What Do Txts Do To Actual Writing?

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Welcome to week two of our new segment "Question of Note," in which we take a listener's question  your question!  and find just the right the person to answer it. See them all here as we go along.

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A few weeks ago, we aired “There’s Something About Paper," about how reading on paper is different than reading on a screen. Since then, we've gotten lots of emails, hand-written letters(!) and questions about writing. Like this one:

"How are we writing differently? If we know that people are only going to be skimming something because it’s appearing online, how are we writing? I think we still have to write with such a great degree of attention, because... you can’t skim write, right?"

— Marisa Goudy, New Paltz, New York

In answer to the question of whether the digital age has changed her process, novelist Margaret Atwood simply said, “Do chickens have beaks?”

But there's plenty of (metaphorical) ink to be spilled on the subject of why writing has changed. To answer this question, we've decided to talk to a guy who wrote a pretty big deal book on the subject. Joshua Cohen's "Book of Numbers" has been heralded by The New York Times as "more impressive than all but a few novels published so far this decade." 

And the whole thing is about the written word in the digital age. 

Author Joshua Cohen