#12 A Lenny Kravitz Smackdown

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Jessica Williams Phoebe Robinson podcast

The good news is, we've finally answered the greatest mystery of our generation: Is Lenny Kravitz hot, or what? (Hint: It's all in the scarf.) The bad news is, this is our last show of the season! We will miss every single one of you. But we'll be back with plenty of bonus, never-before-heard podcast footage throughout the summer, and stay tuned for news about season 2!

Also in this episode: Paul Scheer ponders nipple rings, Mehran Khaghani gets a ball and Maeve Higgins invents a brand-new sex game. This episode was recorded live at Vulture Festival. 

Featured comedians: 

1. Paul Scheer

2. Mehran Khaghani

3. Maeve Higgins 

maeve higgins