WNYC Studios' "Nancy" Podcast Launches "Queer Money Matters"

WNYC Studios’ Nancy Podcast Launches “Queer Money Matters”

A Special Series Exploring the Financial Costs of Being LGBTQ

Nancy and Morning Consult Release “2019 LGBTQ Money Matters Survey,” A Survey of the Financial Challenges LGBTQ Adults Face in the U.S.

Survey Out Today; Podcasts Released Daily Monday, March 4 - Friday, March 8


(New York, NY -- February 25, 2019) — WNYC Studios’ Nancy, the critically-acclaimed podcast about the LGBTQ experience hosted by Tobin Low and Kathy Tu, today announced “Queer Money Matters,” a special podcast series and survey exploring the all-too-real financial hurdles for LGBTQ individuals in an economy built for straight people.

“Queer Money Matters” kicked off with today’s episode and the release of the “2019 LGBTQ Money Matters Survey,” a poll from Nancy and research firm Morning Consult examining financial challenges the LGBTQ community faces in the United States. The survey found that a quarter of LGBTQ adults across the country say their sexuality or gender identity has impacted their personal finances (25%).

Key findings also include:

  • LGBTQ adults report feeling more anxiety about finances. One in two LGBTQ adults associate money with anxiety (52%), compared to 41 percent of straight, cisgender people.
  • Many LGBTQ individuals lose their financial safety nets after coming out. While one in three LGBTQ adults say they could rely on family and friends for financial support before coming out (35%), only one in five LGBTQ adults say they could rely on family or friends for support after coming out (20%).
  • More than half of LGBTQ adults say they don’t have kids (57%), compared to 36 percent of straight people. But among those without kids, LGBTQ adults and straight people are similarly proportioned in wanting them—41 percent compared to 37 percent, respectively.

 The full survey is available online here.

“Queer Money Matters” continues the week of March 4-8 with five daily podcasts illuminating how LGBTQ identity affects key life and financial milestones: family planning, career, marriage, healthcare, and retirement.

Each episode combines intimate conversations with LGBTQ people grappling with these issues and interviews with experts on topics ranging from surrogacy to workplace discrimination. Experts include the policy director for the National Center for Transgender Equality, an LGBTQ employment specialist, and a lawyer based in Florida who was the first in the state to legally marry her spouse of the same sex.

Money is not only hard to discuss, but also to make decisions about,” said Tu. “This is especially true for the LGBTQ community. And even with the explosion of personal finance podcasts, columns, and resources, there is little that addresses the issues specific to our community. ‘Queer Money Matters’ is a starting point for identifying challenges, the personal and professional impacts, and creating a place for us to talk about it.”

 “Despite advances in representation and some legal protections and rights, at every stage of life, there is a cost to being LGBTQ,” said Low. “Certain money matters can be overwhelming and even fear-inducing, but we want to empower our listeners to clearly identify those fears. As we often aim to do on Nancy, by the end of this series, we hope listeners will feel a little less alone.”  

Listeners are invited to join the “Queer Money Matters” conversation in the Friends of Nancy Facebook group, where beginning on Monday, March 4, there will be daily discussions of the topics covered in each episode.

The “Queer Money Matters” episode schedule is as follows:

Monday, March 4: “Babies and Bills”

When you’re queer and you want to add a kid to your family, things get complicated—and expensive—really quickly.

Tuesday, March 5: “The Gaily Grind”

From discrimination in the hiring process to a wage gap to a patchwork of legal protections, there are road blocks at every stage of queer careers.

Wednesday, March 6: “For Richer, For Poorer”

Marriage equality meant more dollars in the bank for lots of queer people. But what if getting married flies in the face of  your identity?

Thursday, March 7: “Dude, Where’s My Coverage?”

Even if you have insurance, being queer can be a barrier to getting the healthcare you need.

Friday, March 8: “The Golden Queers”

What is retirement like when there's been a lifetime of discrimination and added costs, and what can we do about it?

For more information about Nancy, visit nancypodcast.org. All episodes can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Pocket Casts, and wherever podcasts are available.

The “2019 LGBTQ Money Matters Survey” was conducted on behalf of Nancy by the national polling firm Morning Consult about money as it relates to sexual orientation and gender identity. Morning Consult surveyed 6,603 adults in the US, including 778 LGBTQ people between January 24-30, 2019.The interviews were conducted online and the data was weighted in accordance with current U.S. population by gender, age, education, ethnicity, and region to approximate a representative sample of adults in the United States. Results from the full survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 1 percentage point among the entire population and plus or minus 4 percentage points among the LGBTQ population.

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