Obama Plans To Send Advisers To Iraq, Leaving Air Strikes On Table

Thursday, June 19, 2014

President Obama spoke at the White House briefing room to announce next steps in Iraq. Conditions there continue to deteriorate, along with faith in the country's prime minister.

Source: NPR


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Leon from East Harlem

OBAMA F&%Kin' SUCKS !!!! And is this coming from an Ivy League-educated liberal African-American living in Harlem. I voted for him twice hoping he would fix the messes Bush left us. To my dismay, Obama has made things even worse:

- We now have to go back to Iraq to finally vanquish the enemy once and for all (whoever "the enemy" is)
- The ACA is a total disaster despite the spin the WH puts on it. 7M insured? BS! 5M are Medicaid and 2M are business owner booted off their original plans. Moreover, the Exchange plans are inferior to non-exchange plans (e.g., Empire Pathway bought on the NY Insurance Exchange covers only ONE hospital in Manhattan--Lenox Hill.)
- Gitmo is STILL open
- Wall St. got away with murder and Obama's Justice Department as done nothing
- Deportation of "illegals" is higher than all other presidents combined
- Except for Manhattan construction jobs, the job market is in the tank
- Housing foreclosures still at all-time highs
- Income growth slowest since 1965
- People who thought they were going to retire at 65 now have to work well beyond that
- New college grads can't find descent jobs; Georgetown Law grads can't find jobs
- Taxes are higher than ever, yet the domestic and foreign debt continues to rise
- Fracking is ruining our fresh water supply for a little exchange natural gas--which is a more powerful global warming agent than CO2
- China is grabbing the natural resources from Africa and land spacecraft on the moon
- Russia is rebuilding the Soviet Union, and Russia is the only "airline" that flies to the ISS
- And Afghanistan is still a mess with no end in sight
- The 9/11 Memorial is disgrace
- The NSA spies on American citizens, and our "allies"

Nice f&%kin' job, Barack.

Jun. 19 2014 04:20 PM

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