Almost Half of NYC Students Get Top Choice for High School

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This year's results of the computer-driven process that matches eighth-grade students to a New York City public high school were similar to previous years, with 45 percent of applicants getting their top choice and 73 percent matching with one of their top three choices.

The Department of Education released the data on Tuesday, the day after notices went to school counselors and most families of the 77,043 students who applied. It was the ninth straight year that over 80 percent of students received one of their top five selections.

"We're thrilled to accommodate so many children in their top choices," said Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina. "As students take their next steps into the future, this is an exciting time for many families across the city.”

A total of 5,701 eighth graders received an offer to one of the city's nine specialized high schools. Of these, 5,096 students were accepted based on their exam scores while 970 students received one or more offers to programs at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts which admits students based on auditions and academic performance. The D.O.E. said 365 students accepted to LaGuardia also received an offer to one of the eight testing schools.

The racial breakdown at the elite high schools will not change much with the incoming Class of 2018. At Stuyvesant High School, seven Black students were admitted compared to 21 Hispanic students, 680 students Asian/Pacific Islander students and 164 white students. The only school with a minority Asian population is Staten Island Technical High School. The Brooklyn Latin School retains its title as the most diverse specialized high school, with 179 Asian students, 120 white, 64 Hispanic, 59 Black and 61 classified as unknown.

For those in the 10 percent who did not match to any school, there is Round 2 which involves a fair this weekend where officials from new schools and those with extra seats will be available to meet with families. Students have until March 21 to submit their Round 2 application and will receive offers in May.