Spring Cleaning for the Mind

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Find some focus. Fight information overload.

There is a lot to take in in our world right now. And there are a lot of ways to do it. You can read articles posted by your Facebook friends, or by the journalists you follow on Twitter. You can watch cable news with your morning oatmeal.

Which makes it all too easy to succumb to information overload. That buzzy, anxious feeling of there’s just too much out there to consume - but I need to know all of it, right?

That feeling isn’t new. It’s just especially turned up in 2017. So this week, an episode worth repeating. We’re proposing one tweak - a challenge of sorts - to change your day. To help you think deeper and consume information meaningfully. Think spring cleaning for your neurons. With neuron experts Dr Daniel Levitin and Gloria Mark, Professor of Informatics.

And if you like this episode, you’ll love listening to the entire Infomagical series. You’ll find some calm and some focus. Maybe even magic. If you did the project, it might be time for a refresher!

Music Playlist

  1. Hard Egg Timer

    Artist: Velella Velella
  2. aint no thing

    Artist: BOPD
  3. Lonely Organ

    Artist: Broke For Free
  4. Crawling Down Walls (Instrumental)

    Artist: krackatoa
  5. Quasi Motion

    Artist: Kevin Macleod
  6. 126 beat

    Artist: BOPD
  7. Hometown

    Artist: Ryan Little
  8. 6,49

    Artist: Black Ant
  9. Stonerville (No Voices)

    Artist: VYVCH
  10. Japanese Gardening

    Artist: Hannis Brown
  11. sunrise a song for two humans

    Artist: Johnny Ripper