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    NYC NOW delivers local news from WNYC and Gothamist every morning, midday and evening. From breaking news to deep investigations, we cover New York for all New Yorkers. 

    Transcripts are posted to individual episode pages as they become available.

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  • Let’s talk democracy at the laundromat!

    Soap gets laundry done. Conversation gets democracy going. This election year, WNYC is turning some laundromats in the New York metro area into hubs of civic dialogue.

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  • Ask Governor Murphy

    New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy takes questions from WNYC’s Nancy Solomon, other guest journalists and listeners for an hour every month during this live show, a co-production with WBGO and WHYY. Ask Governor Murphy airs the second Wednesday of most months at 7 p.m., dependent on schedule availability.

    Upcoming episodes are scheduled for Wednesday, May 8 and Wednesday, June 12.

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  • Apr 19 | WNYC LIVE: Poetry Unplugged with Morning Edition

    In honor of National Poetry Month, Morning Edition is hosting a live poetry event in The Greene Space! For years, they’ve built a beloved tradition of featuring listener-submitted poems on-air. This year, they’ve invited some of their favorite local poets who have participated over the years to share their work in front of a live audience. It’s a chance to witness the magic of poetry unfold, celebrate the power of words, and be part of the vibrant WNYC community—all in one unforgettable evening. Hosted by WNYC’s Michael Hill.

  • Apr 29 | Get Lit with All Of It: 'My Heart Is a Chainsaw' by Stephen Graham Jones

    The novel tells the story of a half-Indigenous woman named Jade who feels alienated from the other people in her small town.

  • Apr 30 | WQXR Celebrates Earth Day with Juilliard

    Juilliard students across disciplines – music, dance, and drama – join forces to create a unique and unforgettable artistic “open house.” For this special performance these young artists explore themes of nature and the environment in celebration of Earth Day.

  • May 6 | WQXR Celebrates AAPI Heritage with the Metropolitan Opera

    WQXR celebrates Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a concert in The Greene Space! The evening will include AAPI artists from the Metropolitan Opera singing familiar repertoire and musical selections that reflect their own heritage. We’ll also hear a tribute to Hei-Kyung Hong and discuss portrayals of Asian characters in classic operas such as Madama Butterfly and Turandot, as well as in more contemporary works.