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  • Getting the Grand Old Party Started

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    National Review executive editor Reihan Salam tells us what to expect for Thursday's first debate among the top 10 Republican presidential contenders.

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  • Will Obama's Climate Legacy Last?

    The Takeaway

    President Obama will announce new rules today for carbon emissions from power plants, but more than a dozen conservative states and the coal industry are scrambling to fight back.

  • How Gov. Cuomo Is Getting His (Political) Groove Back

    With a lackluster legislative session behind him, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is using the levers of executive power to mend fences and tend to his base.



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  • Coast Guard Monitoring Oil Spill in Northern New Jersey

    The spill at the International-Matex Tank Terminal in Bayonne was reported around 10 p.m. Saturday.

  • Baltimore Launched Martin O'Malley, Then Weighed Him Down

    Morning Edition

    The city was a political launchpad for the presidential candidate, but his "zero tolerance" policing has drawn criticism for affecting the community's relationship with law enforcement.

  • Fourth Person Dies Following Outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease

    Residents of the South Bronx were uneasy after an increase in cases and another death from the disease, which can be fatal in the elderly or those with underlying medical issues.

  • New York's Medical Marijuana Program Moves Forward

    State health officials have chosen five companies to grow and dispense the drug.

  • The Cost of Our Water

    Don't be fooled by water. There's more to it than you think. This special reprises stories from WNYC's series "The Cost of Our Water," first aired in June.

Arts and Culture

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  • The Story Behind The Absolute Worst Day Ever

    The Takeaway

    A high school student wrote a poem titled "Worst Day Ever," which blew the Internet's mind after they read it forwards and backwards. Here's the poet and the story behind the poem.

  • Buddy Guy: 'I Worry About The Future Of Blues Music'

    Morning Edition

    Buddy Guy is the blues, and he's our connection to a genre that's embedded in the history of America. But it's a sound the guitarist fears is fading.

  • Kaija Saariaho: Ears Open

    Meet the Composer

    Kaija Saariaho's music evokes all sorts of natural sounds, the kinds of complex, white noise-y sounds that we often tune out - wind rustling through trees, or waves hitting the shore.

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  • 'Kids Love To Be Scared': Louis Sachar On Balancing Fun And Fear

    All Things Considered

    The award-winning author of Holes has just published a new novel for young readers, called Fuzzy Mud. It mixes middle-school social puzzles with a more sinister mystery: a rogue biotech threat.

Tech and Media

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  • A Skeptic's Guide to Health News and Diet Fads

    On The Media

    A bogus study about chocolate and weight loss fooled several news outlets. Here, we present a thorough debunking of health news misreporting and bogus, celebrity-endorsed diet fads. 

  • Marvel's Anti-Capitalist Crusade

    On The Media

    Marvel's latest string of films feature a pervasive anti-capitalist message, even as the company rakes in millions at the box office. 

  • What Is Our Attention Actually Worth?

    Note to Self

    Tech entrepreneur Tristan Harris imagines technology without constant notifications - and a funding system that incentivizes techies to build it.

Music for your day

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  • Violent Femmes, In Studio


    Acoustic punk band plays live in the Soundcheck studio. 

  • Gig Alert: Hot Chip


    British glitch-rock band plays at Baby's All Right tonight.

  • Ethan Lipton And His Orchestra, In Studio


    Hear musical hilarity ensue in a live performance by Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra.

  • Sam Lee, In Studio


    Stream a live performance and interview with the British singer-songwriter. 

  • Weekly Music Round Up: The Evil Twin Of Brian Eno; Haunting Music From Atlantic City; Art Rock That Rocks


    This week’s roundup includes punk documentaries, a few ghostly tunes and a self-proclaimed flower alchemist.

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