WNYC Studios and Snap Judgment Launch Season Two of "Spooked"

WNYC Studios and Snap Judgment Launch Season Two of 

Featuring All-New, First-Person Tales of the Supernatural


New Season Kicks off Today

(New York, NY & Oakland, CA – August 7, 2018) – WNYC Studios’ SPOOKED, the Snap Judgment spinoff series featuring terrifyingly true tales of the supernatural, launches its second season today.

Hailed by Vox as “spine-tingling” and one of the “best shows for some truly bone-chilling, mind-bending stories” by NPR, SPOOKED’s second season boasts scarier, never-before-heard stories from the very people who have lived them. Season two’s debut episode – available today – centers on a woman who can see dead people, including family and friends. One day, she meets a stranger who has returned from the other side to deliver a message.

Upcoming episodes will feature other mysterious events, including:

  • A haunting at one of New Jersey’s oldest and most notorious asylums;
  • The tale of man whose soul clings, not to a house or grave, but to another person;
  • Stories of a zombie squirrel in a taxidermist’s office and a poltergeist at a ski resort;
  • An American soldier’s encounter with an entity in war-torn Baghdad; and
  • The tale of a pregnant woman who has premonitions of her own death.

SPOOKED's premiere season was named one of the “Top 10 New Podcasts of 2017” by Podtrac. Hosted by Glynn Washington, the series is delivered in the cinematic, narrative tradition of Snap Judgment. Spooked was inspired by the show’s popular annual Halloween specials, which began in 2010 and eventually spawned an entire “Spooked Week” series of scary encounters.

“The response to the first season of SPOOKED was overwhelming and a testament to how much we all love the thrill of the unknown,” said Washington. “There’s nothing scarier or more mesmerizing than a real-life ghost story. The encounters in SPOOKED will stay with you beyond each episode and leave you questioning your understanding of reality.”

SPOOKED is available at wnycstudios.org, Apple Podcasts, and all other platforms. Episode 2 will be released this Thursday, August 9. Additional episodes will be released weekly through October 25.



Glynn Washington and Mark Ristich co-founded popular podcast and radio series Snap Judgment in July 2010. Snap Judgment airs weekly on over 400 public radio stations nationwide, and is downloaded over two million times every month. Washington and Ristich both serve as Executive Producers, electrifying audiences with Snap’s narrative-driven, cinematic, story experience. Learn more at SnapJudgment.org.



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