Studio 360 Series

American Icons
The stories behind America’s most iconic works of art.
From “The Great Gatsby,” to “Native Son,” to “I Love Lucy,” American Icons takes you inside some of the most influential works of art. Deeply researched and beautifully scored, the pieces bring history to life and life to history, and examine how artists continue to provoke, challenge, and entertain us.
Produced with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Science + Creativity
Creativity at the intersection of art and science.
Studio 360’s Science + Creativity series explores human creativity at the intersection of art and science – from the artist-in-residence program at the Large Hadron Collider, to scientists using living cells to create bioart, these stories look at the cutting edge of science and technology and how it’s shaping our world.
Produced with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.


Arts, culture, and everything in between.
The mashup video that broke the internet, the GIF that went around the world, the parody Twitter account with a million followers — that’s the frontier of culture today.


Can we design a better world?
Do Mondays always have to be so painful? Is Uncle Sam a hopelessly outdated symbol for America? How do teachers really feel about all those apples and schoolhouses? Studio 360 plays matchmaker, finding ubiquitous designs and assigning a professional firm to give them a 21st-century makeover.


Extra Credit
Everyone can make art; Studio 360 gets you started.
Sometimes you need a little push to get creative, so Studio 360 is here to help: we come up with an assignment and find a leading artist to play judge – from MacArthur “genius” Alison Bechdel to the late filmmaker Wes Craven. Our listeners have made the ultimate Valentine’s Day GIF, rewritten a classic 1914 tune, and even built a rotating scotch service made out of popsicle sticks. Click here to see the challenge going on now.


Aha Moments
Art can change everything.
How has a work of art changed your life? Artists (including the author Jon Ronson, the comedian Sandra Bernhard, and the band Devo) and listeners share how a song, a story, or a painting transformed their view of the world and changed the course of their lives.


Inside the National Recording Registry
A look at the Library of Congress’ most significant recordings.
The album that became a Civil Rights anthem. The recording that became a comedy bible. The radio drama that broke all the rules. Every year the Library of Congress chooses a few recordings to preserve in the National Recording Registry. Studio 360 takes you behind the music.


Creative Resolutions
Skip the gym, and make a creative New Year’s resolution instead.
What if you started each year with a resolution to make more art? To finish that novel or get back into painting? Studio 360 challenges our listeners to do just that every year, and then we follow a few brave souls who let us hear about their creative years.