Bored and Brilliant by the Numbers

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Thousands of people are signed up to track their phone usage as they go through the Bored and Brilliant challenges to see what tech interventions can unlock creativity. The charts below show how many times we unlock our phones each day, and how many hours we spend looking at the glowing screens, according to our partner apps BreakFree and Moment

We started by setting our baseline. We took a 7-day period beginning on January 26 to February 1 to measure the typical phone habits of the group. 

As we go through the Challenge Week from February 2 through February 9, we're watching what phone behavior changes in the group, and on which day it changes the most. 

The pink chart tracks total phone time per day. The gray chart tracks total pickups. These were the top two behaviors people told us they wanted to change in our survey.

Of course, this project is not just about the numbers. So we chose challenges that could get you thinking differently about where your phone, and your tech, fits in your life - and how your phone use affects your creativity. Let us know how it goes for you! Everyone will have their own right target numbers.