NYC Posts Lowest School Attendance of the Year

Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 04:23 PM

Fewer than half of New York City public school students attended classes Thursday, making today the lowest attended school day this year. That's according to preliminary attendance data reported by the Department of Education.

This was also the third time in 2014 that a third or more of the city’s public school students missed class — most likely due to weather events in all three cases. Some parents and educators called it "a mistake" to keep schools open during the messy storm that dumped snow and icy rain on the city. Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña cited "lessons learned" from this latest snow storm experience and said the city would seek to do better in communicating school closure decisions in the future.

Prior to 2014, attendance dipped below 66 percent only four times since 2007, according to audited attendance data provided by the DOE. Fewer than half of public school students attended classes on January 22 and only about 64 percent on Feb. 5, preliminary attendance data shows. Both days came on heels of heavy snow and sleet.

Audited attendance tends to be slightly higher than preliminary numbers, as officials review and clarify any missing data. Still, city school attendance has fluctuated almost weekly this year as inclement weather has kept students and teachers from making it in.


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eleniNYC from Jackson Heights

I think it's sad that those who are complaining the most most likely either can afford to hire a sitter or can afford to take a day from work or else their children are either adults or have no children at all. It's even worse when those who complain have probably forgotten the times when Bloomberg left NYC and escaped for his house in Bermuda OR the Bahamas well before storms have hit and had left the CIty Council with NO authority to close schools and I would know I am a teacher. Let me bring you back to the time a yr. ago Jan.2013 Regents Week, Bloomberg left the CIty to get to his house in Bermuda 3-4 days before the storm hit, then called a snow day on a Regents day that not even NY State cancelled and they had 4x more snow than we did. In fact there was 2 inches of snow in the City that day then to add insult to injury -- it rained that same morning. I remember many angry students and parents that day. I can't tell you how many Seniors lost an opportunity to Graduate that January. It is better to keep the schools OPEN so that Albany doesn't dock the City schools anymore money never mind the 26 million still owed in a courtcase + 2 appeals later that NYS OWEs the NYC DOE for stealing money from the CIty. More over, I really really really do NOT want to owe days like last year w/ Hurriacane Sandy. Not only did I lose my much needed week off for Midwinter recess -- which by the way has 3 snow days attached to the double President's B'days to make it a week off, but we also had to make up 3 days in June almost bringing us into JULY. So, yeah, keep the schools open. Also remember MOST people CANNOT afford a sitter OR take a day OR days off when schools are closed. YES, I did report in but I not not only taught my classes but my students got the opportunity to make-up work they missed on other days they were out. AND YES my students were relieved that school was open because they did NOT necessarily want to be home when their parent's "Friend" is crashing at the apt. w/ them Or for that matter want to stay all day in the shelter they happen to be living in.

Feb. 18 2014 09:10 PM
Sheila Williams from Manhattan

I would like to know what percentage of the student who made it in on Thursday were late? My daughter made a real effort to slog through the snow and catch the city bus to school. I could see from an app, that the bus, understandably, made slow progress up Amsterdam. That night I received a robocall warning us about her tardiness. Talk about adding salt to the wound.

Feb. 15 2014 01:53 PM
Gary Mantell from Oakland Gardens, NY

The new Mayor is a nut job and the NYC idiots elected him - this guy is off the grid to the left, and off his rocker, period.


Feb. 14 2014 01:02 PM
EA from Staten Island

Its sad that the Mayor of NY and his staff cant read a National Weather Service weather report and find children being placed at risk of injury from traveling through dangerous weather to be a laughing matter. Shame on all of them. One day this foolishness will result in a child being seriously injured. Will they laugh then?

Feb. 13 2014 06:10 PM

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