How Unchecked Campaign Spending Affects Our Daily Lives

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Demonstrators march in the snow through Lafayette Park, outside the White House, to the US Chamber of Commerce during a rally against the Supreme Court's decision in favor of Citizens United.

As much as our political system is entrenched in corrupt practices dictated by super PACs, Wendell Potter, a senior analyst at the Center for Public Integrity and Nick Penniman, executive director of Issue One, offer a plan for reform in Nation on the Take: How Big Money Corrupts Our Democracy and What We Can Do About It.  They also reveal how issues like campaign finance affect the daily lives of Americans in unexpected ways. 

Event: Wendell Potter and Nick Penniman will be in conversation with Randy Cohen (formerly “The Ethicist” at The New York Times Magazine), on March 3rd from 5-7 p.m. at Civic Hall (156 5th Avenue, between 20th and 21st Streets.) All attendees must RSVP through the Civic Hall website.