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  • How Safe Is Your Job?

    Economists preach the gospel of "creative destruction," whereby new industries and jobs replace the old ones. But is creative destruction too destructive? Freakonomics investigates.

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  • The So-Called "Ebola Doctor" and the Media

    On The Media

    Dr Craig Spencer set off a media firestorm when he was admitted to an NYC hospital for a slight fever. He speaks about being at the center of the mass Ebola panic that swept the country.

  • David Rakoff Remembered

    Selected Shorts

    David Sedaris, who was a friend of the late David Rakoff’s, praises him as a “lover of language” who “could read anything" in this special tribute episode.



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  • New Flood-Plain Building Will Need to Consider Sea Level Rise

    President Obama issued an executive order on Friday directing all government agencies handing out federal aid to incorporate stricter building requirements.

  • Shake Shack is Now a Public-Traded Company

    As of Friday, the burger chain Shake Shack is a public traded company — and investors sure like what they see on the menu.

  • Bloomberg's Signature Anti-Poverty Program to be Expanded by de Blasio

    The mayor plans to continue the work of the Young Men's Initiative to ensure it meets goals set by President Obama.

  • Listen to Amy Eddings Say Goodbye to WNYC

    Friday was the last day at WNYC for All Things Considered Host Amy Eddings. She's moving to Ada, Ohio. But first, she said goodbye to listeners.

  • Ebola Doc Craig Spencer Speaks Out

    His Ebola diagnosis kicked off a media firestorm, but now, in an exclusive interview with WNYC, Dr. Spencer talks about his trip to Guinea, his diagnosis, and the backlash.

Arts and Culture

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  • A Stone, A Pot, and A Little Love. The Magic of Soup.

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    Melissa Clark talks about one of her favorite cold weather meals, one found in cuisines all over the world. Soup!

  • A 200-Year Selfie Obsession

    Artists have been painting themselves for centuries. A new show presents the good, the bad and the ugly.  

  • Prostitute Laundry

    On The Media

    "Let the priests tremble, we're going to show them our sexts!" (Not the type you're thinking.)

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  • David Simon, Frank Ocean, and Female Ghostbusters Win the Internet This Week

    Studio 360

    David Simon, Frank Ocean, and an all-female Ghostbusters cast win the internet this week.

Tech and Media

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  • What 95 Minutes of Phone Time a Day Does to Us

    New Tech City

    Prepare for our week of Bored and Brilliant challenges with a peek at the data we're gathering on how much you use your phones and the science behind why it matters for your brain.

  • How Will Digital Currencies Change Our Way of Life?

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    Digital currency could reinvent traditional financial and social structures, and bring the world's billions of "unbanked" individuals into a new global economy. 

  • Just Plane Sad: A Show Of Support For SkyMall

    News last week that SkyMall's parent company has filed for bankruptcy protection inspired an outpouring of odes to the kitschy in-flight catalog.

Music for your day

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  • 15 Songs You Wouldn't Know Without Folklorist Alan Lomax


    On the great folklorist's centennial, Soundcheck's John Schaefer looks at Lomax's legacy with 15 covers you wouldn’t know if it weren’t for his musical discoveries.

  • Hear Lower Dens' Hypnotically Poppy New Song, 'To Die In L.A.'


    The Baltimore band - fronted by enigmatic songwriter Jana Hunter - returns with its third album, Escape From Evil. Hear the first single, "To Die In L.A."

  • Mucca Pazza: Colorfully Clashing Marching Band Rock


    Hear the colorful and sprawling marching band Mucca Pazza bring its wild circus show to the Soundcheck studio.

  • The Manic Musical Worlds of Nick Kroll


    The multi-talented, many-faced comedian talks about the colorful musical personalities that have studded the storyline of 'Kroll Show.' 

  • Stream 44 New Tunes For The New Year


    With 2014 firmly behind us, there's not much to do but look ahead to the looming tidal wave of records coming in 2015. Stream the songs Soundcheck is most excited about this year.

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