Join Team Digital Detox for a Twitter Chat about Sleep

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The competition is on and Manoush has survived the first days of WNYC’s #Sleepdata Challenge as the leader of Team Digital Detox. (As you can see from the video below, morning 1 was particularly rough.)

The goal of the challenge is to keep tech out of the bedroom for an hour before bed. She made it through the first night without her phone and says it was weird and disorienting, but thinks she slept better for it. How was it for you? Did you reach for the phone that wasn't there too?

We know this challenge is hard and that the team needs all the support and motivation it can get!

Join Manoush on Thursday, May 15 at 2:00 p.m. ET for a Twitter chat on surviving and thriving as a member of Team Digital Detox.

We’ll talk about why it’s so hard to let go of tech and need your help in sharing strategies for how you’re keeping digital devices out of the bedroom. If you’re not on Twitter, you can share your thoughts and tips here in the comments.

Check out more about the Clock Your Sleep project here.

Some video inspiration (or commiseration, depending on how you look at it):