How Digital Tech Will Change Our Lives in 2013

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New Year's is here, and that means resolutions.

Some of you may aspire to plug in more next year and better manage your social media presence or organize your photos stored in the cloud. On the other hand, some of you may plan to do the exact opposite and tune out, for at least a few minutes a day, and set  limits on when and where you use your tech gadgets.

Whatever your goals this coming year, technology is likely to play a role. In fact, you might be using tech to track how well you're doing with your resolutions.

This week on WNYC's New Tech City, host Manoush Zomorodi speaks with Douglas Rushkoff about how media and the digital age will change the way we live and think in 2013. 

Rushkoff is an authority on the intersection of technology and culture. He’s written 12 bestsellers. His new book, Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, comes out in March.

He argues that digital technology and other 21st-century trends are making it harder to organize around "future-based goals" like building an atomic bomb or landing a man on the moon.

According to Rushkoff, today's challenges are not so easy to put in a box. 

"As we mature as a society, we have to start looking at sustainable models," he says. "And sustainable models of working things out aren't quite so dramatic. They don't have that same sense of mission and endpoint and goal."