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What Are RSS Feeds?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) enables you to receive content from and other online sources automatically. To receive an RSS feed, you need an "RSS news reader" or "RSS aggregator," which are available for free online. You then tell your news reader or aggregator which feeds you would like to receive, and it will regularly check these sources and compile the latest content for you in one place.

There are many ways to read feeds:

1. Use the built-in RSS reader in Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and Safari. Look for the orange RSS logo or the letters "RSS" to the right in the address bar. If you see the logo or "RSS," click on it and you'll get the feed.

2. Read feeds in a browser on sites such as iGoogle, MyYahoo and Bloglines.

3. Read feeds with a dedicated RSS reader, such as the free application Amphetadesk, available for Mac OS and Windows.


I Still Have Questions About RSS

Watch this video from for a video explanation (featuring stick figures and a white board) of RSS.


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