Next GWB Controversy Target: Chris Christie

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New Jersey Democrats investigating the handling of mysterious lane closures at the George Washington Bridge subpoenaed correspondence today from seven government officials to help determine if Gov. Chris Christie was involved.

They're asking for any emails sent by Christie and his aides to Port Authority officials regarding the massive traffic jams triggered by the lane closures from the town of Fort Lee. And they are seeking any correspondence between Port Authority employees regarding the matter.

Among those subpoenaed are Bill Baroni, Christie’s top appointee at the agency that oversees the bridge, and David Waldstein, Christie’s high school friend who announced his resignation in the wake of the controversy.

The announcement about the subpoenas comes the same day that The Wall Street Journal reported about an alleged inter-state squabble between governors. The paper said New Jersey’s Christie called New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to complain about the handling of the investigation.

Specifically, Christie was bothered by sworn testimony delivered Monday by a Cuomo appointee, Port Authority Executive Director Patrick Foye. Foye refuted Baroni’s claim that the lane closures were triggered by a traffic study. Foye said he knew of no such study. According to The Wall Street Journal, Christie told Cuomo that Foye had been too aggressive in looking into the issue.

Speaking today to Susan Arbetter of WCNY in Syracuse, Cuomo avoided the question about whether he had spoken to Christie. “I don't know anything more than basically what's been in the newspaper,” he said. “Because basically it's a New Jersey issue.”