Transitions and Transformations is WNYC’s oral/aural history project celebrating the station’s long life at the Municipal Building at One Centre Street, and at its new home in Hudson Square.

For two years Transitions producer Sarah Montague and Assistant Producer Miranda Shafer recorded ambient sounds and events at Centre Street and charted the various stages of production at our new facility, to get a sense of our changing physical, technical, and creative life.

They also begged, badgered, cajoled, wooed, persuaded, and extruded the memories, stories, gripes, hopes, and dreams of WNYC staff members and extended family, and it is these many voices that shape the journey of Transitions. We have organized their contributions into categories that are stops along the way, and as you open these up, a rich palette of sounds will accompany their words.

Transitions and Transformations also includes a special sonic portrait of WNYC by media artist Laura Vitale; here are her thoughts:

WNYC's new home at 160 Varick St. and its former home in the Municipal Building present entirely different sonic experiences to the visitor. From recordings passed on to me and field recordings of my own, I developed a composition in two halves which focuses first on the older building and then on the new space. The piece is less a documentation of the sounds than an exploration of the music that can grow from two different buildings.


Producer: Sarah Montague
Assistant producer: Miranda Shafer
Acoustic sound design: Laura Vitale
Original music composed by Robert Christiansen; David Garland; and Alexander Yellen
Narrator: Amy Eddings
Executive Producer, The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space: Indira Etwaroo
Technical director, The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space: Gil Shuster
Videographics and Animation: Bill Porter
Website design by: Kevin Lahoda; Valentina Powers; Khayeni Sanders; Jacob Smullyan; and Bryan Young
Mix engineers: Stephen Harwood; Jason Isaac; George Wellington

Featured artist

Laura Vitale is a media artist with a current focus on sound. She has lived in Brooklyn since graduating in 2007 with a degree in Visual Art from Brown University. Since graduating she has produced sound installations and radio art as an artist-in-residence at Harvestworks NYC, presenting collaborations with writers Thalia Field and Rick Moody at The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church, and also a solo show of a multi-channel sound installation at Harvestworks called Amorgos which was made from field recordings and instrumentation.

Special thanks to: Kabir Carter; Aaron Cohen; Andy Lanset; Cara McCormick; Alison Murphy.


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