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There But for the Grace of God Goes Christie

Three years ago, Gov. Christie’s religion was “none of your business.” Now, with a presidential campaign in sight, the governor is clapping in the pews and regularly talking about God.

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He Was Fired After Bridgegate. Now He's Headed to White House.

Bill Stepien, the former Chris Christie campaign manager fired in the wake of the Bridgegate scandal, will be the new political director in Donald Trump's White House. 

He's a 1 Percenter, But Phil Murphy Says He'll Take on Wall Street

The former Goldman Sachs executive released his 2015 tax returns this week, showing he made almost $7.3 million. That's more than 100 times the state's median household income.

Christie Vetoes Solitary Confinement Bill, Drawing Ire of Civil Libertarians

The bill would have limited the time inmates could spend in solitary confinement to 15 consecutive days, and would have prevented the practice for vulnerable populations.

Why Wait? Hundreds of Thousands Already Voting in New Jersey

One county clerk calls the interest in absentee ballots unprecedented.

Bridgegate Jury Leaves Court Early as Lawyers Huddle Behind Closed Doors

The jury goes home — without a verdict.

Trust and Betrayal on Trial as Bridgegate Case Goes to Jury

"Cowards!" a defense attorney yells at the Bridgegate trial. He was referring to Chris Christie and his inner circle. "They want this mother of four to take the fall for them."

Bridget Kelly Speaks: Christie's Ex-Aide Says Gov Knew About Bridgegate

A tearful defendant explains how she twice spoke with the governor and his chief of staff about the lane closures to make sure he was okay with it. 

Train Crash in Hoboken Leads to Questions About Safety

The wreck renewed questions about whether long-delayed automated safety technology could have prevented the tragedy.

What Did Chris Christie Know? And When Did He Know It?

The Bridgegate trial starts next week. Two former Chris Christie appointees face prison. But the looming question is this: What did Christie himself know?

Split Over Transportation Funding in New Jersey Appears to Be Growing

Some say short-term fix based on borrowing may be the only way to restart road repairs.

Christie's Attorney General Delays Release of Bridgegate Legal Bills Until After VP Selection

How much are taxpayers paying for Christie's legal defense? The Attorney General isn't saying until after Trump decides whether to make Christie his running mate. 

Cuomo Involved in Keeping a Lid on Bridgegate Scandal

A story of hands-on damage control emerges from a WNYC freedom of information request.

Christie Aide Politicking While Working on Taxpayers' Dime

Time for some more political activity in Gov. Christie's taxpayer-funded office. 

Gov. Christie: Proposed School Funding Plan Is About Fairness

Christie is proposing sweeping changes to the way student aid is allocated throughout the state. 

Influx of Orthodox Jews in Lakewood Causing Growth, and Conflict

A promise to pay for busing to private schools is straining the budget, and nerves. 

Days After Rest of Country, Christie Finally Orders Flags Lowered To Honor the Dead in Orlando

What took Christie so long to lower flags to half-staff after the Orlando shooting? He won't say.

NJ's Sandy Czar Quietly Steps Down

Terrence Body left the Christie Administration to join a private consulting firm, and his departure was met with little fanfare.

Trump's Sister, The Judge: A Life Vastly Different, But Often Intertwined

The siblings' lives have long been intertwined, from her appointment to the federal bench to a mysterious drug case involving his friend to the Bridgegate scandal. 

Bridgegate's 10 Stunning Plot Turns, From Christie To Trump

Somehow, the Bridgegate scandal has taken us from a high school friend of Chris Christie all the way to Donald Trump.  

Appeals Court Halts Release of Bridgegate Conspirator Names, For Now

A secret hearing to be held in June could be decided by a panel that includes Donald Trump's sister.