WNYC Sleep Project: Join Team Digital Detox

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So maybe you've heard: as part of the WNYC sleep project, a few of the WNYC hosts are leading teams of intrepid dreamers on the quest for a better night's rest.

It's a two week challenge. Can you handle it? Can it help you? Maybe you're wondering which team to join? What techniques to use to up those hours of sweet slumber? Well, we've made a little video to help you decide.

If you find yourself checking that cell phone or iPad in bed, or using Facebook before coffee in the morning, maybe Team Digital Detox is for you. 

Artificial light, especially the blue light emitted from digital screens, can disrupt your body's natural clock making it harder to fall asleep and altering the way you wake up. (A bit more on that here, and much more is coming in next week's episode of New Tech City, subscribe here so you don't miss it.)

On Team Digital Detox you will join Manoush and other listeners in an experiment where you cut out TV, phones, iPads, any screen at all, an hour before bedtime. Keep the devices outside the bedroom all together! 

We'll track our sleep for two weeks and see if this technique works adds an hour of good rest to our routines. We'll also see if it works better than the teams led by John Hockenberry of The Takeaway and Brooke Gladstone and PJ Vogt of On The Media. See their challenges here and sign up to track your sleep here, no team necessary for that.