WNYC Studios’ “Impeachment: A Daily Podcast” Launches Today

A new weekday pop-up news podcast covering the latest developments in the impeachment process, hosted by WNYC's Brian Lehrer



(New York, NY -- October 15, 2019) -- Today, WNYC Studios is launching “Impeachment: A Daily Podcast,” a new weekday podcast about the impeachment process.

Hosted by the esteemed public affairs radio host and journalist Brian Lehrer, “Impeachment: A Daily Podcast” will bring listeners up to speed on what’s transpired in the past 24 hours, report key developments, and feature conversations with journalists, lawmakers and experts to help explain the political and legal stakes. 

Brian Lehrer is one of the country’s most respected journalists, and the host of New York City’s most influential news and politics talk show: the Peabody Award-winning program The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC. From his weekly interviews with New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio to his daily conversations with newsmakers, changemakers, journalists, elected officials, and callers from around the City and across the globe, Lehrer is renowned for offering listeners his signature blend of news and information, community and empathy, conversation and access. 


Episodes of “Impeachment: A Daily Podcast” will be released Monday through Friday afternoons.


“Impeachment: A Daily Podcast”  is available at ImpeachmentPodcast.org and all other places where podcasts may be downloaded.

“With news developing at lightning speed and an overload of claims and counterclaims, we all need fair, accurate, trustworthy journalism to keep up with this complex and urgent story,” said Andrew Golis, Chief Content Officer, WNYC. “‘Impeachment: A Daily Podcast’ is WNYC Studios’ response to this extraordinary moment. Brian is an increasingly rare breed of broadcast journalist: deeply engaging without being sensationalistic, and trusted by a broad and ideologically diverse audience. His listeners know they can turn to him for a thoughtful conversation about the day’s most important stories. He’s the perfect guide for this historic moment.” 

Support for The Brian Lehrer Show is provided in part by The Endeavor Foundation.



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