Piotr Orlov

Piotr Orlov was born a music enthusiast in St. Petersburg, Russia – back when it was called Leningrad – and remembers hearing Louis Armstrong records in his crib.

He’s been a New Yorker since the plane carrying his family touched down at JFK in March of ‘77. Henceforth, Piotr’s life has been about adapting to, and pursuing the new. Cause that’s how immigrants do.

Piotr’s DJ debut was at his own 7th grade dance, and paints a direct line to the monthly “Treehouse” parties he throws in Brooklyn. Over the past 18 years, his writing on music and culture has appeared in the New York Times, Wired, Arthur, numerous alt-weeklies, and countless websites. (His own is Newly Lost Edge.) In the ‘00s, he’s helped curate the music for a museum show about Fela Kuti (“The Black President” at the New Museum), started a digital music business for MTV, and began consulting on digital strategy for bands, brands and one creative agency.

PS: Feel free to call him “Peter.”

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