has done more for the clitoris, art or science?

    Is it the world of culture, where artists like Sophia have worked to elevate the clitoris as an icon of empowered sexuality and wholeness? Or is it the realm of science, where researchers like the ones Rachel reports on have been filling in medicine’s hazy map of the clitoris, nerve fiber by painstaking nerve fiber? Wallace and Gross will embody the muses of Art and Science, respectively, to finally set the record straight.

    Have a clitoris? Know someone who does? Care about your own pleasure, reproductive rights, sexual health, or the right to bodily autonomy? Then this show is for you!

  • Jun 1 | Queen of the Night with Thorgy Thor: Pride

    Join drag performance artist and violinist Thorgy Thor for a celebration as we kick-off Pride Month!