Call-In Special: An Electoral Industrial Revolution

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Coal miners wave signs as then-presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally, Charleston, WV, May 5, 2016

In a campaign season marked by sharp differences between major party candidates, one unifying issue arose: the dismal nature of the nation's infrastructure and industrial landscape. In the end, the billionaire builder was selected to tackle this problem.

Throughout the series, we have asked about the placement of White America and its positioning against the American Dream. With returns in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania turning red after years of being Democratic strongholds, the present economic anxiety weighs heavy in the post-election air.

Kai Wright of The Nation opens the floor to pinpoint the actual state of poverty and jobs in America, and how the patterns around these issues may have led to the Electoral College tipping in favor of the GOP-nominee.

Plus, after a candidacy running against decades' old trade deals, the insurgence of China on the global economic field, and traditional neoliberal economic policies favored by the right, we examine what will be the economic ideology of a Trump Administration.