WNYC Studios and Hank and John Green Present "SciShow Tangents"

WNYC Studios and Hank and John Green Present

A new podcast from the people who make the popular YouTube channel SciShow

Production Partnership Includes New Episodes of


(New York – November 8, 2018) – Today, popular novelists and YouTube personalities John and Hank Green and WNYC Studios launch SciShow Tangents.

Building on the SciShow YouTube series that reaches millions of viewers, SciShow Tangents is a lightly competitive knowledge showcase full of wit and weirdness that always comes back to the science.

This new podcast is part of a larger production partnership that also includes the relaunch of beloved podcasts Dear Hank and John and The Anthropocene Reviewed, which will now be co-produced by WNYC Studios, home to a number of the most critically-acclaimed and influential podcasts.

Hailed as a “rare literary talent” by 60 Minutes, John is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of titles including The Fault in Our Stars, Turtles All the Way Down, and Looking For Alaska. John’s books have been translated into 55 languages, and in 2014, he was named to TIME’s list of the 100 most influential people for his “curiosity, compassion, grace, and excitement.” The co-founder of VidCon -- the world’s largest conference for online video creators -- and one half of the highly popular Vlogbrothers video blog channel, Hank is also the New York Times bestselling author of the novel An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. Together, Hank and John have been praised by The Washington Post as a “compulsively engaging” duo who are “indeed stamping out world suckitude.” 

All three podcasts bring listeners closer to the Green brothers’ universe. Audio trailers for each podcast are available here.

Show descriptions and launch dates are below:

Every Tuesday, Hank Green and personalities from the hit SciShow YouTube series -- writer Ceri Riley, cartoonist Sam Schultz, and producer Stefan Chin -- try to one-up, amaze, and delight each other with weird and funny scientific research. There will be tangents galore about video games, music, strange smells, surprisingly deep insights about life, and more… there’s no scientific topic off the table. The debut episode of the podcast will include a madcap exploration of hoaxes, including unusual medical ailments, so-called psychics, and an 18th century woman who claimed to give birth to rabbits.

Each week, Hank and John Green dispense humorous, heartfelt, and dubious advice to listeners about life’s big and small questions. For example, one listener asks: “I was babysitting for a family I don’t know very well, and the baby took his first steps while I was there. Should I tell the parents?” Another asks: “Does everyone have an eighties disco playing in their head?” Also on each episode, Hank and John share the week’s news about Mars (their second-favorite planet) and AFC Wimbledon (their favorite third-tier English football club).

John Green pens new personal essays reviewing facets of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale. Topics range from Kentucky bluegrass to the Taco Bell breakfast menu to the cave art paintings of the Lascaux Cave. On the next new episode, John will reflect on the game Tetris, and a special bank in World War II-era Leningrad filled with seeds that a group of scientists guarded in secret, starving to death instead of consuming the collection.

“I can’t wait to start sharing SciShow Tangents with listeners,” said Hank Green. “The SciShow YouTube channel has reached hundreds of millions of viewers at home and in classrooms. Everything we’ve recorded at SciShow Tangents has been so fascinating and funny, and I can’t wait to connect with this new audience. Hope you’ll join us.”

“At some point last year, my world had begun to feel unsustainably busy and loud,” said John Green. “I started The Anthropocene Reviewed in response to that feeling. Every month I review two facets of the human-centered planet in an attempt to think carefully, and even a little quietly, about the world we’ve built for ourselves. By paying extremely close attention to almost anything, I think we can learn about the universe and our place in it.”

“We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with Hank and John,” said Tony Phillips, VP of On-Demand Content at WNYC Studios. “Their sharp creative minds and natural ability to connect with listeners complements everything we do at WNYC Studios. Listen, and be enthralled.”

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