Thank you! And how to set-up the apps...

Welcome to Stick to It!, a 2016 fitness project brought to you by the Only Human podcast and behavioral economist Dan Ariely.

Over the next few weeks, you will hopefully increase the amount of time you exercise and enjoy it more. The results of the study will be announced in an Only Human podcast on March 8.

Here’s how this will work (you've also got these instructions in your email). Apple users, click here. 

For Android devices: 

  1. Download the app, Fabulous: Motivate Me!
  2. Open the app, look at the bottom and click on “Part of the Stick to It! Project” (see screenshot below).
  3. When prompted to enter the secret code, type “stick”.
  4. Answer the intro questions for the study.

For questions about Fabulous, you can send them within the app, by tapping on the upper right corner and selecting "Send feedback"; or you can email with the subject line "Stick to It!"


For Apple devices: 

Here's a video on how to use Ariely's (Sample) Size Matters app.

  1. Download Ariely’s (Sample) Size Matters app.
  2. Open the app, and answer the app’s intro questions. 
  3. When asked, allow for notifications.
  4. Click the “Welcome survey” and indicate you’re a “Participant of ‘Stick to It!’.” Then follow the prompts to enter your secret code, which will be given to you within the app.
  5. Once you type in your secret code, click “Intro to Stick to It!” and fill out the survey for the study.

For questions about (Sample) Size Matters, contact

And that's it!

From now through the end of February, you’ll be getting queries about your exercise from the app. Your responses will be gathered and analyzed by Ariely’s lab.

But wait some ground rules:

Unlike most media projects, you need to keep this one kind of secret  because this is an actual study. You’re contributing to the making of science! So that means:

  • DO invite your friends!
  • DON'T give away what you are asked to do in the app.

So let folks know you’re participating in this study!

And thanks again.

The Only Human team