NYPR Values & Mission

Mission: To make the mind more curious, the heart more open and the spirit more joyful through excellent audio programming that is deeply rooted in New York.

Through independent journalism, telling stories that matter, leading courageous conversations and celebrating the power of music, we create impact – deeper understanding, richer conversation and more engaged and enlightened communities.

We live our values on air and off air.

Listen deeply and embrace all voices

Listening is our core strength. We listen with curiosity and empathy to each other, to our city, our audiences and our work.

Embrace equity

We believe in equity and inclusion in the stories we tell and in the ways we treat each other. We invest in our people and help them chart their way. We have courageous conversations.

Push the boundaries of what is possible

Creativity is a hallmark of our work and our service. Through bold moves as well as continuous improvements, we push the boundaries to drive impact. Every day, we challenge ourselves to be better.

Explain the why

We explore and explain the why – with our colleagues and with our audience.

Build trust through positive collaboration

We believe that we can be better together. We support each other, participate in good faith and deliver honest feedback. We invest in each other’s success.

Be accountable, expect excellence and celebrate

We strive to do the right thing. We are accountable to each other, to New York Public Radio as a whole and to our community of listeners. We expect excellence and have fun celebrating success, learnings and insights.