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  • Judith Miller on Iraq, WMDs, and Going to Jail to Protect a Source

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter Judith Miller discusses her career at The New York Times, including her controversial reporting on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 

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  • The "Embarrassment" of Amtrak

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    In the forty-five years since its inception, Amtrak has become a national embarrassment for America's transportation infrastructure, argues Simon van Zuylen-Wood.

  • Hillary Clinton's Cash Flows

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    New York Times reporter Mike McIntire discusses the news that Hillary Clinton approved a deal with a Russian uranium company that also donated money to the Clinton Foundation. 

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  • Alternatives to Suspension: Inside a 'Restorative Justice' High School

    Chancellor Carmen Fariña is urging schools to try restorative justice practices in order to reduce suspensions. What does that look like?  At one school, it means much more talking.

  • Local Nepalese Respond to Earthquake Back Home

    As aftershocks continued to rattle Nepal through Sunday, the Nepalese community in New York is morning the loss of loved ones and trying to raise money for families left without homes. 

  • Searching for Hope Amid Disaster in Nepal

    The Takeaway

    More than 3,500 people are dead and 6,500 injured after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday.

  • #ThisIsNotATest. But It is An Assignment.

    Pencils down. The state tests are over. Now we want to hear some of the other skills and achievements that should get some recognition.

  • L Train Riders: Help Is on the Way

    Last year, every single station along the L line in Brooklyn saw an increase in ridership. Now, according to the MTA, a significant boost in service is coming later this year.

Arts and Culture

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  • Meet the Clerk Who Started the Same-Sex Marriage Revolution

    The Takeaway

    Clela Rorex wasn't trying to be revolutionary when she issued marriage licenses to six same-sex couples in Boulder, Colorado in 1975. But her decision shook the country to its core.

  • Hey I'm Walking Here: New York, a City for Walkers

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    The editor of The New York Times Magazine talks about great walking routes around the city.

  • Refugee Or Recruit: Will Less Cuban Players Join The MLB Due As Politics Change?

    Some people are growing concerned that fewer Cuban players will join the MLB as relations warm between the U.S. and Cuba.

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  • Know Your Monitor

    Duplicast: By Clones, For Clones

    Hanna and Emma puzzle out Orphan Black's action-packed second episode: Paul is back with a vengeance, Helena's getting waterboarded in the desert and Donnie grows some stones.

Tech and Media

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  • Canadians Love Poop, Americans Love Pizza: How Emojis Fare Worldwide

    Morning Edition

    A study analyzes more than a billion pieces of emoji data across 16 languages and regions to gauge how different nations communicate. Most emojis sent are happy faces and other positive symbols.

  • Dr. Oz Fights For Credibility

    On The Media

    Ten doctors sent a critical letter to Dr. Oz's boss at Columbia medical school, but it may do more harm than good in exposing the pseudoscience of The Dr. Oz Show.

  • 8 Obama Jokes That Stood Out From The White House Correspondents Dinner

    Every year, the president sits down for dinner with Washington reporters and delivers a standup routine. From his "bucket list" to Hillary Clinton, here's what he came up with this year.

Music for your day

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  • Art Alexakis And Everclear: 'I've Still Got A Lot of Rage in Me'


    The alt-rock stalwarts perform an acoustic session in the Soundcheck studio. 

  • London’s 12 Most Musical Tube Stations


    After a week riding London's extensive subway system, Soundcheck's John Schaefer compiles a playlist of songs that reference the tube.

  • Watch Public Service Broadcasting, In The Studio


    The London duo marries retro-leaning electronic dance music with archival broadcasts and clips from NASA communications on The Race For Space. Watch the band in the Soundcheck studio.

  • Cambodia's Forgotten Era of Rock and Roll

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    40 years ago the Khmer Rouge eliminated Cambodian rock and roll. Clubs were closed, record collections were destroyed, and star musicians were targeted and killed.

  • The Soundcheck Stream: Women On The Edge


    Soundcheck and special curators assemble more than 12 hours of music from women who influenced and are currently shaping our world.

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