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Spinning On Air explores daring, passionate, original music created at the nexus of art and pop. From the sharpest cutting edge to the unjustly forgotten, from the wild and strange to the thoughtfully personal, Spinning On Air connects you to music and musicians who are challenging the limitations of genres and extending the boundaries of song. Host/producer David Garland brings curiosity, insight, and humor to his presentation and interviews, and has been engagingly guiding listeners through unfamiliar and uncategorizable musical terrain via Spinning On Air on WNYC since 1987.

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  • David Garland - Host

    David Garland hosts Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons on WQXR. He is the host and producer of Movies On The Radio, Saturdays at 9 pm, a show that explores the art of music for film, from classics to indies to blockbusters. Garland presents early music on WQXR, Sundays, 4 pm.